Can I Pick Up a Package From USPS Before Delivery? (Explained)

Can I pick up a package from USPS before delivery? Yes, we’ll learn everything you need to know right here. Kindly read further.

can i pick up a package from usps before delivery

You may occasionally require a specific package. If you have tracking, you will know when your package arrives at the USPS office.

Because the USPS can take several days to sort and deliver everything, you may wonder if you can pick it up ahead of time.

This would allow you to obtain the package without having to wait a few more days.

Here’s everything you need to know about whether you can pick up a package from the USPS before it is delivered.

Is it Possible to Pick Up a Package from USPS Before it is Delivered?

Is it Possible to Pick Up a Package from USPS Before it is Delivered?

Yes, you can pick up a package before it is delivered from USPS. The USPS recognizes that not everyone enjoys having to wait for a package.

As a result, they’ve implemented two services to allow customers to pick up packages before they’re delivered.

There are some restrictions on which packages can use these services. You must also pay a small fee. There is one more thing you can do to get your package sooner which is entirely free.

Here are three options for picking up your package at the post office before it is delivered to your home.

1. Package Intercept

Package Intercept

Package Intercept is one of the services that allow you to pick up a package early. This service allows you to instruct the office to hold the package at a specific location.

You then go to that location and pick it up. Final deliveries are not eligible for this service.

This means you must intercept the package before it reaches your local post office. You must first visit a sorting facility.

If you’re lucky, you won’t be too far away from one. Another limitation is the package’s size. To qualify, the package must be on the small side.

Finally, the package must be domestic.

2. Package Hold

Package Hold

Package Hold is another useful service provided by USPS that allows you to pick it up before it is delivered.

Package Hold is similar to Package Intercept, except that the facility can keep the package for a longer period of time.

You can also have it held by your local post office. Knowing what facilities are nearby is a great way to start using this service.

The package can then be held at the facility closest to you. When you’re ready, drive to the facility, show your identification, and pick it up.

If you have them hold it at your local post office, you can come in early and pick up your package while they’re loading the trucks.

This service, like Package Intercept, has some limitations. It is also not without cost. Nonetheless, it’s a convenient service for picking up your package before it’s delivered.

3. Show Up Early

Show Up Early

A final option for picking up your package at the USPS before it is delivered does carry some risk. There’s a chance you won’t be able to pick up the package before it’s loaded onto the truck for delivery.

However, if you arrive early at the post office, they may allow you to pick up your package before it is loaded onto the truck.

To prove that the package belongs to you, you’ll need identification that matches the package. You must also arrive very early.

Postal workers typically begin delivering mail as early as six a.m. They arrive at the office even earlier than usual to load the trucks.

The post office doesn’t usually open until eight o’clock in the morning. If you linger, someone may approach you and ask if they can assist you.

It also doesn’t hurt to know who your mail carrier is. If you recognize them, you may be able to ask them for your package while they’re in the parking lot.

If they know you, they might be more willing to give it to you sooner. While there is a risk of failure with this option, there are no fees associated with it.

Why Does Package Intercept and Package Hold Have Fees?

Package intercept fees

If you choose to use USPS’s Package Intercept or Package Hold services, you may be wondering why you must pay a fee.

After all, you are performing their function for them. It’s because you’re making their job more difficult.

In most cases, letters and packages are routed through their sorting system, where they are simply sorted by destination.

If a package has a flag for intercepting or holding, it takes more time and effort to track and monitor it. They must ensure that it is not loaded onto a truck and driven to its final destination.

They are less efficient because it costs them more time and energy. As a result, they are unable to generate as much revenue as they should.

That isn’t ideal for the post office, which is already underfunded. To avoid going into the red just to help their customers, they charge a small fee for the service.

The fee varies depending on a few factors, but it’s usually low enough that most customers shouldn’t hesitate.

In exchange, they can easily pick up their package without having to wait for the office to deliver it.

Can You Pick Up a Package from the USPS if they Missed a Delivery?

Can You Pick Up a Package from the USPS if they Missed a Delivery?

You might find yourself in this situation if you miss a delivery attempt from the post office. In some cases, a slip will be left at your door informing you of the attempted delivery.

The slip usually includes information about who the package is for and when the delivery attempt was made.

It will also occasionally inform you of the next step that the post office will take. In most cases, they will try again the following business day.

This allows you to make plans to ensure that you or someone else is present to accept the package on your behalf.

Another option is to have the post office hold it.

Indeed, you may have noticed on the slip that the post office requests that you pick up the package at the office.

This can happen if the office is extremely busy or if there was a stumbling block that prevented them from making the delivery.

This indicates that they believe the problem will persist the next day, and thus they will be unable to complete the delivery.

If you see that on your slip, you must still go to the post office to pick up your package.

If you don’t see it, you can still contact the post office and request a package intercept or hold. With that in place, you can go to the office and pick it up yourself.

To pick up the package, you must bring an identification that matches the package. However, if you miss a delivery, you can still pick it up at the post office.

Where Do You Pick Up Intercepted Packages?

USPS distribution center

If you selected the Package Intercept service, you may be wondering where you need to go to pick up the package.

That is entirely dependent on where they were able to stop it. Some of the most common locations are:

  • Local post office
  • USPS distribution center
  • Rerouted address
  • The best and easiest option is your local post office.

If you timed your interception perfectly, they may hold your package at the post office closest to you.

The service allows you to write down the address where you want it held, but because the USPS moves quickly, they may not receive the notice in time.

As a result, you can never be certain where the package will end up. If you’re lucky, your package will be held at your neighborhood post office.

The most difficult location to pick up your package is at a USPS distribution center. This location is difficult to navigate because most distribution centers are not open to the public.

You are unable to enter. If your package ends up there, you must contact the center directly.

They can then assist you by either rerouting the package to a location where you can pick it up or having someone bring it to you.

Because distribution centers are essentially massive sorting and processing factories, it’s unlikely that someone will halt the process just to bring your package out.

It’s a good idea to double-check your Package Intercept request to make sure it’s not being intercepted at a distribution center.

The final location is an address where the package can be rerouted. This could be a friend, a family member, or a company that stores packages and mail for customers.

You can go to that address and pick up the package that has been left for you.

Can the USPS Notify You about a Package’s Location Before Intercepting?

Can the USPS Notify You about a Package’s Location Before Intercepting?

You may want to know the location of your package before making an intercept request.

For example, you may discover that your package is on its way to you and that your mail will arrive in a few hours.

An intercept request would be inappropriate in this case.

However, if you discover that the package is on its way from a distribution center to your local post office, it may be a good time to intercept it.

You should contact USPS to find out. Because packages have tracking, they will be able to tell you where it is in general.

They’ll be able to tell whether it left a distribution center and is on its way to them, or if it was loaded onto a truck today.

Once you have that information, you can decide whether or not to intercept the package. The best time to intercept a package is usually a day or two before its scheduled delivery.

Calling the post office to double-check its location is probably best done a day before you want to submit your intercept request.

Calling USPS can help you find out where your package is and whether or not you should intercept it.

Will the USPS Deliver the Package to an Address Not Listed on the Label?

You may be wondering if you can change the location where the USPS delivers your package.

For instance, if you know you’ll be at a different address when the package arrives, you might wonder if they’ll send it there instead.

In most cases, the USPS will refuse to deliver a package that is not near the address on the shipping label.

That’s because it would cost them time and money, both of which they don’t have.

You can submit an intercept request that includes delivery to a new address, but it will cost you some money.

This is more acceptable because you are covering the cost of the USPS employee delivering the package to the new address.

The USPS has two options in this situation, the first is that they can hold the package for you at the post office.

You can then drive over to the office and pick up the package yourself.

This is a great option for anyone who is concerned about leaving packages on their porch for an extended period of time while they are away.

Another option is to have the package delivered somewhere other than your front door by a USPS employee.

For example, you could request that it be placed in the garage, along the side of the house, or behind a bush.

They are willing to do this for you because the package will still be delivered to the address on the label. It’s only when you ask them to deliver it to a free address that you’ll run into trouble.

Is it Worthwhile to Pick up Your Packages at the USPS Office?

Is it Worthwhile to Pick up Your Packages at the USPS Office?

Given that the Package Intercept and Package Hold services require a fee, you may wonder if it’s all worth it.

Here are a few reasons why it’s worthwhile to pick up your packages at the USPS before they’re delivered.

1. Fewer Lost Packages

One of the benefits of using Package Intercept and Package Hold is that you get fewer lost packages. If you’ve had your fair share of misplaced packages, you’re probably sick of it.

Using either of these services marks your package. There are more eyes on it, so it is less likely to get lost.

2. Fewer Stolen Packages

Another important reason the Package Intercept and Package Hold services are worthwhile is that they reduce the likelihood of your packages being stolen.

If you live in an area where porch pirates are common, this added security can be extremely beneficial.

You never have to be concerned about packages left unattended at your front door. Both of these services allow you to pick up your package at the office or another location.

Nobody is going to steal it from there.

3. Faster Packages

Finally, you will be able to receive your packages more quickly. It can take a while for USPS to deliver packages.

Some offices may dedicate a specific day to certain packages.

If you don’t want to wait that long, you can use those services to pick up the package as soon as it arrives at the office.

You can take it home, open it, and start using it right away.

Can I Pick up a UPS Package Before Delivery?

If you call in after the driver has left the facility and do not want to wait until the driver completes his route that day so you can pick up the package in the evening, you can request an on-road pickup of your package in some rare cases.

Can You Intercept a Package from UPS?

Requesting a UPS Delivery Intercept. When tracking your package, you can request an intercept from the tracking detail page, or you can follow the steps below to request one from your shipping history.

Please keep in mind that an intercept must be requested prior to the first delivery attempt.

How Long Does a Package Stay at a Distribution Center?

If mail is delivered before 16:00 to a National Distribution Center (NDC), the Service Standard is 1-5 days from that date.

Prior to 16:00 on a Friday or Saturday, SCF Mail has a Service Standard of 1-4 days. SCF mail delivered before 16:00 on any other weekday has a Service Standard of 1-3 days.

Does USPS Intercept Work?

Items are intercepted and redirected at the mailer’s request at the initial destination delivery unit. The USPS Package Intercept service is not guaranteed.

The Package Intercept fee is not refundable by USPS because it is not charged until the package is successfully intercepted.

How Much Does UPS Charge to Intercept a Package?

UPS Delivery Intercept is available for all small package deliveries, with the exception of UPS SonicAir packages.

UPS Delivery Intercept costs $10 per interception and is charged only upon completion of the intercept due to the reliability of the new system.

How Many Times Will UPS Attempt Delivery?

On regular UPS delivery days, UPS may make up to three delivery attempts at your address at its discretion.

Undeliverable packages will be returned to the sender after the final attempt. Track your package to avoid it being returned or to make alternate delivery arrangements.

Final Thought

The post office makes it simple to pick up a package before it is delivered by a mail carrier. This is particularly possible with the Package Intercept and Package Hold services.

Even though both services have a fee, there are several advantages to using them.

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