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Complete Guide on How to Study at Finland for Free 2022 Update

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There are ways to study in Finland for free even though most Finnish universities charge tuition. That and more is what we would explain in this article. 

The header sure caught your attention, didn’t it? Keep reading for more on how to study at Finland for Free.

How to Study at Finland for Free

Before making plans to study in Finland, there are steps to take and information to gather, below are some of them.

1. Search for the Correct Programme.

First you must inform yourself with the offered study choices and choose the exact study programmes you’d have an interest in applying to.

In Finland, There are two styles of educational activity establishments – universities and universities of applied sciences (UAS). They provide an outsized variety of English-taught degree programmes on varied levels:

i. Bachelor’s

ii. Master’s

iii. Doctoral (PhD)

You can visit the universities’/UAS’s own admissions pages to search out what study choices they need.

You’ll be able to search all the offered choices on the universities’ websites – that is conjointly wherever you start your application, once the submission gets open.


2. Check the Entry Necessities

The entry requirements depend on the degree program particularly, therefore you have to examine the elaborated info on the institutions’ websites.

Visit the university/degree course you curious about what English language proficiency necessities are, what documents you would like to send out, whether you have got to take part in the entrance examination, what’s the specified Saturday score (if required) etc.

i. Visit the Admissions information pages of the universities/UAS’s

 ii. Search Eligibility criteria, you’ll be able to notice some basic information on eligibility necessities

Keep reading for more on how to study at Finland for Free.

3. Make Arrangements to Finance your Studies

You should arrange before however you’ll be funding your studies, in order that you’ll be able to take care of your living expenses.

If you’re a non-EU/EEA student, you’re conjointly subject to tuition fees in English-taught Bachelor’s or Master’s programmes.

Note that the colleges provide non-EU/EEA scholarship choices for presented non-EU students admitted to fee-charging programmes.  The information you should seek on the websites of the universities are stated below:

‣ Bachelor’s and Master’s level tuition fees and scholarships (non-EU/EEA students)

‣ About living prices

‣ Some recommendation to help you throughout studies

‣ Doctoral level EDUFI scholarships

4. Check the Appliance Timetables – and Apply on Time

The place to begin for submitting applications is the school’s website. Application fee isn’t charged.

You can solely apply throughout the specified application periods.  The timeframe in which you can apply depends on the degree programme you would like to study.

As a non-EU student and they needed you to pay tuition fees, you’ll be able to typically apply for a scholarship from the university/UAS at this stage.

If you’re unsure of once and the way to use to a particular degree programme, consult university/UAS Admissions Services for recommendation.

Read all the information concerning admissions on totally different degree levels:

‣  Bachelor’s Admissions

‣ Master’s Admissions

‣  Doctoral Admissions

Note that it’s not advised to use any fee-charging instructional consultancies or agencies during your application.

Once the deadline to apply has elapsed, consult the university/UAS concerning the admissions results schedule. A section of the admissions method includes have a certain entrance examination or interview.  

Always remember that if you’re offered a study place, you’ll have to be certain of your acceptance on time. Only one school is open for you to accept every term. Read more here.

Keep reading for more on how to study at Finland for Free.

5. Apply for Your Residence Allow

If you are from any country outside the Nordic zone, the European Union zone and the European Economic Ara zone, you would have to apply for a student residence permit before you are allowed to gain entrance into the country.

If you aren’t an EU/EEA citizen, you must begin the application procedure as presently immediately when you have got been formally admitted to a Finnish university or UAS.

Search the Visa and residence permits sections here as a beginner’s guide. You can check the Finnish Immigration Service Migri website for more information about many permits.

6. Book for Accommodation and Make Plans for When you Arrive

If you have got been admitted – congratulations! It’s right time you book accommodation and make plans for when you arrive.

Contact your host university or UAS for recommendation on student accommodation in the locality and alternative student services!


Other schools study for free in Finland

Some schools in Finland which do not charge tuition fees for EU/EEA students:

‣ University of Jyväskylä;

‣ Metropolia University of Applied Sciences;

‣ University of Eastern Finland;

‣ Hanken School of Economics.

‣ Lappeenranta University of Technology

‣ Tampere University of Technology

‣ Åland Polytechnic

‣ University of Applied Sciences

‣ Central Ostrobothnia University of Applied Sciences

‣ Diaconia University of Applied Sciences

‣ EVTEK University of Applied Sciences

‣ Finnish Academy of Fine Arts

‣  Sibelius Academy

‣ Theatre Academy

‣ Hanken Swedish School of Economics and Business Administration

‣ University of Eastern Finland

‣ University of Lapland

‣ University of Oulu

‣ Oulu Polytechnic – University of Applied Sciences

‣ Pirkanmaa Polytechnic – University of Applied Sciences

‣ Rovaniemi University of Applied Sciences

‣ Satakunta University of Applied Sciences

‣ Savonia University of Applied Sciences

‣ Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences (SeAMK)

‣ University of Art and Design Helsinki UIAH

‣ University of Tampere

‣ University of Vaasa

‣ Helsinki University of Technology

‣ ÅboAkademi University

‣ University of Helsinki

‣ University of Jyväskylä

‣ Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences

‣ Lahti University of Applied Sciences

‣ Laurea University of Applied Sciences

‣ Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences

‣ North Karelia University of Applied Sciences

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