Can You Hide Who You Follow on Instagram?

– Can You Hide Who You Follow on Instagram –

You can hide who you follow on Instagram by switching to a private account. Here, we show you steps on how you can hide who you follow on Instagram.

Can You Hide Who You Follow on Instagram?

Can You Hide Who You Follow on Instagram?

You can hide the Instagram users you follow by switching to a private account. Thus, making your profile private.

However, you may still be unable to completely hide the number of followers. But you have the option of hiding your follower lists.

Follow these steps to get it done.

‣ Launch the Instagram app.

‣ Then click on your profile in the top right corner of the screen.

‣  After that, click the three horizontal lines.

‣ Then go to Settings.

‣  Select  Privacy Settings and Account Privacy.

‣  Choose ‘Private Account’ from here.

Anyone who wishes to follow you must ask your permission after you have switched from a public account to a private account.

The decision to let them view your profile to see who you follow is then up to you.

How to Hide Instagram Followers?

You cannot completely hide your following list on Instagram or the people you follow, whether you have a personal or business account.

Your follower count will still be visible to others, but there are ways for you to hide it from anyone you don’t wish to engage with.

Decide if you want to completely hide the number of people you follow or the people you follow, or if you just need to prevent a certain user from seeing your list.


How to Hide an Instagram Story from Everyone Except One Person?

If you wish to hide your Instagram stories from everyone except one person, there are two ways to do so. Using the Hide Story feature or creating a close friends list.

Method 1: Using the Hide Story Feature

‣ Launch Instagram on your phone or tablet.

‣ From the bottom-right corner of the screen, tap the icon for your profile.

‣ Click the hamburger icon or the three horizontal lines in the top right corner.

‣ Select Settings, then tap the Privacy tab.

‣ Tap on Story.

‣ Finally, choose “Hide Story From” to keep your story private from everyone but the person you want to share it with.

To add them to the list and hide your story, tap the arrow symbol next to the user’s name.

Method 2: Using a Close Friends List

‣ Launch Instagram and click the Profile icon in the bottom-left corner.

‣ Tap on the three horizontal lines or the Hamburger icon located in the top-right corner of the screen.

‣ Select ‘Close Friends’

‣ Select the ‘Remove all’ option to get rid of any existing lists.

‣ After removing everyone from the list, you must then add the person you want to see the story. To find the person among your followers, use the search bar at the top.

‣ Select the story you want to share in your stories area after adding the person to your list of close friends.

Before posting it, choose the Close Friends list from the bottom of the screen.

Can You Hide Who You Follow on Instagram?

How Do I Secretly Follow Someone on Instagram?

On Instagram, there are a few ways to secretly follow someone.

One way is to make a phony account on Instagram and follow the person from there. Another option is to follow them using a third-party app.

Can You Hide Your Follower Count on Instagram?

Sadly, the answer is a straightforward No.

People will still be able to view your following count whether you have a personal or commercial account.

Making your account “Private” will only prevent people from seeing your profile and posts.

You can hide the users on Instagram that you follow by switching to a private profile.

Although you can hide who you follow and who you follow, you cannot hide the number of followers.


How Do I Hide/Remove the Contact Button on Instagram?

You can hide or remove the contact button on your Instagram by editing your profile.

Follow these steps to remove the contact button from your Instagram profile.

‣ Go to your Profile

‣ Click on the Edit option

‣ After that, select the Contact Options button

‣ Then you can remove an action button whenever you like. 

‣ Select the action button you want to remove.

‣ Then select Remove Action Button from the menu at the bottom of the screen.

Is it Possible to Hide Comments You Posted on Instagram?

No, it is not possible to hide your comments on Instagram, you can only hide the comments of other Instagram users on your posts.

Usually, comments that can contain offensive words or comments can be filtered out using advanced comment filtering.

You won’t be able to hide comments from users who follow you and who follow them. By default, this setting is off, but you can turn it on at any moment.

How Can I Hide My Activity from Followers on Instagram?

Do the following to hide your online activity and presence.

‣ Open Instagram. 

‣ In the lower right corner, tap the Profile icon

‣ In the top right corner, tap the three lines. 

‣ Click Settings. 

‣ Select Privacy. 

‣ Click on Activity Status. 

‣ To disable your activity status, tap the toggle next to it.

Voila! Your active status is hidden on Instagram.

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