7 Study Abroad Programs in Brazil for International Students

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– Study Abroad Programs in Brazil –

The country Brazil has amazing universities and Colleges, and if you’re interested in enrolling in any of them as a foreigner, read on to find out the best study abroad programs in Brazil.

Brazil officially the Federative Republic of Brazil is the biggest country in both South America and Latin America.

The country has over 208 million people, Brazil is the world’s fifth-largest country by area and the fifth most populous.

The country’s capital is Brasília, and its most populated city is São Paulo. The federation is made up of the union of the 26 states, the Federal District, and the 5,570 municipalities.

Study Abroad Programs in Brazil for International Students 2021

1. USAC Brazil: Florianopolis – Brazilian Cultural Studies, Global Economy

The Florianopolis program offer understudies the chance to submerge themselves in the amazingly different and dynamic culture of Brazil .

Also, while living on a wonderful subtropical island and learning about one of South America’s most renowned colleges.

The program is perfect for understudies who need to find out about the universe’s fifth biggest nation, one of the quickest developing economies, and its differing blend of European, African, and indigenous societies.

Become familiar with an old European language with an exceptionally present-day wind while dousing up the excellent climate and sandy white shorelines of the southeastern Brazilian coast.

Program Highlights for Florianópolis, Brazil

Study at one of Brazil’s most prestigious and popular universities, on a beautiful island in the south of the country.

Live on a beautiful subtropical island with over 40 beaches, rainforest, lakes, and quiet fishing villages.

Discover the local and hidden charms of a historical island which has developed its own unique cultural heritage.

Participate in a tremendous variety of outdoor activities including hiking, diving, surfing, sandboarding, sailing, and whale-watching.

Experience the thrill of living in one of the fastest-growing and most dynamic countries in the world, with opportunities to travel to the Amazon, Rio de Janeiro, and Iguaçu Falls.

The USAC Resident Director and staff are present on-site full-time to welcome and support you during your term abroad.

Location: Florianopolis, Brazil

Program Type: Study Abroad

Degree Level: Undergraduate

Term: Academic Year, Fall Semester, Spring Semester

2. USAC Cuba: La Habana

The Havana program comprises one 3-week January session or 3-6 week summer sessions offering academic coursework in history, society, politics, and culture studies.

Many of these courses include enticing field trips offering hands-on experience with the subject matter.

The session begins with a day of orientation and lectures in Costa Rica before departure for Cuba.

The courses for the Havana Program focus on the history and society of Cuba, with particular attention focused on exploring the impact of slavery and Cuba’s African roots on its culture and religions, as well as the present-day political and economic factors Cuba faces in its future.

Location: Havana, Cuba

Program Type: Study Abroad

Degree Level: Undergraduate

Term: Summer, Winter Semester

3. Brazilian Wildlife Program

Among Curitiba and Florianopolis lies a rambling 183 section of land property committed to Brazilian untamed life, widely varied vegetation.

This association has meticulously supplanted presented plants with indigenous species in the course of the most recent 15 years.

Now the haven is home to parrots everything being equal, tortoises, ungulates, ocelots, panthers, pumas, creepy-crawly monkeys, and so forth.

A considerable lot of these important creatures were saved from the illicit pet exchange or were the casualties of maltreatment.

Hence, the recreation center is shut to the overall population, and the passageway isn’t checked. Volunteers should be moderately physically fit.

Inspired by protection and rearing endeavors, and careful around the walled-in areas (particularly around the enormous felines).

No experience or instruction is required, however, a foundation in science or some Portuguese is useful.

This is a perfect arrangement for volunteers who are hoping to invest some energy in nature and who are not scared of getting filthy.


Cost in US$ Starting at 2 weeks for $1,340 Cost Includes Emergency evacuation services Food Housing In-country orientation/Training In-country staff support Registration fees Written materials abroad Written materials pre-departure

Location: Curitiba, Brazil

Program Type: Study Abroad

Degree Level: Undergraduate

Term: Year-Round

4. Brazilian Culture & Language

Course Load: Intensive Portuguese I or II Total Credits Load: 6 credits (100 hours) Language of Instruction: Portuguese Level of Language Proficiency.

Beginner Students will complete a language placement test and personal interview upon arrival in order to determine appropriate language level.

Minimum GPA: 2.5/4.0 Prerequisites: No prior knowledge of Portuguese is required. Transcript: Issued by FAA.

Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Program Type: Study Abroad

Degree Level: Undergraduate

Term: Summer

Setting Description

Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado Founded in 1947, Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP) has distinguished itself as one of Brazil’s most respected centers for the study of art and business.

FAAP has a rich history of supporting the arts; today, its art museum, theater, and artistic residence programs continue to lend the campus a unique cultural vibrancy.

5. Internships in Brazil with Intern Brazil

Intern Brazil gives its customers the ideal help for securing the best positions and contemplating openings. We mean to know the abilities and information of our customers through skype interviews.

By finding what suits them better, we will assist them with improving their system and, as a result, their profession. Our interns should be college understudies or have completed college for not over two years.

What makes Intern Brazil exceptional is our capacity to make every applicant a by and by cooking program, assuming liability for the activity, lodging, and study if vital.

Our hands-on frame of mind will mean the achievement of your adventure in Brazil.

Location: Florianopolis, Brazil; Sao Paulo, Brazil

Program Type: Study Abroad

Degree Level: Undergraduate

Term: Academic Year, Fall Semester, MayMester Intersession, Rolling Starts, Spring Break, Spring Semester, Summer, Winter Semester, Year-Round

Setting Description:

Intern Brazil can offer opportunities in different cities, such as São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba, Belo Horizonte, Joinville, Florianópolis, Salvador. The company creates tailor-made experiences for its costumers.


Starting at 1800 USD

6. Middlebury College School in Brazil: Belo Horizonte

Intended for students with 4 semesters of college-level Portuguese, the direct enrollment structure of the School in Brazil provides students with the opportunity to increase their language abilities through constant interaction with native speakers.

Whether spending time with local students in their classes, their colleagues at an internship placement, or in their homestays, students use their language in a very real immersion environment.

Setting Description:

With its physical beauty and welcoming social environment, Brazil is the largest country in Latin America.

Its diverse and vibrant culture offers an ideal setting for students of Portuguese to improve their language skills by enrolling directly in the university alongside their Brazilian peers and to immerse themselves in one of the world’s most captivating societies.

Belo Horizonte, also known as the Garden City, is the capital of Minas Gerais, a prosperous mining region in the mountains about 250 miles north of Rio de Janeiro.

Home to 2.5 million people, the city has a pronounced sense of community and family that students find inviting.


Semester Tuition (includes health insurance): $12,650. Year Tuition (includes health insurance): $25,300

Location: Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Program Type: Study Abroad

Degree Level: Undergraduate

Term: Academic Year, Fall Semester, Spring Semester

7. US-Brazil Connect Fellowship

Organizational Summary: US-Brazil Connects mission is to strengthen education and build economic opportunities by connecting communities, engaging leaders, and creating transformative learning experiences linking the United States and Brazil.

The Conexao Mundo/World Connection Program is a Fellowship linking U.S. college students and young professionals (Fellows) with Brazilian technology high school students in a transformative cross-cultural learning experience.

Location: Maceio, Brazil; Manaus, Brazil; Salvador, Brazil; Belo Horizonte, Brazil; Recife, Brazil

Program Type: Study Abroad

Degree Level: Undergraduate

Term: Summer

Setting Description

US-Brazil Connect Fellows will be placed in one of the program’s designated cities/towns in Brazil – locations vary from urban centers to beach towns.

Please note: Fellows will be placed in sites by program leadership (cities listed below are some locations in 2013, but are not guaranteed).

Fellows will stay in a hotel and share a room with another Fellow of the same gender. For more information about settings, see photos on the US-Brazil Connect Facebook page!


US-Brazil Connect charges no program fees. Fellows are responsible for: 1) International Airfare to Brazil: With the World Cup in 2014 and high demand for travel to Brazil, tickets must be purchased by February 15th.

Brazilian Visa: A Brazilian visa typically costs about $250, which includes the visa fee and the service charge to use a third-party service, which is required in most states.

Those able to obtain a visa directly from a Brazilian Embassy in the U.S. will pay just $160. 3

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