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15 Best Colleges in Florence Italy for International Students

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15 Best Colleges in Florence Italy for International Students.

Best Colleges in Florence Italy – Wondering where you could get the best college to enroll in? Come with me let me take you to Florence in Italy where you can get exactly what you want.

Best Colleges in Florence Italy

Florence is the capital of the Tuscany region of Italy. Florence (also Firenze) is considered a cultural, artistic and architectural gem and was the most important city in Europe from some time before 1300 until the early 1500s and is a very popular place for American students to study abroad. Here in this article are a list of Study Abroad institutions and 15 best Colleges in  Italy.

1. Florence Classical Arts Academy

About the College

Founded in Florence in 2009 from the inspiration of our Russian Director Molugova Nadezhda and Academicians, the Academy is strategically located in the Italian city of Florence; an ideal place where to learn and develop art and live a life in which each day the eye is caught by the historical beauties of the historical Italian art, a place where to live and experience the true “dolce vita”.

The place is a well-known source of inspiration which surely benefits the artist. Florence offers a rich and stimulating environment for art studies and living, a great life experience.

Here you are in direct contact with works by many great Masters – among them Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and Botticelli, all of whom made their name in this very city. Among the many art galleries and museums, there are the “Uffizi Gallery” and “Pitti Palace” which are world-famous.

The Mission of the Academy is to build on such great traditions and help students to explore new ways, just as the first “Avant-garde” artists did at their time.

That means expressing themselves in new ways through a deep understanding of techniques, gained through an integrated academic approach.

2. James Madison University

About the College

Set in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, JMU is a tight-knit community of 22,000 undergraduate and graduate students and 4,000 faculty and staff who come from across the country and around the world.

Only two hours from Washington D.C., JMU is fast becoming one of the nation’s leading lights in higher education.

That’s because students enjoy unusually engaged relationships with world-class faculty who are at JMU because they want to pursue knowledge and teach talented students.

JMU students, faculty and alumni are using equal parts intellect and action to succeed in every sort of pursuit: they’re boosting innovation and discovery, leading in business, advancing culture, improving health care, reforming education, renewing civil society, competing in athletics.

3. The Florence Institute of Design International

About the College

FIDI is an international design school in the center of Florence, Italy. As a school of Italian design, the Institute specializes in courses in graphic design, architecture, furniture design and interior design for students from across Europe and around the world.

Providing masters, bachelor degrees, and diploma courses, the school focuses on Italy’s international students with all classes taught in the English language.

Its staff has a respected reputation for dynamic teaching methods, motivating course material and interactive learning. Located within an elegant setting in the center of Florence, Italy design school is an ideal place to study abroad.

The school’s philosophy is to offer the highest level of design education in a way that is inspirational rather than institutional while providing a quality facility and extensive resources.

The design school courses have been specifically created to give a detailed understanding of Italy’s rich culture. The Florence Institute’s courses teach the foundation of interior design by combining modern technology with inventive traditions and its graphic design school courses teach tradition, theory, and the latest graphic software.

4. In Florence Academy

About the College

First Italian language school in Florence accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education to teach Italian language and culture to foreign students.

Florence Academy has top-quality professional language teaching since 1948 and is a Member of the global Eurocentres Swiss Foundation which teaches 8 languages in 38 locations worldwide, with more than 15 000 students a year.

The academy has an Innovative Success System committed to providing the highest quality language training worldwide. Certified by EAQUALS, the European Association for Quality Language Services, to guarantee high education standards through the years.

Florence Academy is Beautifully located inside the Renaissance Palace “Palazzo Guadagni” (1502), designed by the famous Florentine architect Cronaca. The school overlooks the very central square called Piazza S. Spirito, right in the heart of the old town center, 300 m from the Pitti Palace, 500 m from the Ponte Vecchio and about 15 minutes walk from the Cathedral.

Florence Academy is accessible and  Easy-to-reach from anywhere in town and surrounded by typical trattorias, cafes and traditional artisans’ workshops.

5. IED – Istituto Europeo di Design Florence

About The College:

Florence boasts one of the world most important artistic and cultural heritage, but it is also a city with a long history in Italian design.

It is located at the heart of a region home to major manufacturing excellence that has given Florence an enviable international reputation in fields ranging from fashion and artistic craftsmanship to design and technological innovation.

In such incomparable place for those who wish to pursue contemporary art and innovation, IED focuses on methods for enhancing the benefits of intertwining local expertise with all the different cultures encountered.

The virtuous relationship between high-quality artistic craftsmanship and industry is a traditional feature of the quality of production in Florence and its surrounding.

6. LABA Firenze – Liberal Academy Of Fine Art

About the College:

LABA of Florence is an Academy of Fine Arts authorized by MIUR(Ministry of Education University and Research). An Institute of high artistic education that has always focused on “innovative” paths, close to new technologies and involving the use of multimedia instruments.

The Academic Courses, equivalent to the degree, are structured on 3 + 2 through the departments of Photography, Graphic Design & Multimedia, Visual Arts-Painting, Design, and Fashion Design.

LABA is a didactical network with offices in Italy and abroad. The institution in Florence has been active since 2001, with only fixed number courses (up to 20 students), enabling the almost 600 enrolled students the use of professional laboratories, equipped with multimedia and latest generation equipment, in the most optimal way.

LABA has always focused on “innovative” pathways, activating Academic Courses structured on 3 +2, equivalent to short degrees and specialization addresses associated with new technologies and involving the use of media related to multimedia.

7. European School of Economics

About the College:

The European School of Economics (ESE) is a private College of Higher Education without borders, multicultural and pragmatic, fully accredited in the UK and in the order of listed bodies.
ESE offers Bachelor’s Degree, Masters, MBA, and short programs at its centers in London, Rome, Milan, Florence, and Madrid.

ESE graduates are among the most competitive business professionals on the market, prepared for leadership roles in international marketing, finance, communication, and management.

ESE provides an approach to business and a wide vision of life through a process of intellectual, artistic, political, ethical and socio-cultural exploration, centered on self-discovery and work on oneself aimed at integrity.

ESE is a system of vital ideas and prepares its students to be the new cells of a healed humanity, free from conflictual thinking, superstitions, prejudices, and obsolete ideas, cultivating in themselves an indomitable passion for greatness.

The European School of Economics has envisioned the birth of a new mankind, for the creation of individuals free from prejudice and fear, and capable of harmonizing apparent, age-old antagonisms between economics and ethics, action and contemplation, and financial power and love.

The ESE bachelor, master, MBA, and certificate programs aim to prepare international entrepreneurs and managers with the cultural awareness, abilities and moral qualities most needed in the world of contemporary business.

8. La Scuola di Cucina – Cuisine Academy

About The College:

The ‘Scuola di Cucina’ Cuisine Academy belongs to a tradition which started in 1951 with the founding of Scuola Radio Elettra. The school is aimed at promoting the tradition of Italian food through practical courses which offer a range of job opportunities in the culinary sector.

Courses are designed for all those who want to achieve a high level of specialization in Italian cuisine. Its teaching method combines theoretical lessons and practical classes with optional work experience and internships in the best Italian restaurants, allowing students to put into practice what they have learned and acquire a high level of mastery.

9. Good Tastes Of Tuscany

About the College:

14 years ago the culinary school started, initially for fun and then developed to be the first of it’s kind offering full course menu classes and professional chefs, The school has been imitated but never matched.

A huge part of any Italian experience is obviously the food, the wine and the traditions that go hand in hand with it. Over the years it has come to really love and appreciate the gastronomical part of Tuscany.

Sharing what it knows with you is honestly the cherry on the cake. From one day classes, The school then developed multi-day courses and then the 7 Day Gastronomical Adventure – Its weekly cooking tour in Italy which really is that best way for anyone that loves food and wine to enjoy the best of what Tuscany has to offer.

To experience things that everyday tourists just would not get that chance too. Like the Truffle hunt in the autumn following the Tartufaio and his specially trained dogs into the misty woods with the hope of finding the little nuggets which are more valuable than gold.

The visit to the cheese farms where mouthwatering Pecorino cheese and ricotta are made or to an olive oil tasting at the actual mill where the olives are crushed.

10. STAR Studium ArchitecturAe Florence Design School

About the College:

The school’s Unique concept derives from the combination of academic lectures in the courses and work on authentic projects with professionals and suppliers. All together to subvert the world every day, every hour.

site inspections and on-site experience together with visits to workshops, laboratories, factories, and stores. The courses take into account the results of the most important international academic research with testimony from world-famous designers and architects.

Almost all new ideas are inspired by works of art and their artists. In addition to scientific and practical activities we read together and we discuss texts about philosophy, artists, current affairs and the latest tendencies in design and architecture.

11. Pixel

About the College:

The International Master in European Project Planning and Management is organized and coordinated by Pixel, an international education, and training institution based in Florence (Italy), having as its main aim the provision of support to internationalization and European Cooperation. In the past 18 years, Pixel successfully coordinated and managed over 85 European projects.

The European programmes that funded the projects in which Pixel was involved are: Socrates ODL; Socrates Minerva, Socrates Grundtvig, Socrates Lingua, eLearning, Leonardo da Vinci, Lifelong Learning – Sub Programmes: Comenius, Erasmus, Leonardo da Vinci, Grundtvig and KA1, KA2, KA3, KA4 Transversal Programmes, Justice Programme, Safer Internet Programme, Erasmus+ Programme – KA2-Strategic Partnerships.

The European projects in which Pixel was involved focused on the following subject areas: Innovation in Education; Language Teaching and Learning; Research; Science Education; History Education and Research; Fine Arts; Promotion of Employment and Entrepreneurship; Social Inclusion; Health; Safety, Justice and Human Rights; Support and Innovation Services for SMEs.

12. Scuola Leonardo Da Vinci

About the College:

Founded in 1977, it has had years of experience and specializes in teaching Italian in Italy. All the Scuola Leonardo da Vinci schools are located in the city center. Professional and young teachers, all of whom have studied at the university level and who have been specially trained in teaching Italian to foreigners.

Its Italian Schools in Florence, Rome, Siena, and Milan have obtained the International quality assurance Certificate ISO 9001:2015, as a quality school of Italian language for foreigners, and have regular inspections to ensure that high standards are maintained. Members of ASILS (Association of language schools of Italian as a second foreign language).

Courses start every week for non-beginners, at the school A whole range of activities offered for students to gain insight into the Italian culture. Variety of students from over 50 countries. Friendly and helpful staff that give personal attention to each student.

13. Accademia Riaci

About the College:

Upon founding the studio in 1983, Maestro Raymond Riaci had a strong vision to create a school that not only taught his techniques but enlightened young artists with the lively spirit and atmosphere of the Renaissance, in order to fulfill his lifelong mission as a Maestro.

This was how Accademia Riaci was founded: a treasure box of traditional art and its irreplaceable techniques. The teaching secretly contains techniques unknown to any other school, and the Accademia Riaci strives to nurture and develop the imagination and fantasy in each and every single student.

The ultimate goal of Accademia Riaci’s education is not focused only on teaching traditional techniques and styles but aims to guide students to develop their own artistic sensitivity, creativity and realize their full potential.

The Accademia Riaci School Group consists of three schools: Accademia Riaci, FCAS, and ABC de’ Conti.

Each school offers courses in different disciplines:

  • Accademia Riaci: Arts, Crafts & Design courses
  • FCAS: Culinary Arts courses
  • ABC de’ Conti: Italian Language courses

14. Palazzo Spinelli Group

About the College:

Palazzo Spinelli Non-Profit Association was founded in 1998. Palazzo Spinelli’s aim is to safeguard world cultural heritage by promoting, organizing and managing initiatives for the study, conservation, restoration, promotion and fruition of cultural and artistic heritage.

Palazzo Spinelli operates in over thirty different countries, organizing training schemes and refresher courses for people working in the field of cultural heritage management, conservation, restoration, cultural and environmental tourism and also event organization.

The association also carries out projects in collaboration with public authorities and private companies such as the European Commission, UNESCO, and the Italian Foreign Ministry. Its work with the Ministry is carried out in the framework of cooperation agreements in the fields of Science, Technology, and Culture is underwritten by over 40 governments worldwide.

Palazzo Spinelli is an accredited institution of the Tuscan regional authority (Regione Toscana – Decree no. 1722 of 25 March 2003) and since its establishment, it has held courses recognized by the Ministry for Public Instruction and Welfare (under the Law no. 845 of 21/12/1978).

The Institute has a quality policy, which is certified by ISO 9001: 2008 standards. The school is aimed at continuously improving the Institute’s processes and procedures, encourage changes within the structure and promote continuous cultural exchanges with its society.

15. ALCHIMIA Contemporary Jewellery School

About the College:

Alchimia contemporary jewelry school is directed by Lucia Massei. The expansive two-year BFA and MFA programs have been developed over more than a decade of experience in close collaboration with a team of international teachers and advisors, all leaders in their respective creative realms.

Alchimia’s objective is to teach students to express their creativity through contemporary jewelry, developing high-quality technical and theoretical skills. By adopting the technological developments of its time and the most experimental cultural trends, Alchimia encourages its students to enhance their talents.

The school focus draws on the revision and adoption of traditional techniques and carefully selected materials combined with experimental and groundbreaking approaches to design, teaching students how to transform ideas and research paths in jewelry and design objects, and how to access the working context.

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