MasterCard Foundation Scholarship Program 2023 Application Update

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MasterCard Foundation Scholarship Program is currently open for applications from suitably qualified students. The scholarship is fully funded for all students and is sponsored by the Mastercard Foundation.

MasterCard Foundation Scholarship Program

The MasterCard Foundation Scholarship

The UCT Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program offers complete financial assistance to young Africans who are applying for their first undergraduate or postgraduate degree (honors and master’s).

The scholarships include a comprehensive education package that equips students with internationally recognized qualifications and locally relevant skills.

The program also emphasizes the importance of engaged citizenship and social justice, ensuring that graduates are prepared for the workforce with these values in mind.

The scholarships cover the full duration of the student’s studies and are renewable on a yearly basis, subject to satisfactory performance and participation in the program’s activities and opportunities.

Successful applicant must commit to returning to their home countries after completing their studies and utilize their education and skills to contribute to their country’s social and economic development.

Benefits of MasterCard Foundation Scholarship Program

1. Complete financial support covering visa applications, travel expenses, tuition fees, accommodation, living expenses, and medical aid.

2. A high-quality education that is recognized globally and tailored to produce graduates with relevant skills applicable in their local communities.

3. Assistance from academic mentors and peers to ensure that scholars make academic progress.

4. A range of cultural and transitional support and training aimed at enriching academic and professional development and addressing challenges faced by university students.


5. Opportunities for internships and careers in Africa, service learning, and experiential learning, as well as career guidance and support for transitioning to further studies or the workforce.

6. Development of leadership skills through training and mentoring.

7. Access to alumni networks for additional support.

Requirements for MasterCard Foundation Scholarship

1. Possessing strong academic abilities and a desire to pursue education to completion.

2. Facing financial challenges that hinder their access to education due to economic disadvantage.

3. Committed to contributing to the betterment of their communities upon completing their studies, and aspiring to take on leadership roles in promoting social and economic development in their home countries.

4. Residents or people living in a Sub-Saharan African country.

5. Seeking to pursue undergraduate or postgraduate (Masters by research and coursework or research Masters, only) studies.


Application Deadline

March 31, 2023.

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