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Brazilian Girl Names 2021 and Meaning in English Language

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Brazilian Girl Names and Meaning: Every country has its own traditions about giving names to children. From time immemorial, names are chosen to endue a baby with desirable human qualities. Checkout out list of Brazilian female names and meanings below!

Brazilian Girl Names 2021 and Meaning in English Language

Brazil is a wonderful português language country with great people and places. The most common Brazilian names for girls are Maria, Ana, and Amanda.
From time awesome names are chosen to endue a baby with desirable human qualities. Checkout out list of Brazilian female names and meanings below!
Brazil is the only country in the Americas, which speaks Portuguese. Hence, Portuguese has a lot of influence on Brazilian names. Not only one, these names are influenced by several other languages like Italian, Spanish, German, and others.
In Brazil, the child usually gets two family names; one from the mother’s side and one from the father’s side. Hence, choose a perfect and meaningful name that will remain forever with your little one.
Changing names later in life is not something that’s easy, specially in Brazil. So, we hope you find a name that comes with no regrets.

Popular Brazilian Female Names

Brazilian female names are beautiful; they are similar to other Latin American names, but still have some peculiarities. Some Brazilian female names are more popular than others.

According to IBGE, here is the list of top 10 common Brazilian female names:

  • Maria
  • Ana
  • Francisca
  • Antônia
  • Adriana
  • Juliana
  • Marcia
  • Fernanda
  • Patrícia
  • Aline

Great and Meaningful Brazilian Female Names


  • Abriana (Mother of many nations)
  • Abrielle (Mother of many nations)
  • Abril (The month April, Spring)
  • Acacia (Honorable)
  • Aceline (Noble)
  • Ada (Joyful)
  • Adair (From the oak tree ford)
  • Adal (Sweet or noble)
  • Adalgisa (Noble hostage)
  • Adali (Noble)
  • Adalia (Of the nobility, Noble)
  • Adda (Wealthy)
  • Adelaide (Of the nobility, Noble)
  • Adelia (Of the nobility, Noble)
  • Adelina (Noble, Sweet )
  • Adelinda (Sweet or noble)
  • Adeline (Good humor)
  • Adelisa (Of the nobility, Noble)
  • Adelise (Forerunner of Alice, Of the nobility, Noble )
  • Adelita (Kind or winged; Of the nobility. Noble.)
  • Adella (Of the nobility, Noble)
  • Adelle (Of the nobility, Noble )
  • Adette (Noble, Sweet)
  • Adreana (Dark)
  • Adriana (Form of adrienne)
  • Adriane (Dark)
  • Adrianna (From Adria the Adriatic sea)
  • Adrianne (Rich, Wealthy)
  • Adriene (From Adria the Adriatic sea)
  • Adrienne (From Adria the Adriatic sea region, Dark )
  • Agatha (Good)
  • Alaine (Dear child)
  • Alameda (Promenade)
  • Alana (Beautiful)
  • Alandra (Protector of mankind)
  • Alanza (Noble estate, Eager )
  • Alba (Dawn)
  • Alberta (Noble)


  • Barbara (Foreign, Strange)
  • Barbie (Traveler from a foreign land)
  • Barbra (Traveler from a foreign land)
  • Bathilda (Heroine)
  • Bathilde (Heroine)
  • Battista (Named for John the Baptist)
  • Beatricia (Brings joy)
  • Beatrisa (Brings happiness)
  • Beatriz (Happy, Bringer of joy)
  • Becky (Captivating)
  • Bela (White)
  • Belen (Bethlehem)
  • Belicia (Devoted to God)
  • Belinda (Beautiful snake)
  • Bella (My God is a vow)
  • Belle (Beautiful woman)
  • Bellina (Beautiful)
  • Belynda (Beautiful woman)
  • Benigna (Kind)
  • Bernadete (Brave as a bear)
  • Bernadette (Bold as a bear)
  • Bernadina (Brave as a bear)
  • Bernadine (Brave as a bear)
  • Berta (Glorious, Intelligent )
  • Bertha (Intelligent, Bright)
  • Beta (Devoted to God)
  • Betsey (My God is bountiful, God of plenty)
  • Betsy (Gods oath)


  • Calinda (Skylark)
  • Calista (Most beautiful)
  • Calvina (Little bald one)
  • Cinderella (Of the ashes)
  • Cindi (Moon, Greek God)
  • Cindia (Moon, Greek God)
  • Cindie (Moon, Greek God)
  • Cindy (Moon, Greek God)


  • Dacio (From Arcy)
  • Dael (Lives in the valley)
  • Dafne (Laurel)
  • Dagmar (Day maid)
  • Dagomar (Glorious day)
  • Dahlia (From the valley)
  • Daina (From Denmark)
  • Daine (Danish)
  • Dalene (Small valley)
  • Dalenna (Woman from Magdala)
  • Dalila (Delicate)
  • Damiana (Untamed)
  • Damiane (Untamed)
  • Damien (Untamed)
  • Damita (Little noble)
  • Dannelle (God will judge)
  • Danni (God will judge)
  • Dannia (God will judge)
  • Dantina (God will judge)
  • Danuta (God is my judge)
  • Dany (God will judge)
  • Danya (God will judge)
  • Daphne (The laurel tree, Sweet bay tree, Honor, Victory)
  • Darcy (From Arcy)


  • Earlina (Noble woman)
  • Earnestine (Earnest, Vigorous)
  • Earnestyna (Serious)
  • Elizabeth (Gods oath)


  • Fabia (Bean farmer)
  • Fabiana (Bean farmer)
  • Fabienne (Bean grower)
  • Fabiola (Bean farmer)
  • Fabrizia (Craftswoman)


  • Gabi (Gods able-bodied one)
  • Gabriele (Gods able-bodied one)
  • Gabriell (Gods able-bodied one)
  • Gabriella (God is my strength)
  • Gaby (Gods able-bodied one)
  • Gael (Joyful)
  • Gaelle (Stranger)
  • Gala (Singer)
  • Galena (Small intelligent one)
  • Galenia (Small intelligent one)
  • Galiana (Supreme One)
  • Galla (From Gaul)
  • Gallia (From Gaul)
  • Garabina (Purification)
  • Garabine (Purification)

There are many brazilian female names that means the same in English. Some of such names are;

Noble: Adalgisa, Adali, Adalia, Adelaide, Adelia, Adelina, Adelinda, Adelisa, Adelise, Adelita, Adella, Adelle, Adette, Alberta, Earlina

Grace: Nana, Nancey, Nanci, Nanette, Nanine, Nann; being brave: Val, Valarie, Valdis, Valentia, Valentina, Valere;

Saviour: Salbatore, Salli, Salvadora, Salvatora, Xalbadora;

Beautiful: Belle, Bellina, Belynda, Calista, Jacelyn, Jacey, Jaci, Jacinda, Jaicee.

Brazilian Naming Customs

Kids’ names are chosen mostly relying on harmony with the surname. It should fit well, but it is also important to know the meaning and pick a happy and nice one.

Like every country practice naming children in honor of parents or grandparents. In case of giving the child the father’s name, the weord Junior is added. For example, the son of Fernando will be Fernando Junior.

Mostly all Latin American names have one common feature – there are two first names and two surnames.

Brazilians have two last names: first name + middle name(s) + mother’s last name + father’s last name.

It sounds great, but it is too long for everyday usage. That is why people usually choose one name and one surname which they like the most.

What happens if a woman gets married? It’s customary for a woman to add the surname of her husband to her name. So if Ana Marlen Ortega marries Gabriel Alejoda Silva, she’ll probably add da Silva to her name becoming Anna Marlen Ortega da Silva.

But it is up to every woman – she does it optionally and it is not obligatory by law. Also in case of the divorce, a woman can own her ex-husband’s last name.

It matters if the woman became famous and known by this name. For example, Martha Suplicy, a politician from Brazil has her ex-husband’s surname and it will be pointless to change it.

Brazilian naming customs caught up the immigrants. There are many people from Japan and Italy in Brazil. These countries do not have the tradition of a double surname, there is only one.
However, when coming to Brazil, foreigners adopted local customs and began using two surnames.
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