Can White People go to HBCU?

 – Can White People go to HBCU? –

The question of whether a historically black college will accept white students has gained prominence in recent years.

Can White People go to HBCU?

The answer is simple: HBCUs have routinely accepted white students since nearly the schools’ inception. Here is some additional information about why these schools will accept white students.

Historically, HBCUs were established by the federal government to fund colleges founded prior to 1964 that were dedicated to educating black students.

HBCUs, on the other hand, have evolved over the years. More white students are enrolling in these institutions and benefiting from traditional HBCU education.

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How many Students are in HBCU?

An HBCU will take on white students, something that has been commonplace for decades.

In fact, as the number of enrollees grows in other races, the number of black students has begun to fall.

The Pew Research Center indicates that while 17.3 percent of the student body at an HBCU was black in 1980, that number has fallen to just over eight percent; this is in contrast to the reported 17 percent of white students who currently attend these colleges.

A lot of the crossover between HBCUs and other colleges can be attributed to desegregation as well as lower tuition costs.

HBCU’s Reputation

HBCUs have great reputations across the country.

From Howard University to St. Philip’s College, these schools generally have a high educational standard, with a focus on black student.

In an article from NPR states that HBCUs have a long history of graduating more low-income black students than white colleges across the country.

But, as discussed above, HBCUs have another reputation: racial diversity. These schools have largely accepted all students, including white students, for decades, a trend that will not die out anytime soon.

HBCU Financial Aid

One of the underlying goals of a historically black college is to provide an education for disenfranchised students of any color.

Students who come from a socioeconomic status that may limit their education prospects at the college or university level find that HBCUs have several financial aid options in place for them.

That’s because, as Time reports, these schools are actively courting students of all races that come from low-income backgrounds.

HBCUs have a long-standing tradition of educating students who may not have been accepted elsewhere due to their race or other background factors, so it makes sense that white students from low-income backgrounds would have a fighting chance.

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The Function of HBCU

HBCUs were founded during the period of “de jure segregation”, in response,  to Blacks’ educational needs.

In their quest to complete the intellectual accountability for education a population of “outcasts”, these organizations created a distinct triadic development mission.

Some of these missions are, academic success, social support, and service to the African-American community society as a whole.

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