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Best Time to Buy Airline Tickets for Cheapest Flights 2022 Updates

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– Time to Buy Airline Tickets –

Finding the cheapest plane tickets requires a bit of smart planning. So, the best time to buy airline tickets is to make sure you don’t lose out on the best deals. The best time to book a flight is always to book on time to find the lowest fare is complicated. The ability to predict fares allows establishments to maximise revenue until the departure.

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While there are diverse rules for the best time to book holiday travel because of strong demand, there are also some best practices to get the lowest price when booking flights during the rest of the year.

Knowing the best periods to buy airline tickets could be your solution to paying less for flights. Read on to discover the best time to buy airline tickets.

How to Discover Cheap Flights

Shop early, airlines start offering cheaper seats about 4 months before departure and 5 months for international flights.

➢ Keep checking constantly. Prices change up to 3 times daily with the cheapest fares usually found at midnight and in the early morning.

➢ Save on a 150% flight fare increase when you book at least a month early and pay with Pay Small.

➢ Sign up for e-mail newsletters on; this will keep you informed of whenever there is a flight promo so you can book immediately before it becomes unavailable.

➢ Sunday is usually the most expensive time to fly. Book cheap flights within the week for the best fares.

➢ Book holiday tickets as soon as you see them. These are usually limited, so dilly dallying might cost you that dream holiday.

➢ Prices rise quickly on the week of departure and you can pay as much as 40% more if you book on your departure date.

➢ They offer more discount ticket sales early in the week.

➢ Don’t aim for the least expensive seats on the plane as other passengers if you don’t pay immediately might quickly snatch this up. Go for below the average seats and you will usually win.

Where to Find the Cheapest Flights and

These sites have fair casting tools that use historical data to recommend the best date for finding the lowest airfare.’s study recommends booking between 40 and 60 days before departure. and

These sites are also good for comparing various fares. But one thing to remember when using these third-party sites is that not every airline is listed there.

Low-fare airlines save on costs by only offering flights through their channels, so check the websites for Allegiant, Frontier, Southwest, and Spirit.

Best Time to Buy an Airline Ticket

Best Time to Buy an Airline Ticket

1. When to Book Spring Flights

Booking with for 84 days out will get you the best deal.

Booking last minute two weeks or fewer from your departure date could cost you anywhere from an extra $33 on domestic flights to $44 on international flights this spring.

2. When to Book Summer Flights

This season needs so much of future planning. study found that flights are cheapest, a whopping 99 days out from your departure.

In peak travel seasons, airlines can raise prices not only because there are more people interested in travelling but also because the average traveller will pay more for their summer holiday.

3. When to Book Fall Flights

With booking fall flights, you have a little more flexibility when many fares are less expensive due to shoulder season. suggests booking flights about 66 days ahead of time for the best deal.

As far as Thanksgiving flights go, prices are cheapest in late September. The flight tracker app found prices don’t fluctuate too much until Halloween when fares shoot up.

4. When to Book Winter Flights

Winter flights need much pre-planning as summer travel: it’s best to book 94 days out for the best deals, tabulated.

That applies to Christmas and New Year’s Eve, too, where Hopper suggests your book in mid-October, over two months out.

On average, the lowest fares you’ll find will be around $350 round-trip, compared to $323 for Christmas flights.

Best Days of the Week to Buy Airline Tickets

Best Days of the Week to Buy Airline Tickets


You won’t necessarily find a lower fare by booking on a particular day, but the day of the week of your departure matters.

Generally, Tuesdays and Wednesdays have the best fares for domestic flights, since there’s less competition between business travelers and other fliers.

How to Find the Best Deals Available?

January is often one of the cheapest months for travel; monitor fares late in the year for good deals on flights in the New Year. Be sure to peruse the many websites that post discount airfares.

If you want the cheapest fares throughout the year, consider flying on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday, when business travel demand is low.

This factor can be destination-specific, however, as leisure destinations like the Caribbean or Las Vegas may see higher fares on weekends.

With this guide, you now know the best time to buy airline tickets. Please don’t forget to share with your friends. Thanks for reading.

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