Leiden University Master and Short Course Scholarship

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The Leiden University Master and Short Course Scholarship stands as a testament to the generous actions of the Leiden University management. It aims to support students through financial aid. Yet, to fully avail yourself of its benefits, further insight is necessary. Keep reading to learn more.

Leiden University Master and Short Course Scholarship

Leiden University Master and Short Course Scholarship

The program’s overarching goal is to improve Dutch-Indonesian ties and human resources in Indonesia by offering scholarships to graduates and professionals from Indonesia who want to study in the Netherlands.

One of the top colleges in Europe for worldwide research, Leiden University was established in 1575. Its seven faculties—situated in Leiden and The Hague—offer programs in the humanities, arts, and sciences.

There are 28,130 students and more than 6,700 staff members at the university. The University’s motto is “Presidium Libertatis,” which translates to “Bastion of Freedom.”

Scholarship Eligibility

Here are the criteria that you have to meet, to qualify for this scholarship:

1. The scholarship is open to nationals of Indonesia.

2. You need to be accepted into Leiden University’s short course or master’s program.

3. Either you must be a recent graduate with exceptional academic and extracurricular accomplishments, OR you must be an Indonesian professional with at least two years of work experience.

4. Your academic pursuits must be directly related to the fine-tuned overarching goal.

How to Apply

For the scholarship panel to consider them, all applicants must fill out and apply. By the deadline, the university will try to let each applicant know if their application was accepted. After this date, letters will be sent to all rejected applications.

For your application to be taken into consideration by the scholarship panel, it must be validated and supported by the University.

If you would like assistance with your application or if you have any queries regarding your eligibility, please email the university’s international office.

Application Deadline

Unfortunately, this scholarship hasn’t been announced this year. However, if it is announced, we will update you as soon as possible.

Scholarships are a great way to scale through school because you will not have to worry about the resources and you will be more focused on academics.

The Leiden University management doesn’t just give scholarships, they give them to the very best. That is what makes it deserving and worth it. 

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