Can You Use Menards Rebates Online? (2022 Updated)

Most people know Menards for its 11 percent rebate campaigns. Can you submit your Menards rebate online? Let’s find out!

can i submit my menards rebate online

Most items purchased both online and in-store at Menards are eligible for rebates.

However, there are some items that are not covered by the rebates.

Everything you need to know about Menards’ 11% rebate and if it can be submitted online is contained in this article. Read on!

History of Menards

can i submit my menards rebate online

Menards is a national retailer of home improvement products with its headquarters in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

John Menard Jr., the company’s founder, owns Menards through his privately held business, Menard, Inc.

The original name of Menards was Menard Cashway Lumber.

The “Cashway Lumber” brand was discarded in the middle of the 1980s, and Menards has been the company’s sole identity ever since.

About Menards Rebate

can i submit my menards rebate online

Menards launched its rebate program many years ago, and it is still in operation today.

At first, Menards offered the rebate once a month.

Now, customers can receive 11% cash back from Menards on eligible purchases during subsequent purchases.

The Menards website, which updates week to week, allows you to view all items with active rebates.

Whether you purchase a product in person or online, you can get a rebate receipt for all eligible purchases.

However, only the things listed in that week’s ad come with a rebate.

Since Menards doesn’t want customers to put off making a purchase, the products keep changing every week.

However, you can’t find out in advance about impending rebate offers.

Can You Submit Your Menards Rebate Online?

can i submit my menards rebate online

No, Menards rebates cannot be used online.

Menards rebate submissions cannot also be made online.

They must be mailed in.

You can only use your rebate on items purchased in a physical store when it arrives in the mail.

The rebates cannot be applied to purchases made online.

Remember that if you purchase a qualifying item online, you may still be eligible for a rebate.

Simply mail the rebate in as if you had purchased the item from the store.

What Items Do Not Qualify for a Rebate?

can i submit my menards rebate online

Menards has various restrictions on what products qualify for rebates.

At Menards, you cannot receive a rebate on the following products:

  • Gift Cards
  • Extended service contracts.
  • Event tickets.
  • Purchases of propane.
  • Charges for packaging and processing.
  • Key Me Purchases.

Why Menards Doesn’t Accept Online Rebates

can i submit my menards rebate online

Some customers cannot submit their rebates online, and this makes them feel left out.

It is far more practical to fill out an online form than to mail an actual letter.

Unfortunately, hackers may easily forge rebate receipts because of the internet.

For this reason, the original copy of the rebate receipt is required.

Also, refunds cannot be used as a payment method on the Menards eCommerce website.

Accepting debit and credit cards is not as simple as setting up an eCommerce site.

How to Submit Your Menards Rebate

Submitting rebates requires some work on the part of the customer.

However, by following these easy steps, you can easily benefit from the Menards rebate program.

They are:

1. Complete the Rebate Form

The cashier will provide a rebate form that will be provided to you after purchasing a qualifying item.

If you misplace yours or the business runs out of rebate forms, you can always print one online.

The form is mostly used for tracking and delivery purposes, and it may be used for all the refunds that Menards offers.

You must complete the following basic information on the form.

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Address
  • Email address

The address is where Menards will send the rebate check, and the email address is where they will send you information about your rebate.

2. Include UPC and Rebate Receipts

The rebate receipt, which you must attach to your form, can be found at the bottom of the item you bought.

In addition to the usual receipt, there is a rebate receipt that is easy to tear off.

They will email the rebate receipt to you as an attachment if you made your purchase online.

Never send a copy; always send the original rebate receipt. You won’t need to include a UPC.

The UPC will be needed as evidence of purchase for some goods.

The UPC can be found on your product’s packaging.

3. Mail Rebate

You won’t get your MCC if you submit your rebate without all the necessary supporting documentation.

Once you have finished the form, return the rebate to the address below:

PO Box 155

Elk Mound, WI 54739-0155

You can also attach your proof of purchase and UPC.

The rebate must be submitted within the window of time noted on the rebate receipt.

There are many time windows for various products.

However, you have between 30 and 90 days from the purchase date to turn in the rebate.

Although there is no assurance, Menards has a history of accepting late rebate requests.

If you want to submit multiple rebate requests in one envelope, you can.

4. Monitor Your Rebate

Through the Menards website, you may easily and quickly track your rebate.

If your rebate was approved, denied, or is still waiting, you will be informed.

You can also send a written request to the following address if you’d like:

PO Box 99

Elk Mound, WI 54739-0155

Menards will mail the paper rebate to the address on your rebate form.

The refund resembles a receipt more than a check.

Menards Coupon

can i submit my menards rebate online

Menards will accept a range of coupons, including ones from manufacturers and other retailers.

The manufacturer provides the manufacturer coupons, and Menards compensates them.

In order to keep devoted clients rather than lose a sale to the competition, Menards accepts competitor coupons.

Only a few contestants are qualified.

As long as it can be scanned and is recent, you may use the original coupon or a printed copy of it.

Menards makes it clear which coupons they won’t accept.

Menards Weekly Advertisements

can i submit my menards rebate online

Menards’ weekly ads include both discount and rebate items.

The goods that will be on sale at Menards are not previewed in advance.

However, you can browse the weekly ad online before you visit the store to view the offers yourself.

You can also get a copy of the advertisement at the Menards shop closest to you.

Every weekly ad is released on Monday, and items are eligible for a refund until Sunday.

With more than 27 pages in a single week’s ad, it is quite long.

How to Save at Menards

can i submit my menards rebate online

The competition between Home Depot and Menards is getting hotter.

Customers love to save a lot of money at Menards through weekly deals and lots of discounts.

In addition to its significant rebate program, Menards provides customers with a variety of options to save money.

They are:

1. Menards Big Card

With the Menards Big Card credit card, you can shop at Menards and get 2% back on all of your transactions.

When you make multiple purchases for your business, the 2% quickly mounts up.

Just remember to pay off your balance because the card has a high interest rate.

The card cannot be used at any other store other than Menards.

2. Daily Low Prices

Menards take pleasure in offering cheap prices to all customers every day.

They will even match competitors’ prices if they have a lower-priced item (as long as you have proof of the lower price from a qualifying competitor).

3. Ray’s List

The most recent information on the best open box and clearance sales is available on Ray’s List at Menards.

Take advantage of these limited-time discounts while you can.

Menards will mark down returned items if they are unable to resell them at full retail value, especially when the package shows indications of usage.

They also include items that might soon be withdrawn from this list of products.

How to Benefit from the Menards Rebate Program

can i submit my menards rebate online

To get the most out of the Menards rebate program, use these suggestions

1. Develop Good Habits

When it comes to filling out refunds, develop good practices for yourself.

If possible, you should have the habit of completing and mailing the refund as soon as you get home from the store and have put your items away.

This may not always be possible.

Attempt to at least finish the rebates on the day you go shopping, even if you can’t do it right away after arriving home.

Make it a point to send the rebates out every Friday for companies that make many transactions during the week.

Organize the details of every rebate.

2. Price Modifications

If you made a purchase within 14 days of the item receiving a rebate, you may submit a price adjustment form.

You are to pay the item’s full price.

Hence, you are required to send the price adjustment form before sending the rebate.

3. Stack Rebates

You can pay for other products that are eligible for a rebate with rebates.

For instance, if you have $25 in retail credit, you might use it tax-free to purchase a $20 item that also qualifies for a rebate.

Your credit not only covers the price of the item, but the purchase will also increase the value of your stuff.

4. Write Clearly

Make sure you legibly fill out your rebate form.

You can experience a delay if the rebate is refused, goes to the wrong address, or if the center staff can’t properly interpret the information.

Make sure your letters are easily readable and distinct.

You might ask someone to fill out the refund form for you if you have bad handwriting.

5. Smart Planning

To become enthusiastic about the rebate program, you must have the right attitude.

When you have a significant renovation project coming up, reserve that energy.

You can approach your project with a plan to use as many rebate goods as you can, even when you can’t arrange specific purchases in advance.

What Happens if My Rebate Check Gets Lost?

can i submit my menards rebate online

If you misplaced your rebate check or unintentionally sent it to the wrong address, you can ask for a replacement rebate check.

A written request can also be sent to the following address:

PO Box 99

Elk Mound, WI 54739-0155

You should also include all pertinent data, the previous information you provided on your refund request, and the updated contact details.

If Menards does not see any obvious red flags, they will issue you a fresh rebate check at the correct address after pondering over your request.

Why Was My Rebate Rejected?

can i submit my menards rebate online

With some basic information, you can quickly and conveniently check the status of your rebate online.

The rebate is usually pending until it is authorized, which usually takes six to eight weeks.

You may have your request rejected by the refund center.

The reasons include, but not limited to:

1. Expired Rebate

Even though your merchandise credit is permanent, you only have a short time to send in your rebate.

Menards can reject your rebate if it is submitted after the deadline.

Rebates that are older than two years won’t be accepted at Menards.

2. Insufficient Evidence

For Menards to accept your rebates, all necessary materials must be included.

The rebate form and the refund receipt are the two most crucial items you must include.

One rebate form can be completed for several rebate receipts.

They must identify the receipt you provide as the rebate receipt (not the customer receipt).

You keep the copy and submit the original if you want to print a copy for your records.

The UPC on the package may also be required in some uncommon circumstances.

However, most rebates don’t need the UPC.

3. Ineligible Product

If you try to submit a rebate for a product that isn’t eligible, like a reduced item or propane items, your rebate will be rejected.

You would also be missing the rebate receipt because you can’t get one for unqualified items.

They will reject your rebate request until you receive the revised receipt.

This can only happen if you submit a price adjustment request before submitting a rebate request for a product.

You may also resubmit your rebate request if you think you understand the issue and have a solution.

When your rebate is rejected, they will give you a denial reason.

If you have questions, you can get in touch with the rebate team.

How to Retrieve Your Lost Menards Rebate

can i submit my menards rebate online

You could assume that you’re out of luck if you lose your merchandise credit.

The little paper merchandise credit is simple to misplace or damage.

Also, you may have relocated and unintentionally sent the rebate to the wrong location.

Fortunately, you can send a formal request to the rebate center outlining your circumstances.

The request must be made in writing.

Can I Use My Rebate Check Online?

can i submit my menards rebate online

You cannot use your rebate check at the Menards online store.

It must be applied in-store.

There is no security mechanism for the system to receive rebate checks online.    


You may need some time to become familiar with the rebate program’s conditions and guidelines.

The rebate team can assist you with any questions you may have.

You should, however, be prepared to turn in your Menards rebates with confidence after reading this article.

CNS Team.

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