Can You Pay Netflix Yearly? (Updated 2022)

With a seemingly endless array of platforms delivering a wide variety of episodes, movies, and other unique material, streaming has emerged over the past decade as one of the most popular methods to consume entertainment.


Since its early years as a mail-order DVD and blu rays service, Netflix has advanced significantly. Today, it operates as a full-service production studio, streaming platform, and game development studio.

Netflix continues to be a popular option for cable lovers and cord cutters alike despite the fact that there are many streaming services available.

Even though Netflix is now more expensive than it once was, there are still three different subscription options to choose from. You might be curious about Netflix’s yearly payment option, as you are with most subscriptions.

A year long plan is typically less expensive in the long run than a monthly one. Here’s what you need to know about Netflix’s membership plans if you want to cut costs on your Netflix account.

Can You Pay Netflix Annually?

Can You Pay Netflix Annually?

You cannot pay Netflix annually, sorry. Netflix offers the monthly payment option exclusively, in contrast to other streaming providers. Having said that, Netflix is investigating ways to offer discounts to its users.

In India, one of its most recent efforts is testing a yearly plan. If customers agree to pay for their particular service for an entire year, the test offers them a 50% discount.

If customers select a six-month premium plan, the discount lowers to 30%, and if they select a three-month standard plan, it drops to 20%. Basic users might spend roughly $4 each month with a yearly plan given that the basic plan now costs around $8.

Instead of paying about $100 per month with the monthly plan, they will only have to pay about $50 for Netflix for an entire year. It is not yet known if Netflix will make this annual plan available to the general public.

Why Does Netflix Not offer a Yearly Plan?

Netflix yearly plan

Several factors prevent Netflix from implementing an annual strategy at this time. These are a few of those explanations.

1. Higher Rates of Cancellation

More than ever, Netflix is worried about subscribers abandoning their services. The competition is fierce as new streaming platforms enter the market.

Prior to Netflix, other platforms provided a slightly different service. They didn’t have any original series or movies of great caliber, hence they weren’t as successful.

Casual Netflix customers can discover that they only watch a certain program a few times per month. It’s possible that they skipped Netflix for several months.

That kind of user might decide against renewing their Netflix subscription because the increased annual fee isn’t worthwhile.

Netflix does not want its subscribers to consider the worth of their time in relation to the yearly cost. The fact that it’s a smaller quantity makes using a monthly subscription simpler.

It appears less expensive to a user when they are just paying $8 or $15 a month. They feel less bad about throwing out $15 if they skip a month of Netflix than they do, say, about throwing away $100.

These days, the competition is far more sophisticated because to streaming services like Disney+ and HBO Max. As a result, Netflix is wary of taking any actions that make it simpler for subscribers to cancel.

For many customers, a yearlong plan in particular serves as a stopping point. They may see the higher fee that will be imposed on them and decide if it is reasonable or not.

2. A unique Architectural Design

One of the first service platforms to charge a monthly fee for its services was Netflix. Although the concept has been around for a while, this company is one of the ones that popularized subscription services.

They were one of the companies that constructed the framework for how subscriptions operated as a result. Instead of choosing their structure with an annual plan in mind, they did it with a monthly plan.

Due to the need to alter its current business model, Netflix has not yet begun a yearly plan. To adopt this kind of payment mechanism, they would need to put new rules, new software, and new billing procedures into place.

They can do that, but it takes time and money to make those kinds of adjustments. They would have to put in a lot of effort to become a yearly service as well since they are already established as a monthly service.

3. Monthly Plans Make it Simpler to Skip.

A perk of subscribing to Netflix on a monthly basis is the ability to revoke service at any time, even for the following month. Changing economic conditions.

A family may have enough money one month to pay for Netflix, yet the following month find itself short on cash for personal expenses.

They can easily cancel their Netflix subscription for the upcoming few months if they have a monthly plan in order to save money.

They can easily rejoin Netflix after they’re back to normal once they’ve gained some stability. This flexibility is not there in a yearly plan. You must pay the annual fee in full to avoid missing out on the benefits.

It’s always possible to switch back to Netflix at a later time, but some families could find it more difficult to save up for the yearly plan’s higher cost than for the monthly one because of its longer commitment.

Getting that money back is also more difficult. It takes investment and dedication to subscribe to Netflix on an annual basis.

Even while you’re paying less for Netflix overall, that may not be the case for someone who only uses it for a few months of the year. Since they are not utilizing the entire Netflix year, their money is being wasted.

If you know you’ll be watching Netflix every month, a yearly package is best for you. The flexibility of the monthly plan is a better choice for everyone else. As a result, Netflix hasn’t quite put its annual plan into practice.

What Justifies an Annual Plan for Netflix?

Why Should Netflix Have An Annual Plan?

1. Competition

The competition is perhaps one of the main justifications for why Netflix should provide an annual plan. There is an annual strategy for many of its primary rivals.

The same approach must be taken by Netflix if it wants to remain competitive. Eventually, in an effort to reduce their payments, their clients will want an annual plan. In the event that Netflix is unable to give them one, this may prompt them to switch to a competitor’s service.

Netflix now only offers monthly subscriptions, however, there are a few circumstances in which an annual plan would be advantageous. Let’s talk about the benefits of Netflix’s annual plan memberships.

2. Invites More Customers to Use its Service

Because Netflix doesn’t provide an annual subscription plan, some people might not like utilizing it. They are aware that a yearly plan allows for far greater financial savings.

As a result, it’s possible that they currently use services that operate on an annual schedule. Customers have the option of purchasing annual plans from Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, or Hulu.

These clients are content to pay an annual fee since they anticipate saving money in the long run. These same clients can disapprove of Netflix since they understand that a monthly plan will cost them far more.

3. More Affordable Prices

Customers end up saving more money with annual plans even though they cost more upfront than monthly payments. Users might save a lot of money on their Netflix subscription if Netflix opts for a 50% discount on a 12-year of Netflix plan.

More of their money is thus made available throughout the year for other purchases, savings, debt repayment, and even investments.

Customers will adore the discounts they gain with the annual plan once they get over their initial shock of a larger price.

4. Motivates More Users to Stick with Netflix

People are more inclined to persist with something when they invest more in it. They want their time to be worthwhile.

Users of Netflix may be more likely to stick with the service and keep watching new episodes if they subscribe on an annual basis.

As a result, Netflix will make more money overall. A fantastic tactic for Netflix, if it wants to keep its customers, is to offer annual plans.

Is An Annual Payment Plan Better than a Monthly Payment Plan?

Is An Annual Payment Plan Better Than A Monthly Payment Plan?

You might ponder whether you ought to switch in the event that Netflix does decide to implement an annual plan.

If you’re trying to select between a Netflix annual or monthly subscription, these are a few things you should think about.

1. Budget

The ideal membership option for you will depend on your budget. An annual plan can be a better option for people who don’t have much extra money each month.

For the amount you require, it is worthwhile to save. After that, you can pay for the annual plan at a discounted rate and put off further payments until the next year.

You will save far more each year if you subscribe to Netflix on a 12-year plan at the 50% discount than if you continue with a monthly subscription.

Only people who regularly watch Netflix originals films will find this useful, though. Those with tight budgets who don’t watch Netflix as frequently should continue with the monthly subscription.

In the event of an income change, you are then able to cancel the plan and keep the remaining funds. Also, go with the yearly plan if your budget is bigger.

For individuals with a larger budget, it will be simpler to pay the higher fee. Furthermore, you’ll save money all year long.

Last but not least, a monthly plan can be more suitable for people whose salaries fluctuate from month to month. It’s impossible to predict if you’ll have enough money to pay the bills if you don’t have a regular monthly income.

It is important for people whose jobs follow the “feast or famine” adage to be aware of their spending. The most adaptable option in that situation is a monthly plan.

You cannot receive a refund for the yearly plan if you have already paid for it. Netflix may be available to you, but it won’t help you if you can’t afford to pay your power or internet bill.

2. Usage

Which Netflix package you should select—monthly or annual—depends on how much time you spend watching Netflix.

You could find the monthly plan to be more advantageous if you don’t use Netflix very frequently. This will make it simple for you to cancel your membership when you decide not to watch.

The annual plan, on the other hand, might be worthwhile if you anticipate binge-watching all of Netflix. The best part about Netflix is that it constantly adds new movies and TV shows to its library.

Every month, it releases new episodes of beloved shows, movies, and original content. Users have a lot of things to watch and enjoy as a result.

If you are a subscriber to more services, you might divide your time between them, nevertheless. If so, keeping your monthly subscription plan can be worthwhile so you can cancel when you know you won’t be viewing Netflix.

How to Change Your Netflix Subscription Plan

How to Change Your Netflix Subscription Plan

If Netflix does introduce a yearly plan, you might be curious about how to convert to it. It will probably follow the same process that you already used to modify your payment plans. To change your Netflix payment plan, follow these instructions.

1. Log into your Netflix account and select Account

You need to sign in to Netflix first using a device that has an internet connection and fast internet speeds. You must locate the accounts page before making a profile selection. By clicking on a profile and searching for an account, you can access this from the home page or another profile.

2. Select Programs

A plan selection will then appear. Your current payment schedule will be displayed if you click on that. Additionally, you’ll notice Netflix’s other plans.

3. Select Your Desired Plan

To switch Netflix plans, click on the desired option. You should be aware that it will happen automatically if your Netflix is being upgraded. Next time your payment is due, you’ll get a fresh bill.

Change your Netflix Plan

The adjustments and the new payment price will take effect if you downgrade your plan on the day of your subsequent payment. This is where you’ll go to select it as a plan if the annual plans proceed.

The Pricing and Subscription Options for Netflix

Like many other streaming services, Netflix has three different plans that cost between $9.99 and $19.99 each month.

However, all three Netflix price tiers include the same movies and TV series; you’re mostly simply paying for better video quality and the number of devices you can watch at once, unlike services like Peacock Premium, which has material exclusive to the more costly plan. 

The “Basic” plan is the first and costs $9.99 per month. It allows you to stream original content on a single device in standard definition at a maximum quality of 480p.

The “Standard” plan, which costs $15.49 a month and enables simultaneous viewing on two devices with maximum quality of 1080p, or full high definition, is another option.

The “Premium” plan, which costs $19.99 a month and allows for a maximum picture quality of 4K ultra HD, also allows for streaming on four devices (ideal for families).

Devices that Support Netflix

When your preferred streaming service is unavailable on the device you’re using to watch movies, the experience may become a true nightmare.

Luckily, that’s typically not an issue for anyone with a Netflix subscription (as long as everything is updated). All the popular streaming devices, including Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, Chromecast, and even Facebook’s Portal, currently provide Netflix.

The majority of smart TVs from Samsung, LG, Sony, Sharp, and many more manufacturers are likewise true in this regard. It is also available on every PlayStation and Xbox console, including the PS Vita, which Sony abandoned years ago.

Fans of Nintendo, on the other hand, are out of luck and will have to make do with Hulu or YouTube. You can easily stream Netflix on the majority of smartphones, tablets, and web browsers.


There isn’t a yearly subscription option available on Netflix right now. They are testing the feature, though, possibly in a few other nations as well as India. At some time, there’s a possibility that they’ll bring it to America.

If this is the case, you can use the above instructions to change your account from a monthly plan to an annual plan. Do well to like, comment, and share this valuable and educative content.

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