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UDUSOK School Fees Schedule 2020/2021 for New and Returning Students

Filed in School News by on July 4, 2020
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UDUSOK School Fees Schedule 2020/2021 for New and Returning Students.

Usman Danfodio University, Sokoto (UDUSOK) school fees schedule for the 2020/2021 academic session is yet to be released by the school management. This page will give you an idea on what to expect and will be updated when the school fees schedule is released.

UDUSOK School Fees Schedule

Usman Danfodio University, Sokoto (UDUSOK) school fees schedule for the 2020/2021 academic session is not yet announced. Below is last year’s update which will give you an idea of what to expect.

The Usman Danfodio University, Sokoto (UDUSOK) undergraduate students school fees schedule for the 2019/2020 academic session is out.

This is to inform all the UTME and Direct Entry candidates offered provisional admission into the Usman Danfodio University, Sokoto (UDUSOK) for 2019/2020 academic session that the management of the institution has released the amount they are required to pay as acceptance fee.

We specifically publish this information here today, for all people who need to know the current school fees of the Usman Danfodio University, Sokoto (UDUSOK).

UDUSOK School Fees Schedule

Fresh Students

Using a mobile device? Then Scroll to the side to view all the contents in the table below:

1B. AGRICULTURE34,800.0034,800.00
2B. FISHERIES34,800.0034,800.00
3B. FORESTRY34,800.0034,800.00
4B.A. ARABIC LANGUAGE31,800.0031,800.00
5B.A. ENGLISH LANGUAGE31,800.0031,800.00
6B.A. ENGLISH LITERATURE31,800.0031,800.00
7B.A. FRENCH31,800.0031,800.00
8B.A. HAUSA LANGUAGE31,800.0031,800.00
9B.A. HISTORY31,800.0031,800.00
10B.A. ISLAMIC STUDIES31,800.0031,800.00
11B.A. LINGUISTICS31,800.0031,800.00
12B. Ed. ( ADULT EDUCATION)31,800.0031,800.00
13B.A. Ed. (ARABIC)31,800.0036,800.00
14B.Sc. Ed. (BIOLOGY)31,800.0036,800.00
15B.Sc. Ed. (CHEMISTRY)31,800.0036,800.00
16B.Sc. Ed. (ECONOMICS)31,800.0036,800.00
17B.A. Ed. (ENGLISH)31,800.0036,800.00
18B.Sc. Ed. (GEOGRAPHY)31,800.0036,800.00
19B.A. Ed. (HAUSA)31,800.0036,800.00
20B.A. Ed. (HISTORY)31,800.0036,800.00
21B.A. Ed. (ISLAMIC STUDIES)31,800.0036,800.00
22B.Sc. Ed. (MATHEMATICS)31,800.0036,800.00
23B.Sc. Ed. (PHYSICS)31,800.0036,800.00
24B. Ed. ( PRIMARY EDUCATION)31,800.0036,800.00
25B.Eng. (CIVIL)49,800.0049,800.00
26B.Eng. (ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONICS)49,800.0049,800.00
27B.Eng. (MECHANICAL)49,800.0049,800.00
28B. Tech (ICT)49,800.0049,800.00
30MEDICINE (MBBS)54,800.0054,800.00
31B. Sc. NURSING54,800.0054,800.00
32B.Sc. RADIOGRAPHY54,800.0054,800.00
33LLB COMMON & ISLAMIC LAW41,800.0041,800.00
34B.Sc. ACCOUNTING39,800.0039,800.00
35B.Sc. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION31,800.0031,800.00
36B.Sc. PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION31,800.0031,800.00
38B. PHARMACY54,800.0054,800.00
39B.Sc. APPLIED CHEMISTRY34,800.0034,800.00
40B.Sc. BIOCHEMISTRY34,800.0034,800.00
41B.Sc. BIOLOGY34,800.0034,800.00
42B.Sc. BOTANY34,800.0034,800.00
43B.Sc. COMPUTER SCIENCE42,800.0042,800.00
44B.Sc. GEOLOGY42,800.0042,800.00
45B.Sc. MATHEMATICS34,800.0034,800.00
46B.Sc. MICROBIOLOGY34,800.0034,800.00
47B.Sc. PHYSICS34,800.0034,800.00
48B.Sc. PURE CHEMISTRY34,800.0034,800.00
49B.Sc. STATISTICS34,800.0034,800.00
50B.Sc. ZOOLOGY34,800.0034,800.00
51B.Sc. ECONOMICS31,800.0031,800.00
52B.Sc. GEOGRAPHY34,800.0034,800.00
53B.Sc. POLITICAL SCIENCE31,800.0031,800.00
54B.Sc. SOCIOLOGY31,800.0031,800.00
55DVM (VETERINARY MEDICINE)49,800.0049,800.00

Returning Students

Using a mobile device? Then Scroll to the side to view all the contents in the table below:

1B. AGRICULTURE28,800.0028,800.0033,800.0032,800.00
2B. FISHERIES28,800.0028,800.0033,800.0032,800.00
3B. FORESTRY28,800.0028,800.0033,800.0032,800.00
4B.A. ARABIC LANGUAGE25,800.0025,800.0029,800.00
5B.A. ENGLISH LANGUAGE25,800.0025,800.0029,800.00
6B.A. ENGLISH LITERATURE25,800.0025,800.0029,800.00
7B.A. FRENCH25,800.0025,800.0029,800.00
8B.A. HAUSA LANGUAGE25,800.0025,800.0029,800.00
9B.A. HISTORY25,800.0030,800.0029,800.00
10B.A. ISLAMIC STUDIES25,800.0025,800.0029,800.00
11B.A. LINGUISTICS25,800.0025,800.0029,800.00
12B. Ed. ( ADULT EDUCATION)25,800.0030,800.0029,800.00
13B.A. Ed. (ARABIC)30,800.0030,800.0029,800.00
14B.Sc. Ed. (BIOLOGY)30,800.0030,800.0029,800.00
15B.Sc. Ed. (CHEMISTRY)30,800.0030,800.0029,800.00
16B.Sc. Ed. (ECONOMICS)30,800.0030,800.0029,800.00
17B.A. Ed. (ENGLISH)30,800.0030,800.0029,800.00
18B.Sc. Ed. (GEOGRAPHY)30,800.0030,800.0029,800.00
19B.A. Ed. (HAUSA)30,800.0030,800.0029,800.00
20B.A. Ed. (HISTORY)30,800.0030,800.0029,800.00
21B.A. Ed. (ISLAMIC STUDIES)30,800.0030,800.0029,800.00
22B.Sc. Ed. (MATHEMATICS)30,800.0030,800.0029,800.00
23B.Sc. Ed. (PHYSICS)30,800.0030,800.0029,800.00
24B. Ed. ( PRIMARY EDUCATION)30,800.0030,800.0029,800.00
25B.Eng. (CIVIL)43,800.00
27B.Eng. (MECHANICAL)43,800.00
28B. Tech (ICT)43,800.00
30MEDICINE (MBBS)48,800.0048,800.0053,800.0052,800.00
31B. Sc. NURSING48,800.0053,800.0053,800.0052,800.00
32B.Sc. RADIOGRAPHY48,800.0048,800.0053,800.0052,800.00
33LLB COMMON & ISLAMIC LAW35,800.0035,800.0035,800.0039,800.00
34B.Sc. ACCOUNTING33,800.0033,800.0037,800.00
35B.Sc. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION25,800.0025,800.0029,800.00
36B.Sc. PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION25,800.0025,800.0029,800.00
37B.Sc. MEDICAL LABORATORY SCIENCES48,800.0048,800.0048,800.0057,800.00
38B. PHARMACY48,800.0048,800.0053,800.0052,800.00
39B.Sc. APPLIED CHEMISTRY28,800.0033,800.0032,800.00
40B.Sc. BIOCHEMISTRY28,800.0033,800.0032,800.00
41B.Sc. BIOLOGY33,800.0038,800.0032,800.00
42B.Sc. BOTANY33,800.0038,800.0032,800.00
43B.Sc. COMPUTER SCIENCE36,800.0041,800.0040,800.00
44B.Sc. GEOLOGY41,800.0046,800.0040,800.00
45B.Sc. MATHEMATICS28,800.0033,800.0032,800.00
46B.Sc. MICROBIOLOGY28,800.0033,800.0032,800.00
47B.Sc. PHYSICS28,800.0033,800.0032,800.00
48B.Sc. PURE CHEMISTRY28,800.0033,800.0032,800.00
49B.Sc. STATISTICS28,800.0033,800.0032,800.00
50B.Sc. ZOOLOGY33,800.0038,800.0032,800.00
51B.Sc. ECONOMICS25,800.0025,800.0029,800.00
52B.Sc. GEOGRAPHY28,800.0038,800.0032,800.00
53B.Sc. POLITICAL SCIENCE25,800.0025,800.0029,800.00
54B.Sc. SOCIOLOGY25,800.0025,800.0029,800.00
55DVM (VETERINARY MEDICINE)43,800.0048,800.0043,800.0043,800.0047,800.00

Spillover & Foreign Students

Using a mobile device? Then Scroll to the side to view all the contents in the table below:

1B. AGRICULTURE28,800.00100,000.00
2B. FISHERIES28,500.00100,000.00
3B. FORESTRY28,500.00100,000.00
4B.A. ARABIC LANGUAGE25,800.00100,000.00
5B.A. ENGLISH LANGUAGE25,800.00100,000.00
6B.A. ENGLISH LITERATURE25,800.00100,000.00
7B.A. FRENCH25,800.00100,000.00
8B.A. HAUSA LANGUAGE25,800.00100,000.00
9B.A. HISTORY25,800.00100,000.00
10B.A. ISLAMIC STUDIES25,800.00100,000.00
11B.A. LINGUISTICS25,800.00100,000.00
12B. Ed. ( ADULT EDUCATION)25,800.00100,000.00
13B.A. Ed. (ARABIC)25,800.00100,000.00
14B.Sc. Ed. (BIOLOGY)25,800.00100,000.00
15B.Sc. Ed. (CHEMISTRY)25,800.00100,000.00
16B.Sc. Ed. (ECONOMICS)25,800.00100,000.00
17B.A. Ed. (ENGLISH)25,800.00100,000.00
18B.Sc. Ed. (GEOGRAPHY)25,800.00100,000.00
19B.A. Ed. (HAUSA)25,800.00100,000.00
20B.A. Ed. (HISTORY)25,800.00100,000.00
21B.A. Ed. (ISLAMIC STUDIES)25,800.00100,000.00
22B.Sc. Ed. (MATHEMATICS)25,800.00100,000.00
23B.Sc. Ed. (PHYSICS)25,800.00100,000.00
24B. Ed. ( PRIMARY EDUCATION)25,800.00100,000.00
25B.Eng. (CIVIL)100,000.00
27B.Eng. (MECHANICAL)100,000.00
28B. Tech (ICT)100,000.00
30MEDICINE (MBBS)48,800.00100,000.00
31B. Sc. NURSING48,800.00100,000.00
32B.Sc. RADIOGRAPHY48,800.00100,000.00
33LLB COMMON & ISLAMIC LAW35,800.00100,000.00
34B.Sc. ACCOUNTING33,800.00100,000.00
35B.Sc. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION25,800.00100,000.00
36B.Sc. PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION25,800.00100,000.00
37B.Sc. MEDICAL LABORATORY SCIENCES48,800.00100,000.00
38B. PHARMACY48,800.00100,000.00
39B.Sc. APPLIED CHEMISTRY28,800.00100,000.00
40B.Sc. BIOCHEMISTRY28,800.00100,000.00
41B.Sc. BIOLOGY28,800.00100,000.00
42B.Sc. BOTANY28,800.00100,000.00
43B.Sc. COMPUTER SCIENCE36,800.00100,000.00
44B.Sc. GEOLOGY36,800.00100,000.00
45B.Sc. MATHEMATICS28,800.00100,000.00
46B.Sc. MICROBIOLOGY28,800.00100,000.00
47B.Sc. PHYSICS28,800.00100,000.00
48B.Sc. PURE CHEMISTRY28,800.00100,000.00
49B.Sc. STATISTICS28,800.00100,000.00
50B.Sc. ZOOLOGY28,800.00100,000.00
51B.Sc. ECONOMICS25,800.00100,000.00
52B.Sc. GEOGRAPHY28,800.00100,000.00
53B.Sc. POLITICAL SCIENCE25,800.00100,000.00
54B.Sc. SOCIOLOGY25,800.00100,000.00

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