Does Chipotle Accept Apple Pay? (2022 Facts)

Do you want to order burrito bowls to reduce your calories at Chipotle, but you’re unsure if you can use Apple Pay? In this article, we’ll talk about whether Chipotle accepts Apple Pay and how to use it to make in-store, drive-through, and in-app purchases.

does chipotle take apple pay

Apple Pay: What is it?

Apple Inc. launched Apple Pay in 2014 as a mobile phone payment method and digital wallet service.

Customers can use near-field communication (NFC) to pay for goods and services at the point of sale, whether in person using iOS apps or remotely over the Internet.

As an alternative to credit and debit cards, including chip and PIN cards and the more traditional magnetic stripe cards, Apple Pay is marketed.

Apple Pay is presently supported by the majority of popular credit and debit cards.

Advantages of Using Apple Pay

You may save your debit or credit cards in the Apple Wallet to make transactions, which is the main advantage of utilizing Apple Pay. Making a payment via your iPhone eliminates the need to remove your real cards from your pocket.

This is really beneficial if you prefer to keep your pockets empty. If you’re going for a run, for instance, you might only want to carry the essentials.

Even if you leave the house without a real card, you can still use Apple Pay on your iPhone or Apple Watch to buy a coffee on the way home.

Furthermore, there is no maximum payment amount with Apple Pay, which is a major advantage.

This is preferable to the more common contactless credit or debit card payment, which typically has a transaction limit ($200 in the US).

You don’t have to be concerned about price purchases because Apple Pay doesn’t have a contactless restriction. Nevertheless, certain shops might increase the transactional limits based on corporate and legal constraints.

Is Apple Pay Available on All Devices?

Apple Pay is available on a variety of Apple gadgets, including your Apple Watch, Apple laptop, and Apple tablet.

For Touch ID-equipped iPhones, double-tap the home button and hold your finger there until the message “Hold Near Reader” appears on the screen. You can select “Pay with Passcode” if your fingerprint isn’t recognized.

To open Apple Pay on iPhones with Face ID, double-press the sleep/wake button on the device’s right side. The authorization will then happen via Face ID, or if your face isn’t recognized, you can select “Pay with Passcode.”

On your Apple Watch, double-click the button next to the Digital Crown to start Apple Pay. The phrase “Hold Near Reader to Pay” will appear on your Apple Watch screen along with your default credit card.

You may then put your watch up to the payment terminal, and a pulse and beep will let you know whether your transaction was successful.

About Chipotle

does chipotle take apple pay

Chipotle’s founder, chairman, and CEO, Steve Ells, established the business with the notion that fast food did not have to be a conventional fast food experience.

In 1993, Chipotle began operations with just one restaurant in Denver; today, the chain has over 2,300 locations.

The name Chipotle refers to the American chain of fast-casual restaurants that specializes in bowls, tacos, and Mission burritos, all created to order in front of the customer.

Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. Restaurants owned and operated by Chipotle can be found in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, and France.

With a concentration on food and dishes with a Mexican influence, Chipotle is one of the fastest-growing fast-food franchises in the United States.

Since you can customize your burrito at Chipotle, it’s thought to be a healthier alternative than many other fast food restaurants because it places a priority on offering high-quality ingredients.

Does Chipotle Accept Apple Pay?

Chipotle is a soul food chain, not just a restaurant. They offer food that not only satisfies hunger but also gets your soul and entire taste buds spinning.

They however place a strong emphasis on moving customers through the line fast, particularly when it’s busy and there are many people waiting.

So yes, Apple Pay is a valid mode of payment at Chipotle restaurants in the US.

Nobody wants to be the one to hold up the line, and Apple Pay will make it easier for you to pay and move on. If you’ve used Apple Pay previously, using it at a Chipotle restaurant is a simple process.

How to Order Using Apple Pay at Chipotle

does chipotle take apple pay

Setting up your Apple Wallet is the first thing you must do. To accomplish this, open the app on your iPhone and add a payment option, such as a credit card.

You can select which payment method to use once you’ve added more payment options to your Apple Wallet.

Press the button on the side of your iPhone, Apple Watch, or other Apple device as soon as you’ve made your order and are about to pay at Chipotle.

The next step is to select the payment method you want to use and confirm your identity.

Depending on your device and settings, you may need to enter your passcode, use facial recognition, or use the fingerprint sensor on some Apple devices to verify your identity.

Similar to tapping your credit card at a location that takes tap payments, you must wave your device next to the reader on the payment terminal to submit the money.

How to Use Apple Pay on Chipotle App

does chipotle take apple pay

One of the major benefits of ordering through a mobile app rather than speaking to a staff member is that it may be simpler, especially when the restaurant is full and it’s difficult to hear them, especially when ordering from places like Chipotle where you have a lot of options to customize your food.

All you have to do is choose your items, place your order, and use Apple Pay as your payment method when you check out. When you choose your preferred card to pay, your bill will be paid.

It’s excellent that Chipotle gives this option because, for some folks, especially those with complex orders, it’s just a lot simpler to order this way.

How to Pay for Drive-Thru Orders at Chipotle

Once you use Apple Pay as a payment method, there’s no turning back! For Chipotle drive-thru orders, you can even use Apple Pay to pay!

However, you can pay for Drive-Thru by following these steps:

First, tell the cashier your chosen mode of payment for your Chipotle drive-thru purchase so they can accept Apple Pay. And then, keep your Apple device in front of the NFC card reader after you’ve finished doing that.

Once a checkmark and the word “done” appear on the screen, the payment for your Chipotle will be finished.

Other Payments Methods Available at Chipotle

Depending on their preferences, Chipotle offers its customers a variety of payment methods. Cash, Apple Pay, credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay are a few of these options. To pay for your order, select one of these payment methods.

They include:

1. Samsung Pay

At Chipotle, Samsung Pay is yet another cashless, electronic payment option.

All you have to do to use Samsung Pay to settle the bill for your in-house orders is to keep your phone still in front of the NFC card reader, let it quickly scan your card, and go through the authentication procedure to finish the transaction.

2. PayPal

PayPal is unquestionably the ideal choice for you if you’re seeking the best friend to pay your Chipotle expenses with.

 You can pay for your purchase at Chipotle using one of the simplest and fastest payment methods by connecting your PayPal account and paying your bill.

3. Credit Cards

Credit cards are accepted for payment when ordering from Chipotle. All you have to do is to swipe your credit card into the reader, input the pin, and the payment procedure for your Chipotle bill will start.

Once the payment has been made, the invoiced amount will be taken from your credit card.

4. Google Pay

Google Pay is recognized as a valid payment option by Chipotle. Even if you place your Chipotle order online or at the drive-through, you may use Google Pay to pay for it.

You only need to scan the Google Pay ID of the Chipotle location you’re at, enter the billed amount for your purchase, and they will complete the payment to cover your in-house Chipotle order!


At its eateries around the world, Chipotle Mexican Grill allows Apple Pay along with other practical payment methods.

No matter how you decide to pay, whether you place online, drive-thru, or in-store orders.

All you need to make the desired payment whenever you need to is an Apple smartphone and the Apple Pay app.

CNS Team.

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