100 Restaurants that Take Apple Pay (2022 Updated)

Concerned about restaurants that take Apple Pay? For many Apple customers, Apple Pay is quickly replacing other payment options. You do not have to waste time or effort carrying cash or credit cards.

restaurants that take Apple Pay

Payment options like Apple Pay and Google Pay have become more and more popular along with smartphones and contactless payments.

The only requirement for using Apple Pay is to hold your phone close to a credit or debit card reader.

You may then use Face ID or your phone’s passcode to authorize the transaction.

You have two options for configuring Apple Pay: either link it to an existing credit card or connect it to your iCloud account so that you may pay using your recurring Apple bill.

restaurants that take Apple Pay

100 Restaurants That Make Use of Apple Pay

Many eateries have upgraded their card readers to support Apple Pay as it grows in popularity.

1. Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza

The well-done pizza and chicken wings at Anthony’s are legendary. In 2002, the first franchise was established.

Since then, over 60 more Anthony’s locations have been added in eight states since then.

The pizza’s particular flavor results from its handmade dough, hand-grated cheese, fresh herbs, and vine-ripened tomatoes.

Each pizza is baked in a coal oven for 900 degrees, giving them a unique, well-done flavor.

2. Au Bon Pain

French bakery brand Au Bon Pain offers delectable croissants, coffee, sandwiches, and other delicacies.

They can be found at shopping centers, airports, or even as stand-alone stores.

They are a fantastic choice if you want something inexpensive, sweet, and full.

3. Auntie Anne’s

After Auntie Anne’s made the soft pretzel popular, it became a global phenomenon and a New York staple.

Along with having locations all across the United States, Auntie Anne’s also has locations in South America, Asia, and Europe.

You can buy a salt or cinnamon pretzel at Auntie Anne’s by just touching a button thanks to Apple Pay acceptance.

4. Applebee’s

A traditional American restaurant franchise, Applebee’s offers everything from appletinis to hamburgers and ice cream.

Every state in the US has an Applebee’s, offering reliable quality at reasonable pricing.

5. Baskin-Robbins

Baskin-Robbins, a restaurant that serves ice cream and is a hybrid of Dunkin Donuts and Baskin-Robbins, is recognized for having 31 amazing flavors.

Even if it seems like there are fewer locations than there were a few years ago, there is no disputing that their ice cream is still consistently fantastic.

6. Arby’s

Arby’s is renowned for its speedy service and selection of barbecued meats.

Fast-food outlets like Arby’s can frequently be found at food courts, rest areas, and service roads.

Apple Pay is accepted at every Arby’s, which speeds up service even more.

7. Ben & Jerry’s

One of the most well-known ice cream brands in the US is Ben & Jerry’s.

Despite being owned by Unilever, it has a more approachable vibe because of the company’s commitment to social justice causes and corporate comedy.

For those of us who enjoy toppings, Ben & Jerry’s has several incredible varieties, including Stephen Colbert’s Americone Dream, Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Dough, Half Baked, Cherry Garcia, and many others.

While you can purchase each of those varieties at your neighborhood grocery store, visiting a separate Ben & Jerry’s ice cream shop is a unique experience since you may order any flavor to go in a cone, cup, with additional toppings, or even as a milkshake.

8. Buffalo Wild Wings

An American franchise called Buffalo Wild Wings is well renowned for its extensive menu of wing variations.

When customers gather at a restaurant to watch sports on one of its many screens on game days, BWW is especially well-liked.

Many BWW locations also provide drink orders.

They have franchises not just in the US but also in several other countries.

9. Blaze Pizza

More recently established chain Blaze Pizza is renowned for its customized pizza selections.

By allocating a portion of sales on specific nights to particular organizations, Blaze also takes part in several school and community fundraisers.

More franchisees are popping up all over the place, and Blaze’s Apple Pay technology makes it a quick and easy choice for those craving a slice.

10. Burger King

One of the main three fast-food companies, Burger King is well-known for its hamburgers, fries, chicken nuggets, and soft drinks.

Recently, Burger King introduced its Impossible Burger utilizing a meatless replacement, and creating a new menu with vegans in mind.

11. California Pizza Kitchen

There is more to California Pizza Kitchen than just pizza.

You may have a soup or sandwich along with one of their Caesar salads, which are very well-liked.

CPK offers a wide selection of desserts as well.

12. Chuck E. Cheese

The indoor children’s play area and arcade known as Chuck E. Cheese also serves meals.

It is well-liked for both birthday celebrations and simply taking kids as a special treat.

The on-site restaurant, which is most known for its pizza, is a bonus.

13. Chipotle

Mexican fast-food restaurant Chipotle is the most popular in the country.

Their simple and adaptable alternatives are well-known.

You may enter the restaurant, select a salad, bowl, or burrito, and then totally personalize it to your tastes.

Since their cuisine is always excellent, there is frequently a line.

Utilize Apple Pay to expedite the process even more.

14. Chili’s

An American institution, Chili’s has locations all across the nation.

There are several options, including nachos, beverages, spaghetti, and hamburgers.

At Chili’s, everyone can find something they enjoy.

You have a choice of dining in the restaurant or ordering food from your friends.

15. Checkers

Fast food restaurant Checkers offers delicious chicken tenders, hamburgers, fries, and milkshakes at reasonable prices.

They’re frequently open late, making them the ideal choice if you’re in the mood for anything savory or sweet late at night.

16. CHeBA Hut

CheBA Hut is a toasted sub sandwich eatery that is particularly well-liked in the Midwest of the United States.

It stands out for its cannabis-themed decor and “munchies-friendly” menu offerings.

There are already over 45 sites nationally, with the first franchise opening in Arizona in 1993.

17. Caribou Coffee

In 1992, Caribou was established in Edina, Minnesota. They have now launched over 600 eateries.

Joining their loyalty program will allow you to accumulate points for free coffee and snacks.

Caribou Coffee offers an all-day breakfast menu for everyone who enjoys eating breakfast.

18. Carvel

Carvel has been around for a while and is well known for its traditional soft-serve flavors.

They also provide a wide variety of different ice cream flavors, such as a soft serve ice cream with toppings that is comparable to Dairy Queen’s well-known Blizzard.

19. Cava

You may choose from a menu at the relatively new Mediterranean business, Cava, or create your own salad or rice bowl. It is reasonably priced and a healthy choice.

Cava features a user-friendly smartphone app that enables online ordering and in-store pickup, as well as supporting Apple Pay. Because of this, service is swift and contactless.

20. Chick-Fil-A

There are several Chick-fil-A restaurants around the country, particularly in food courts.

You can smell their wonderful, well-kept chicken dish from a mile away.

Chick-fil-A provides excellent customer service, mouthwatering sauce, and speedy meals that are convenient for the go.

21. Del Taco

Fast-food establishment Del Taco specializes in Tex-Mex cuisine but also serves American fare including burgers, chips, and shakes.

Its headquarters are in California, and it was established in 1964. Jack in the Box will serve as the parent company as of March 2022.

22. Dave and Buster’s

For every one of us that still has that kid in us, Dave and Buster’s is like paradise.

In contrast to Chuck E. Cheese, Dave and Buster’s offers arcade games that are entertaining for players of all ages, and you may win prizes.

You may order meals from Dave and Buster’s restaurant, which serves American cuisine, and pay with Apple Pay when you want to take a break from the arcade.

23. Dairy Queen

The iconic ice cream chain Dairy Queen, now known simply as “DQ,” is well known for its Blizzards and Dilly Bars.

Soft-serve chocolate or vanilla ice cream is the base of a blizzard. Toppings might include Heath bars, Kit Kats, brownies, cookie dough, and many more.

There are several seasonal possibilities as well.

You may use Apple Pay to pay for DQ’s delicious ice cream cakes and to-go selections.

24. Culver’s

Culver’s is a beloved family-friendly fast-food restaurant that is mostly situated in the Midwest, while new sites are constantly opening up from the Southwest to the Southeast.

Since Culver’s was established in Wisconsin, cheese curds are available there.

There is a frozen custard option for dessert that can also be made into a smoothie.

25. Crumbl

A large selection of chewy cookies from the bakery company Crumbl may be delivered right to your house.

Waffle, New York cheesecake, caramel popcorn, hazelnut churros, black dream, pink sugar, and other unusual flavors are just a few of their exclusive offerings.

Along with sweets like peanut butter brittle and snickerdoodle, they also sell ice cream.

Using the Crumbl smartphone app, you can quickly purchase biscuits to be delivered to your door.

26. Costco

Big-box retailer Costco provides discounted wholesale products to its customers.

The size of Costco shops makes it simple to spend many hours there before becoming hungry.

Due to this, Costco created its own eatery, which is renowned for serving fresh pizza and delectable Kirkland hot dogs.

At Costco, you may pay with Apple Pay for both in-store purchases and food at the restaurant.

27. Corner Bakery

The comfort food franchise Corner Bakery is known for its pastries, handmade soups, salads, pasta, bread, breakfast items, and gourmet sandwiches.

You have the option of eating in or getting takeout.

You can purchase pastries whole for special occasions or by the slice if you’d like.

28. Cold Stone Creamery

A well-known ice cream shop, Cold Stone Creamery, is renowned for its decadent and creamy flavors.

Although it is a more expensive ice cream shop, the quality is consistently outstanding.

There are several varieties and even more toppings available.

29. Cinnabon

Cinnabon’s distinctive aroma is easily identifiable.

Their warm, sweet, doughy cinnamon rolls are glazed with vanilla and are sweet and doughy.

It’s difficult to pass the Cinnabon stand without wanting one.

Even if they aren’t exactly diet-friendly, they will be more difficult to avoid now that they take Apple Pay.

30. Church’s Chicken

Atlanta is home to the corporate headquarters of the renowned Southern fried chicken brand Church’s Chicken.

It was established in 1952 and has since grown to include sites around the United States.

To provide meals to underprivileged children around the nation, churches collaborate with the nonprofit No Kid Hungry.

31. Five Guys

Fast food joint Five Guys Burgers & Fries is well known for its milkshakes, chicken tenders, fries, and hamburgers.

There isn’t a lot of variety on their menu.

They like to maintain simplicity and dependability in their work.

Five Guys is a chain of restaurants with locations all over the nation and, as of recently, the entire world.

32. First Watch

First Watch serves unusual dishes including a Chorizo Sunrise Sandwich, Pineapple Express drink, Crab Cake Benedict, Shrimp and Grits, and much more. It is a breakfast, brunch, and lunch spot.

Since they started the establishment in Florida, southern cuisine inspires many of their meals.

33. Firehouse Subs

There are several sub sandwiches available at Firehouse Subs for a reduced price.

Their meatball parmesan is one of their most well-liked meals.

A combination that includes a sub, chips, and fries is available.

Choose a 6-inch sandwich if you don’t think you can complete a 12-inch sandwich in its entirety.

Local first responders are benefited from every purchase made at Firehouse Subs.

34. Famous Dave’s

Another barbecue restaurant with outlets around the Midwest is Famous Dave’s.

They provide a variety of dishes along with chicken, beef brisket, and pork ribs.

The range of barbecue sauce varieties at Famous Dave’s is one of its outstanding features.

35.  El Pollo Loco

El Pollo Loco, or “the crazy chicken,” is a popular American restaurant franchise that specializes in grilled chicken prepared in the Mexican manner.

When you want to get a snack on a tight budget, they also provide a Value Menu.

For even more benefits, sign up for their loyalty program.

36. Dutch Bros

Drive-thru coffee franchise Dutch Bros is established in Oregon.

There are several coffee alternatives available, including blends, cold brews, cappuccinos, and lattes.

In addition to coffee, Dutch Bros also sells lemonades, tea, and energy beverages.

37. Dunkin Donuts

The Baskin-Robbins sibling company Dunkin Donuts recently changed its name to “Dunkin” to reflect a lessened focus on doughnuts in recent years.

The most popular item sold by Dunkin’ is their iced coffee, which is served in a big plastic cup.

They also sell bagels, munchkins, and doughnuts.

Additionally, Dunkin has begun to provide healthy breakfast alternatives like egg whites and tuna sandwiches.

38. Domino’s

Domino’s has locations all over the world where it serves its American-style pizza.

It is especially popular for its cheesy stuffed crust pizza.

Domino’s has also started venturing into the dessert market with options for cinnamon rolls after you finish your pizza.

39. Dickey’s Barbeque Pit

Dickey’s Barbeque Pit specializes in southern barbecue dishes such as smoked brisket, pulled pork, and tender ribs, as the name would imply.

They provide some unique sides, such as mac and cheese and jalapeño beans.

A roll and ice cream are included with every meal.

Kids eat free on Sundays, which is an additional benefit.

40. Denny’s

A popular diner business is Denny’s, noted for serving breakfast all day.

When you’re in need of your preferred breakfast dish, Denny’s is the place to go. They have everything from warm buttermilk pancakes to big omelets served with orange juice.

41. Friendly’s

Unfortunately, many friendlies restaurants have had to shut down in recent years.

They provide American food, but their dessert selection, which includes the Monster Mash sundae, may be their claim to fame.

If there is no longer a Friendly’s restaurant close by, you may still get Friendly’s ice cream in numerous supermarkets.

42. Fuddruckers

Another entertaining restaurant that lets both adults and children play arcade games while dining is Fuddruckers.

You can earn tickets for smaller prizes that you can redeem right now or you can store them for a greater reward on the road.

43. Hardee’s

The majority of Hardee’s restaurants are in the southern and midwestern regions of the country.

Dinner, lunch, and brunch are all served at Hardee’s.

It’s the ideal choice for road trips, and if you frequently shop there, you can join their rewards program.

44. Honey Baked Ham

Honey Baked Ham makes pre-made meals such as ham, turkey breast, and cheesecake.

Online orders can be placed for in-store pickup or for delivery throughout the country.

Thanksgiving and Easter are two unique occasions where honey-baked ham is particularly well-liked.

45. Golden Corral

Golden Corral, which offers an unlimited buffet and grill, is the definition of American fast food.

They’re open for lunch, supper, and all three.

Pot roast, fried chicken, and sirloin steak are some of the supper options.

Burgers, fries, buns, salads, and soup are on the lighter lunch menu.

The mainstays including cooked-to-order eggs, waffles, pancakes, bacon, and cinnamon buns are all included on the morning menu.

46. Hooters

A well-known American restaurant franchise with locations all over the world is Hooters.

They are most well-known for their chicken wings and attractive waitresses, possibly.

47. IHOP

Another all-day breakfast establishment is IHOP, or the International House of Pancakes.

Everything is available, including omelets, bacon, and pancakes.

Every year, there is even a day when you may swing by any IHOP and enjoy free pancakes!

You may also order lunch and supper items like chicken tenders, fries, mozzarella sticks, and Tex-Mex if you’re not a big lover of morning cuisine.

48. Jamba Juice

Anyone searching for a light and healthful morning beverage may visit Jamba Juice, a juice and smoothie shop (or end it).

They offer many inventive taste combinations, and for a fee, you may opt to add more nutritious additives to your drink.

49. In-N-Out Burger

The Californian fast food restaurant brand In-N-Out Burger is renowned for its outstanding hamburgers, fries, and ice cream.

You may also have your burger at In-N-Out without a bun if you’re on a diet and want to enjoy it.

There is a rumor There is a hidden menu at In-N-Out with a ton more choices.

50. Jack In The Box

Long-distance travelers frequently stop at the American fast-food establishment Jack in the Box when on cross-country road journeys.

They provide all of the traditional foods, including burgers, fries, and ice cream.

51. Miller’s Ale House

The Florida-based franchise Miller’s Ale House is known for its steaks, salads, seafood, poultry, and burgers.

Miller’s is a tempting supper choice because of their extensive dessert menu and acceptance of Apple Pay.

52. McDonald’s

One of the most well-known restaurant companies in both the United States and the rest of the globe is McDonald’s.

They serve breakfast, lunch, and supper and are well-known for its hamburgers, fries, and chicken McNuggets.

They provide combination meals for a reasonable price as well as Happy Meals for kids that include toys to make any youngster happy.

The McGriddle sandwiches, breakfast sausages, and hash browns that may be ordered as part of the McDonald’s breakfast are also fan favorites.

53. Maggiano’s Little Italy

A more upmarket Italian restaurant chain called Maggiano’s Little Italy is well known for its excellent pizzas, pastas, and salads.

They are a great choice if you want dependably excellent Italian food and have locations all around the United States.

54. Luby’s

Texas-based company Luby’s offers family meals, catering packages, and independent dine-in or take-out alternatives.

The first restaurant in Texas opened its doors in 1947, and it still takes pleasure in its welcoming atmosphere for families.

55. Little Caesars

Pizza company Little Caesars is known for its packed “crazy bread” and “crazy sauce.”

In the United States, it is presently third in popularity only to Pizza Hut and Domino’s.

In addition to their affordable pizzas, you can also buy cookie dough brownies that include M&Ms or Twix inside of them.

56. Krispy Kreme

Doughnut chain Krispy Kreme is well-known for its traditional glazed donut.

In recent years, they have participated in social justice and public health problems, giving away free doughnuts to anybody who could show proof that they had donated blood or had their covaric vaccination.

The drive-through window and excellent coffee are features of many independent Krispy Kremes.

57. KFC

KFC, formerly known as Kentucky Fried Chicken, is well-known for its fried chicken.

You may order a bucket of chicken wings, boneless chicken tenders, burgers, or anything else you desire.

KFC has restaurants all across the world, however, the sides may vary depending on where you are.

In the US, you could find mashed potatoes and cole slaw, but white rice in several Asian countries.

58. Johnny Rockets

A popular chain of diners known for serving American fare including hamburgers, fries, and shakes is called Johnny Rockets.

The atmosphere inside a Johnny Rockets makes you feel as though time has stood still. Everyone like the environment since it is cheerful and nostalgic.

Around the world, Johnny Rockets outlets are frequent in shopping centers and airports.

59.  Jimmy John’s

Another sandwich chain with a ton of customized options is Jimmy John’s.

Delivery people at Jimmy John’s are well-known for zipping about town on bicycles while sporting JJ shirts.

Anyone seeking a sandwich should consider this sandwich chain because of its approachable, cost-effective image.

60. Jersey Mike’s

Jersey Mike’s is a sub sandwich specialist with locations throughout New Jersey.

By selecting a 6- or 12-inch sandwich, the type of bread, the filling, and the toppings you choose, you can tailor your meal.

Nothing compares to a Jersey Mike’s sandwich, especially when it comes with a cookie or bag of chips and a drink.

For special offers and discounts, join Jersey Mike’s rewards program if you’re a huge fan.

61. Pei Wei

A franchise called Pei Wei Asian Diner serves Asian cuisine outside utilizing techniques like wok-firing.

Traditional meals like stir fries and fried rice are on the menu.

Additionally, more contemporary choices such as salad bowls are available.

62.  Peet’s Coffee

Originally from San Francisco, Peet’s Coffee currently has franchise locations all across the country.

They have a coffee shop where you may select from a variety of international blends and specialty beans.

Additionally, you may buy unique Peet’s Coffee blends to bring home.

There are also tea alternatives if you’re not a big fan of coffee.

63. Papa John’s

Another international pizza franchise owned by Americans is called Papa John’s.

They are renowned for their excellent pizza and prompt service.

While eating in is an option, most customers choose to have Papa John’s delivered right to their door.

64. Panera Bread

Panera Bread offers meals for breakfast, lunch, and supper.

They have a variety of inventive cream cheeses to pair with their inventive bagels, which come in flavors like blueberry and French toast.

There is also additional kind of pastries.

If you come in for lunch, you can combine soups, salads, or sandwiches.

Lemonade is another delicious beverage offered by Panera.

65. Panda Express

Chinese fast food chain Panda Express has stores all over the world.

A single, double, or triple entree can be anything from chicken and broccoli to General Tso’s chicken.

Then, you may decide whether to serve fried rice or lo mein on the side to turn it into a combination meal.

66. Outback Steakhouse

A restaurant business with an Australian theme called Outback Steakhouse offers a variety of steak alternatives as well as other dishes that are said to have outback characteristics.

Their delicious mac n’ cheese is also well known.

67. Olive Garden

An Italian restaurant chain called Olive Garden is well-known for its warm, doughy breadsticks that are served with every meal.

Pasta, salads and many more dishes are available for purchase.

68. Noodles & Company

Noodles & Company is renowned for its extensive menu of pasta meals, as the name would imply.

Noodles & Company offers everything from Mac & Cheese to Pad Thai.

If you’re not a big lover of pasta, you may alternatively go with a soup or salad.

69. Moe’s Southwest Grill

You may personalize your dish at the Tex-Mex fast food restaurant Moe’s Southwest Grill.

There is a salsa bar where you may select as many sauces as you like, and the dishes come with chips.

Moe’s offers daily specials where some meals are more affordable.

70. MOD Pizza

Fast-casual pizza restaurant MOD Pizza was established in Seattle in 2008, and it currently has more than 60 locations around the country.

Additionally, eateries may be found in Canada and the UK.

You have a variety of readymade pizza selections or the ability to create your own.

71. Shake Shack

American fast food chain Shake Shack is well known for its hamburgers and milkshakes.

It’s uncommon to enter a Shake Shack without seeing a queue of customers since the cuisine is so outstanding.

72. Rubio’s

Mexican cuisine serves as the basis for Rubio’s Coastal Grill.

Its menu places a strong focus on seaside cuisine, and one of its most well-liked dishes is fish tacos.

Additionally, Rubio’s offers weekly specials during which patrons can purchase meals at a discounted rate.

73. Raising Cane’s

One of the most well-known southern fried chicken franchises is Raising Cane’s.

They have renowned fried chicken, which their special Cane’s sauce enhances even further.

It is particularly well-liked in New Orleans, where customers would travel great distances to partake in the mouthwatering fried chicken and French fries.

74. Qdoba

Tex-Mex restaurant franchise Qdoba has establishments all throughout the nation, primarily in malls and food courts.

They provide unique family dinners and catering packages for bigger gatherings, and you can order takeout or eat in.

75. Publix

A Florida-based grocery business called Publix offers prepared meals as well.

It serves as a one-stop store for everything, including cleaning supplies and cold cuts.

76. Potbelly Sandwich Shop

A Midwestern franchise called Potbelly Sandwich Shop is beginning to spread to other parts of the country.

They have locations in several food courts and airports. They are a more upmarket, high-quality restaurant.

They are renowned for making hot, toasted sandwiches in particular.

77. Pollo Tropical

Caribbean-style chicken, as well as a selection of sides and desserts, are available at Pollo Tropical.

They are well known for their chicken with a citrus marinade.

Pollo Tropical may also provide catering for your upcoming event.

78. Pizza Hut

One of the most well-known pizza chains worldwide is Pizza Hut, and it is second only to Dominoes.

Going to a Pizza Hut is always fascinating because of the variety of pizza selections available at franchise locations across the world.

79. Pinkberry

Pinkberry is a frozen yogurt store featuring a wide variety of fruity flavors and add-ons.

80. PJ’s Coffee

An excellent selection of hot and cold brew coffees may be found at the New Orleans-based coffee chain PJ’s Coffee.

Teas, lemonades, and pastries are also available for purchase.

The New Orleans region is home to PJ’s Coffee, which is renowned for sustaining college students during long hours of library research.

For regular clients, PJs also offers a rewards program.

81. The Original Pancake House

A pancake-centric brunch establishment is called The Original Pancake House.

Large buttermilk pancakes in a variety of flavors from berries and whipped cream to the traditional chocolate chip are available from them.

Eggs, oatmeal, or other breakfast alternatives are available if you don’t like pancakes.

82. Trader Joe’s

Although Trader Joe’s is primarily a health food store, it has lately expanded its selection of prepared cuisine.

Also constantly provide complimentary hot food and drink samples, plus they have a portion of prepared foods like sushi, salads, and sandwiches that are easy to grab and go.

83. TGI Fridays

The American restaurant company TGI Fridays have outlets all over the world.

Although takeout is an option, many people choose to eat in due to the cozy ambiance inside.

Due to the numerous televisions and sports memorabilia that decorate each restaurant, it is also a well-liked place to watch sporting events.

84. Taco John’s

Another fast-service Tex-Mex eatery with its headquarters in Wyoming is Taco John’s.

Two chicken quesadilla tacos for $5 and two Alaskan flounder fish tacos for $5 are just a couple of the menu items they offer.

85. Taco Bell

Taco Bell is the pinnacle of Tex-Mex fast food and is owned by the same corporation as KFC.

They even sell taco shells with the Doritos logo.

Taco Bell provides speedy service at a reasonable cost, and Apple Pay makes it much more practical.

86. Subway

There are Subway locations all around the world that specialize in its six-inch and footlong subs.

You may get a prepackaged sandwich at Subway or completely customize one to your preferences.

87. Stew Leonard’s

Root beer and other sodas are well-known under Stew Leonard’s brand, which also operates its own dining establishments.

American fast food is available in Stew Leonard’s locations, along with alcoholic beverages and their renowned root beer floats.

88. Starbucks

One of the most well-known coffee chains in the world is Starbucks.

A large selection of coffees, teas, lemonades, and juices is available at the café in Seattle.

There, you may also purchase meals like fruit dishes, sandwiches, and meal packs.

It’s hardly surprising that Starbucks accepts Apple Pay because the company always seems to be technologically ahead of the curve.

89. Smoothie King

Anyone who likes the cool flavor of fruit smoothies should try Smoothie King.

You may choose creamier alternatives that taste more like milkshakes and are produced with vanilla and chocolate tastes, or you can choose healthier mixes.

Smoothie King even has its own entertainment venue, called the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans.

90. Smashburger

Another burger joint with a hamburger-centric menu is Smashburger.

They provide a wide variety of hamburger toppings, including blue cheese and bacon.

On the menu, there is guaranteed to be something for each burger enthusiast.

91. Yard House

Yard House is the name of yet another sports bar franchise in America.

It was founded in California in 1996, and as of right now, there are more than 80 locations around the nation.

They are well known for offering a wide variety of draught beer.

92. White Castle

Fast food restaurant White Castle is well known for its chicken nuggets, French fries, and hamburgers.

White Castle unquestionably has a significant role in American society, despite not being as well-known as McDonald’s, Burger King, or Wendy’s.

93. Whole Foods

Whole Food is a sizable chain of health food stores with locations around the US.

As well as offering a salad bar, hot food bar, pizza station, soup stand, sushi shelf, and much more, this location also allows you to purchase groceries.

Every Whole Foods store offers designated tables where you may enjoy your prepared meal while shopping.

Because Amazon now owns Whole Foods, you can order their items and have them delivered right to your door.

The fact that they now accept Apple Pay is an added bonus.

94. Wingstop

Wingstop is the primary rival of Buffalo Wild Wings.

They are well known for their broad selection of wings tastes, which range from sweet to spiciness.

Additionally, it makes for the ideal gathering place for friends to enjoy sporting events.

95. Whataburger

Burger restaurant Whataburger offers a range of hamburger alternatives.

96. Wawa

The southern New Jersey and Pennsylvania regions are where Wawa is most well-known as a fast service supermarket company.

Despite not being a full-fledged eatery, they have increased the selection of prepared foods they provide and are most known for their soft pretzels and hot coffee.

97. Waffle House

The waffles at Waffle House, a popular breakfast restaurant in the South, are undoubtedly its claim to fame.

They stay open late, making it the ideal late-night restaurant for when you’re starving after a night out.

There are many more alternatives available if waffles aren’t your thing.

98. Twin Peaks

The restaurant and “ultimate sports lodge” are called Twin Peaks.

It is a franchise of sports pubs located in Texas featuring female waiters and a menu created for “MVPs.”

It’s the ideal location for enjoying a beer with friends while watching sports.

99. Tropical Smoothie Café

The smoothie bar Tropical Smoothie Café specializes in drinks with a more tropical feel.

They frequently use mango, pineapple, or banana in their smoothies.

It resembles being on a tropical island the most.

100. Tim Horton’s

A popular fast-food chain from Canada called Tim Hortons has expanded to many other nations, including the US.

Coffee, donuts, and other quick food alternatives are some of their specialties.

There is a well-known rewards program there where you may accrue points to use toward free food.

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