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 – Cheapest Community Out-of-State Colleges Tuition – 

Students oftentimes want to study in colleges outside their home state, but the high tuition costs become a hindrance. However, there are several Cheapest Community Out-of-State Colleges Tuition with cheap and affordable tuition costs which you will get to find out in this article, as you read further.

List of 10 Cheapest Community Out-of-State Colleges

The following are the list of 10 cheapest community out-of-state colleges tuition costs:


1. Chadron State University

Students from outside Nebraska pay just one dollar more per credit hour than residents, making education at Chadron State College an affordable option.

Knowing each credit hour costs just under $200, students can use the institution’s online calculator to understand the exact price of their education.

This university is also recognized for providing cost-effective room and board options, with the average package costing $5,760 per year.

2. Oklahoma Panhandle State University

Students enrolled at Oklahoma Panhandle State University all pay the same tuition rate. The average yearly cost totals $6,739.

Those opting to live and eat on campus also have access to competitive rates: the average student spends $4,823 on room and board per year at the university.

Online courses cost an additional $100 to cover extra expenses and supplies, while textbooks average $150 per semester.

3. Minot State University

Minot State University attracts applicants from around the nation. Annual tuition for full-time undergrads rings in at $6,086 while those pursuing a master’s degree can expect to pay $7,820.

Room and board factors in at $5,490 regardless of degree level and students should tack on an extra $1,100 each year for books and supplies.

International students pay the same amounts, with the addition of mandatory health insurance costing $2,364 each year.

4. Southern University at New Orleans

Students from outside Louisiana attending Southern University at New Orleans can expect to pay $4,911 in annual tuition.

Books and supplies ring in at $1,400, while those electing to live and eat on campus can tack on an additional $7,080 per academic year. International students are charged the same rates.

According to the College Board, these figures total to less than one-third the amount most students pay at a four-year public college as out-of-state students.

5. Mississippi Valley State University

All students enrolled at this university pay the same amount for tuition. Undergraduates can expect costs of $5,916 per year, with an additional $6,836 added for those who choose to take up room and board on campus.

Totalling $12,752, the yearly cost is nearly 80% below the national average for out-of-state students attending a four-year public college.

Enrolled students pay an additional $1,400 for books and supplies. The university offers a number of institutional scholarships to help cover costs.

6. Peru State College

Peru State College

Students from across the U.S. can enrol at this university and receive the same tuition rate as their in-state peers. Full-time undergraduates pay $6,188 annually, with an additional $7,232 for room and board.

In addition, the university estimates that students spend an average of $2,656 on other expenses throughout the year. Students should also be prepared to spend $1,056 annually on books and supplies.

Both in-state and out-of-state students pay the same rate for online classes, although prospective students should note that online costs are higher than campus-based tuition.

7. New Mexico Highlands University

Out-of-state students at New Mexico Highlands University can expect to pay $6,382 in annual tuition and fees, with an additional $7,404 for room and board expenses.

$1,000 should be factored in for books and supplies each year, and the university estimates that most students spend approximately $3,836 a year in other expenses. Graduate students from outside New Mexico’s borders pay $7,698 in tuition each year.

8. Delta State University

All undergraduates at Delta State University pay the same tuition. In the 2014-15 academic years, this totalled $6,562, while books and supplies accounted for an additional $1,100.

Students electing to live and eat on campus are charged $7,200 per year, and the university estimates students spend an additional $4,025 on other miscellaneous expenses.

This annual total of $13,762 for tuition and room and board expenses is far below the national average for public four-year institutions, making the university a great out-of-state value.

9. Dickinson State University

As a North Dakota school, the university is able to offer some of the lowest room and board costs in the nation, totalling $5,850 each year. Out-of-state students can also expect competitive tuition rates: the 2014-15 academic years saw non-residents pay $8,495.

While costs for textbooks and other supplies vary by major, the university advises students to expect costs of approximately $1,200 each year.

10. West Texas A&M University

The University attracts students all over the country thanks to its academic rigidity and low tuition costs. In 2014-15, out-of-state students paid $7,538 as tuition, with an additional $1,000 earmarked for textbooks and academic supplies.

Those electing to live and dine on campus paid an additional $7,376. All in, out-of-state students paid just shy of $15,000 each year for their education, well under half of the national average for public four-year colleges.

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