Apple WWDC Scholarship 2024/2025 Academic Session

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Apple is offering scholarships to suitably qualified students in their Apple WWDC scholarship. This scholarship is to assist students with financial challenges to further their education.

Apple WWDC Scholarship

The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is an annual event in California where around 5000 developers come together to explore the latest software and technologies for Apple platforms.

Thus, to learn more about how/where to apply, just continue reading. It will give you all the basic information you need.

How to Apply for the WWDC Scholarship

Here’s how to apply:

1. Sign in: Use your Apple ID linked to your developer account to sign in. Double-check that all sign-in information is accurate before submitting.

2. Documents: After signing in, upload proof of enrollment in any institution, along with your education supervisor’s contact details, in PNG, JPG, or PDF format.

3. Membership Proof: If you’re a member of a nonprofit or STEM organization, share membership details. Upload proof in PNG, PDF, or JPG format.

4. Upload Project: Use a Mac device to upload your Swift Playground. Write a brief description (350 words or less) of your project’s technicalities and features.

5. Additional Information: Optionally, share details about any apps you have on the App Store. Provide extra information, like a resume, to showcase your skills to Apple groups.

Benefits of the Apple WWDC Scholarship

Apple WWDC Scholarship offers a range of benefits. They include:

1. Recognition and Exposure: Being awarded a WWDC Scholarship means global recognition for your efforts in improving Swift Playground.

2. Financial Support: The scholarship covers the ticket price of the conference, which is $1,599.

3. Travel and Lodging Assistance: The scholarship might include other benefits, such as help with travel and accommodation expenses.

4. Apple Developer Program Membership: 1-year Apple Developer Program membership is free.

5. Industry Exposure: Taking part in WWDC will let you see different angles of the software industry.

Who’s Eligible for the Apple WWDC Scholarship?

To be eligible to apply for the Apple WWDC Scholarship, you must:

1. Be 13 years of age or older. Also, or the equivalent minimum age in the relevant jurisdiction. For example, 16 years of age in the European Union.

2. Also, be registered for free with Apple as an Apple developer. Or be a member of a paid Apple Developer Program.

3. Additionally, be enrolled in an accredited academic institution or official home school equivalent.

4. Also, have graduated from high school or equivalent. This should be within the past 6 months and be awaiting acceptance to an accredited academic institution.

5. Eligible students must be current members of a legally nonprofit organization.

What is the Acceptance Rate for the WWDC Scholarship?

Apple hasn’t shared the exact number of people they accept for the WWDC Scholarship publicly. 

Many people from around the world apply for a limited number of available seats, so it’s competitive. 

The acceptance rate can vary each year as the number of spots changes.

Rumors suggest that for the WWDC 2024 Scholarship, about 10-20% of applicants might get accepted. 

To improve your chances, follow the guidelines mentioned earlier and apply as soon as you can. 

Also, keep your project samples concise, around 3 minutes or less, to make it easier for them to review.

How’s the Scholarship Judged?

Submissions of application for the Apple WWDC scholarship will be judged based on the following:

1. Technical accomplishment in the submitted Swift playground.

2. Also, the creativity of ideas in the submitted Swift playground.

3. Plus, the content of written responses to the questions in the application form.

All decisions made by the judges are final and scoring is confidential. In the event of a tie, preference will be given to the applicant who has not previously received a scholarship.

If a recipient is unable to attend, Apple may contact the applicant with the next highest score, at Apple’s sole discretion.

Can I Be Disqualified from the Apple WWDC Scholarship?

Apple reserves the right to disqualify your current and/or future submissions if:

1. You submit more than one scholarship application form. Each person is only allowed one submission.

2. Also, any part of your submission is untrue, plagiarized, or fabricated.

3. You engage in or previously engaged in harassment or other harmful behavior directed at Apple, Apple employees, other scholarship applicants, or WWDC attendees.

4. Also, you are awarded a scholarship and do not claim your ticket and lodging by the deadline.

5. Also, you accept travel assistance and/or lodging but do not check in for the travel and/or lodging arrangements made by Apple.

6. Also, you stay at the provided lodging for a different date range than that arranged by Apple without written permission from Apple.

7. You, directly or indirectly, commit any act intended to interfere with the WWDC Scholarship program.

8. Also, contact Apple employees to request more favorable treatment of your submission.

The WWDC Student Scholarship is just around the corner, so it’s time to get ready! Stay focused and follow the guidelines closely. 

Keep an eye on the seat availability and try to submit your form as early as possible. 

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