Nottingham Trent University Scholarship for International Students

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The Nottingham Trent University Scholarship is one of the many generous deeds that the management of Nottingham Trent University is known for. They help students by providing financial assistance, however, you still may not benefit until you know more about it. Read on.

Nottingham Trent University Scholarship

Nottingham Trent University Scholarship

Starting in September 2024, they will be awarding competitive, prestigious scholarships worth up to 50% to new students from Europe and other countries.

To apply for a scholarship, you must be accepted into a full-time undergraduate or graduate program at NTU, including Confetti courses.

Once you enroll in a course at NTU, their foreign scholarships are applied as tuition cost reductions. Our scholarships also come with fantastic perks like networking and volunteer opportunities that will enhance your experience and impart priceless skills.

International students interested in enrolling in Nottingham Trent University’s undergraduate program are encouraged to apply for this scholarship.

Successful candidates will get a fully-funded scholarship program, with £2,000 made available for living expenses.

Scholarship Eligibility

To qualify for this scholarship, the candidate has to meet specific criteria. Let’s take a look at these criteria:

1. Candidates have to be foreign students.

2. The applicant needs to have submitted an application to Nottingham Trent University in the UK for an undergraduate degree.

3. Candidates need to have strong academic backgrounds.

4. Candidates must speak and write English fluently.

How to Apply

Applicants may apply for an NTU International Scholarship award only once per academic year per offer of a place on a qualifying course.

Applications submitted after 16:00 GMT (4 pm) on each deadline will automatically be considered for the next available deadline.

For instance, applications received after the first deadline but before the second deadline will be considered for the second deadline. Applications received after the final deadline will not be considered.

Please note that this scholarship was updated on 23-MAR-24, and the information provided was accurate at that time. However, it is advisable to verify the details with an IDP counselor or the organization for real-time information.

To complete the application, CLICK HERE to fill out the Scholarship Application form.

Scholarships are a great way to scale through school because you will not have to worry about the resources and you will be more focused on academics.

The Nottingham Trent University Management doesn’t just give scholarships, they give them to the very best. That is what makes it deserving and worth it. 

You can check out some other scholarships that may be of interest to you as you will find on this platform.

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