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List of Top 10 Essential Student Softwares in 2022 See Latest Update

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– Essential Student Softwares –

Having a PC isn’t just enough, as a student there is necessary software that every student should have. They’re necessary because it will help a student accomplish some academic tasks. Hence, in this article, I will show you the top 10 best essential student software.

10 Essential Student Softwares

List of 10 Essential Student Softwares

1. Microsoft Office

The first and probably the most important software a student should give is Microsoft Office. The question now is what is a micro soft office?

Microsoft Office is a program that basically allows you to type maybe your assignment, presentation, or any other work that needs tying.

The software has a lot of options and functions, for instance, you can add images, arrange work, work on a presentation, and do many tasks.

They actually sold the software at $8.95 per month for up to 5 PCs or Macs. The price of all you need is just to download it online.

2. Adobe Photoshop Elements & Premiere Elements 11

Speaking of multimedia, Adobe Photoshop Elements (PSE) & Premiere Elements (PRE) is amazing software.

The software is available in versions for Windows and Mac; the software combines software programs for photo and video editing.

So if you want to edit your photo for your Facebook, put together a photo essay for a photography class, or post a video of your college campus or a music concert to YouTube, this software is just the best option for you.

The cool features available in version 11 are face identification for tracing photos of specific people; geotagging, for bring together images by place; an events view of organizing photos by time and place; and time remapping, for slowing down or speeding up video clips with just a couple of clicks.

3. Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12

Many people, especially those who are not professional typists, find it faster and easier to “speak” their reports into a computer than to type them in through a keyboard.

The Windows-based Dragon Naturally  (DNS) software package does an outstanding job of converting those spoken words into text.

The software will also transcribe just about anything, classroom lectures, interviews, etc. that’s been recorded with a digital voice recorder (DVR).

Besides, if you’re not used to either a keyboard or a mouse, this software program will enable you to use voice commands for controlling your PC.

With autumn on the way, look for a new release of DNS.

4. Carbonite

Amazing software is Carbonite, it is the grim reality. PC hard drives may become faulty and fail sometimes, and laptops can get lost or stolen.

Floods and other natural disasters may spoil computers. Then what happens to all of those course materials and reports in progress?

But, with the use of cloud backup software such as Carbonite, you can make sure that you won’t lose valued computer-based information by storing a copy on a server in a data center.

If you couple Carbonite with Mirror Image, which comprises the subscriptions for the Home Plus and Home Premium editions — you can back up all of your software applications and system files, as well.

You can find this software in Windows, versions XP through 8, and for Mac OS X.

5. Norton AntiVirus

The computer gets attacked by viruses because of the files we open and sites we visit. There is, therefore, every need to protect your computer against such attack and the best software to use is Norton Antivirus.

Norton AntiVirus is one of the most effective remedies out there, according to our team of expert reviewers.

It runs on all versions of Windows, from XP through Windows 8 (although Windows 8 also includes some built-in protection through Windows Defender).

The 2013 version of NAV offers a slicker user interface, a better version of SONAR threat detection, and an enhanced update service.

6. FluidMath

FluidMath is a yet amazing software for those who want the freedom to handwrite their math work but on a PC.

This software works by converting your handwriting into formulas and lets you graph solutions on the digital paper. Equally, it will convert equations to text.

It can also work in combination with assignments, so you can handwrite your solutions without needing to do them on paper. Use it to tackle several math.

FluidMath is free to try, then will cost $15 for the in-app upgrade.

7. Advanced System Optimizer

Like any PC, a student’s computer can become cluttered up with software “junk” in places like the Windows System Registry and Web browser cache.

As a result, the PC can slow down, freeze up, or even crash.

Advanced System Optimizer (ASO) is one of the most effective Windows system management tools suites aimed at scanning the computer and at detecting and applying the right fixes.

8. Netflix

You know what they say, “All work without play makes Jack a dull boy”. Sometimes a student just needs to entertain himself by watching a movie and the best software for this purpose is Netflix, one of the biggest software that allows you to watch every movie you can ask and think of.

To watch a movie on Netflix demands that you register with them before viewing movies.

9. Spotify

Apart from the movie, another that can keep you entertained is music and this is where Spotify becomes important.  Additionally to its enormous database of over 15 million tracks for streaming music, Spotify supplies great tools for finding tunes, creating playlists, and sharing them on social networks.

Spotify provides downloadable apps for PCs, Macs, and mobile platforms like iOS and Android, along with a new Web player that works with major browsers.

Although a free streaming music service is available, subscriptions priced at $4.99 and $9.99 per month bring more features, such as a radio mode and — in the Premium edition — offline listening.

10. OneCalendar

When you head off to school for another year, you’re bound to be greeted with yet another online account. If you already have a Google, Microsoft, or iCloud account, you’ll find yourself having to keep tabs on multiple calendars.

OneCalendar is free software that adds a little more visual flair than the standard option that comes with Windows 10. There’s a $5 upgrade for extra features like modifying the colour schemes and extra ways to tweak the interface.

The free version should get the job done for most, as it’ll allow you to add in all your different accounts and avoid the need to check multiple calendars.

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