Nile University of Nigeria Scholarship & Discounts 2024/2025

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The Niles University of Nigeria scholarship is one of the many ways Niles University Institution is known. Their generosity and the discounts they offer to students are why they are worth discussing. As you read on, we will be telling you what these scholarships offer and the details of the discount.

Nile University of Nigeria Scholarship

The Nile University of Nigeria Scholarship

Undergraduate students at Nile University of Nigeria may be eligible for scholarships depending on their performance on the JAMB and O-LEVEL exams, and postgraduate students may take advantage of alumni discounts.

The university also offers discounts for families with several students and substantial scholarships for outstanding athletic achievement.

The scholarships are given out by quotas, first come, first served, and are contingent upon upholding good behavior and a minimum CGPA.

For the 2024/2025 school session, the Nile University of Nigeria hasn’t released its scholarship and discount program. As such, we will assume they are still running with that of the last session until they say otherwise.

According to the NILE Board of Trustees, scholarships are available to prospective students applying to undergraduate and graduate programs depending on their JAMB or O-LEVEL (WAEC/NECO) results.

Guidelines on Scholarships

1. Scholarships are only available to undergraduate applicants who have completed their O-LEVEL or JAMB exams.

2. Undergraduate scholarship recipients need to keep their cumulative CGPA averages over 3.50 to be eligible for new awards each semester.

3. Recipients of scholarships are expected to behave well and follow NILE policies.

4. Scholarships are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis and are subject to quotas set by NILE Management.

5. NILE retains the right if required, to revoke any scholarship.

6. It is not possible for applicants to apply for scholarships or discounts under more than one category. In the event of repeated eligibility, the maximum discount or scholarship will be applied.

7. To be eligible for discounts or scholarships, applicants must apply. They are not applied retroactively; they are only effective at the time of input.

8. The cost of the hostel is not covered by discounts or scholarships.

Nile University Scholarship Criteria

The Nile University of Nigeria has different criteria by which they give out their scholarship, they consist of:

1. JAMB Score-Based Scholarships

2. WAEC Score-Based Scholarships

3. A-Level Results-Based Scholarships

4. Sports Scholarships

And we shall be taking a look at each of them.

JAMB Score-Based Scholarships

Regarding the JAMB score-based scholarships, Niles University of Nigeria is offering the following discounts:

S/NJAMB ScoreDiscount Given
1JAMB score of 24010% discount
2JAMB score of 26020% discount
3JAMB score of 28030% discount
4JAMB score of 30040% discount

WAEC Score-Based Scholarships

Regarding the WAEC score-based scholarships, Niles University of Nigeria is offering the following discounts:

S/NWAEC ScoreDiscount Given
15A110% discount
26A120% discount
37A130% discount

You must note that these discounts apply to all undergraduate programs except Law and Medicine. Also Students who have a JAMB score of 320 and above, together with 5 A1s in their O-LEVEL results, will be offered a 100% scholarship by the Nile University of Nigeria.

A-Level Results-Based Scholarships

S/NA Level ResultDiscount Given
13 A’s25% for NILE SPS, 20% for others
22 A’s15% for NILE SPS, 10% for others

Scholarships for Postgraduate Programs

NILE undergraduate program first-class graduates are eligible to apply for a 50% master’s (or PGD) program scholarship.

A 20% subsidy toward their Master’s (or PGD) program is available to NILE graduates (undergraduate programs) with various degree classifications.

A 20% scholarship is available to NILE postgraduate alumni who are returning to pursue another postgraduate degree at NILE.

Sports Scholarships

If they represent NILE in their respective sports, outstanding athletes who compete at the professional or national level may be eligible for a 100% undergraduate scholarship, subject to the approval of the NILE Board of Trustees.

Nile University of Nigeria Discounts

Families with several children enrolled in NILE as well as organizations or bodies that sponsor students for NILE’s postgraduate programs can receive discounts based on their sibling and institutional status.

Sibling Discount

S/NNo of SiblingsDiscount Given
1Two children5%
2Three children10%
3Four children15%
4Five children and above20%

Institutional Discount for Postgraduate Sponsorships

15 – 10 students5%
210 – 20 students15%
320 and above students20%

Scholarships are a great way to scale through school because you will not have to worry about the resources and you will be more focused on academics.

The Nile University doesn’t just give scholarships, they give them to the very best. That even makes it more deserving. Be the best you can be and be sure that Nile University of Nigeria will help you with a scholarship.

You can check out some other scholarships that may be of interest to you as you will find on this platform.

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