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University of Toronto Acceptance Rate 2021 Check Admissions Update

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What is the University of Toronto’s 2021 Acceptance Rate? This question may sound like a hard nut to crack, but I have good news for you. It’s not as difficult as it sounds. All your questions about the University of Toronto Acceptance has been answered below.

University Of Toronto Acceptance Rate for 2021/2022 Admissions Updateonto

What is an acceptance rate? An institution’s acceptance rate is the rate at which applicants are accepted into that institution. It is a measure of the ratio of the number of students accepted to the number of total applicants.

In simple terms, divide the number of students accepted by the total number of applicants. For example, if a medical college has 100,000 applicants and accepts 20,000 students, their acceptance rate is 20%.

In case you are interested in the University of Toronto and you wish to know the acceptance rate of the college, here we will answer that question and so much more.

About the University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is located in the capital of Canada. The University of Toronto was founded in the year 1827. In 193 years of its inception, the university has become one of the most renowned and prestigious universities across the globe. The university as of 2021 is ranked 25th on the QS World University ranking table.

It has three (3) campuses offering an array of undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctorate programs in Social Science, Humanities, Engineering, Arts, Music, and Commerce. The institution’s library is reckoned to be the third-largest in Northern America with over 25 million books both onsite and online.

The university stood as a good rival behind Harvard University, where it featured as second best research university as recorded in the Umultirank Rankings of 2018 for quality research publications. In addition, insulin was first discovered by Banting and Mcleod at the University of Toronto. Also, Canada’s first electronic computer, UTEC was installed at this university.

Before you ask, the University of Toronto offers “The Lester B. Pearson International Scholarships” for first-entry, undergraduate programs. This scholarship covers tuition, books, incidental fees, and full residence support for four years.

University of Toronto Acceptance Rate for 2021/2022

The current acceptance rate for the University of Toronto is not yet ascertained but will soon be announced. We will keep you posted on updates.

The University of Toronto has an acceptance rate of 43% as of 2019/2020 admissions. This is primarily because the university accepts many domestic as well as international students throughout their campuses thus making the application process more competitive.

As of 2019-2020 admissions, the institution had an acceptance rate of almost 24% of the quora from the top 5 countries in terms of international students. This had China with (13,845), India (1,553), the USA (931), South Korea (696), and Hong Kong (362).

Meanwhile, Universities in Canada are different from other systems in that in Canada, you choose a school on the strength of the program you want and not the strength of the school. So when you group statistics for all programs it makes some schools look worse than they actually are and other schools better than they actually are.

University of Toronto 2021/2022 Admission Requirements

Information on deadlines for applications is yet to be announced, but the applications for some courses and programs are already ongoing. Meanwhile know that applications mostly end between July to September, depending on the program.

To apply for the university’s postgraduate programs, the candidate must score a minimum of 3.7 GPA. Be informed that the application process varies for international and local students.

For instance, if you are neither living in Canada, studying in Canada, nor applying for any other Ontario University, then you can apply by filling the OUAC 105 application form.

In addition, there are some specific documents student is expected to submit when applying. Below are some of the admission requirements.

  • Written essays
  • Write and submit an SOP for Canada
  • Pass the English proficiency test
  • Two letters of recommendation.
  • Your detailed Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Transcripts of your results both in electronic and printed forms for all courses, you have pursued earlier.
  • Supplementary Application form

More on Admission Requirements

Still, on admission requirements, there are other prerequisites that may differ depending on your course or program of choice. Most of these prerequisites are based on the Ontario High School curriculum. See them…

For Sciences, prerequisites include:

  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Calculus & Vectors
  • Advanced Functions
  • Chemistry

For programs in Management, prerequisites include:

  • Calculus & Vectors
  • Advanced Functions

For English Proficiency Tests prerequisites are:

  • The minimum score is 6.5 for IELTS.
  • The total score is 100+22 for TOEFL (writing).
  • Cambridge assessment C1 (advanced) and C2 (Proficiency) tests, the minimum overall score is 180.

Application Process Based on U of T Acceptance Rate

The following information will also be very useful before you proceed

  • Application for the MBA program at the University of Toronto is open for the academic year 2021. Round 3 application form is available till March 8, 2021.
  • For undergraduate programs, the application process begins from September-October and the deadline is usually till early November. While some subjects have mid-January as the final deadline.
  • The registration for postgraduate programs starts in July and the deadline is between late-August to September.
  • The application process for all UG courses is handled through the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre. Whereas, PG applicants can directly apply to the University of Toronto through their portal.
  • The University shares its decision regarding UG admission by February as most of the deadlines close by mid-January.
  • As PG programs have various intakes, expect a response within a month after the final deadline is over.

The University of Toronto also has scholarship offers for Undergraduate and Postgraduate students. See more HERE.

Read Also:

Cost of Application and Fees

It is important that you treat all transactions pertaining to the application process with care. This is to avoid incidents of fraud and wrong payments.

Application Fee: C$180 for Undergraduates and C$120 for Postgraduates

Tuition Fee: C$5,606

Other Fees:

  • Full-time student fees – C$43,649
  • Room & board – C$10,000
  • Room Only – C$8,000
  • Tuition fee deferment – Yes

Courses and Programs of the University of Toronto

The University of Toronto has a vast pool of interesting courses and programs you can apply to.

For details of the University of Toronto courses and programs visit the school’s website on

How to Apply

As an undergraduate applicant, you can apply with the OUAC application form. See the steps.

Step 1: Create your OUAC Account.

Click HERE to begin

  • Enter your name, date of birth, and e-mail address in the spaces provided
  • Confirm your e-mail address in the space provided.
  • Enter a password for your account and confirm it in the boxes provided. (Password must contain uppercase character, number, and symbol)
  • Locate and click on create my OUAC account.

Congratulations! Your account creation is successful. Read the information below for any explanations before you proceed.

Step 2: Log in to your OUAC Account

Choose your application status and proceed.

On the next page:

  • Fill in the required spaces to update your OUAC account and click on save. Preview your information as instructed, if satisfied, click on proceed to contact information.
  • Click on “contact information” to proceed

On the Contact Information Page

  • Take time to fill in the required information and update them accordingly.
  • Go down, click on “Proceed to academic background” to continue.
  • Fill the required details, save and proceed to “Browse Programs”.

In this section, you will have to browse for the university of choice and the program code for the program you wish to apply to. For more details and guidelines on this, visit the portal

You can also get more information on admissions and application guidelines into the University of Toronto HERE

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