College of the Holy Cross Acceptance Rate

 – College of the Holy Cross Acceptance Rate –

Applying to the College of the Holy Cross? Here are the admissions statistics you should know, including Holy Cross’ acceptance rate.

College of the Holy Cross Acceptance Rate

Holy Cross admissions are competitive, with a 34% acceptance rate.

Students admitted to Holy Cross have an average SAT score of 1290-1430 or an ACT score of 29-32.

Holy Cross’ regular admissions application deadline is January 15. Interested students can apply for early decision, and the deadline for the Holy Cross early decision is November 15.

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Acceptance Rate at Holy Cross College

For the Class of 2025, only 6,498 hopefuls applied to go to Holy Cross. Out of that group, the school offered admission to 2,786 applicants, for an acceptance rate of 43%.

As a small liberal arts school in the Jesuit tradition, one would think that Holy Cross has a relatively small pool of interested candidates.

But instead, they receive far more applications than many schools of their caliber and have a much higher acceptance rate.

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Without question, that is an unusually high acceptance rate. According to that number, every four out of ten students will be accepted, and a fifth will make it in every three rounds.

That number stands out more when examined in the context of similar schools.

The similarly ranked Pitzer College has a far lower acceptance rate of 17%, but they only brought in 262 students in 2021.

Scripps College in California has a rate of 35%, but they brought in 936 that same year.

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GPA for College of the Holy Cross

Like most modern colleges, the College of the Holy Cross does not have a minimum GPA requirement. In fact, they like to boast that they recognize that students are “more than a GPA.”

While there’s certainly value to this information, you should assume that this approach means that the school doesn’t care about academics.

It is, after all, an academic institution. Furthermore, one glimpse at the student body shows that grades do actually matter.

On average, students at Holy Cross have a GPA of 3.82. To put that in letter terms, they earn mostly A’s, with an occasional B here and there.

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Although you can get a few Bs and still get in, those lower grades should not be in your major classes.

If you want to study literature at Holy Cross, you should get A’s in all of your English classes and a B or two in math and science.

That appears to contradict Holy Cross’s holistic approach to evaluating applicants, but only if you believe grades are solely about intelligence.

However, the holistic approach implies that the school will consider additional evidence of your abilities. So, if your GPA is low, use other materials to demonstrate that you can handle their workload.

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