Does Dollar General take Apple Pay? (Updated 2023)

Does dollar general take apple pay? Dollar General is a discount store that sells goods at consistently low costs. In 43 states, the firm runs over 13,000 outlets. Many products are available at Dollar General, such as apparel and household goods.

Does Dollar General Take Apple Pay

You may be curious whether Dollar General accepts Apple Pay as one of their payment options given how frequently customers use this merchant.

It’s quick and simple to check out with Apple Pay, a contactless method of payment. Only owners of an iPhone or an Apple Watch are eligible to use it. Whether Dollar General accepts Apple Pay is covered by the information provided here.

Does Dollar General Accept Apple Pay?

Does Dollar General Accept Apple Pay

J.L. Turner and his son Cal Turner Sr. launched the business in 1939. In Scottsville, Kentucky, the Turners opened a modest general shop as their first establishment.

Following its IPO in 1968, the business started trading on the New York Stock Exchange with the ticker symbol DG (Dollar General).

The biggest bargain retailer in the country right now is Dollar General. The business, which has yearly sales of over $21 billion employed 120,000 people. Dollar General was recognized as the sixth-largest retailer in the US in 2017.

Dollar General does not accept Apple Pay as a mode of payment. Although there was some speculation that Dollar General may start putting NFC technology in their stores for Apple Pay, the firm never followed through with its intentions.

Instead, they concentrated on creating their own DG GO contactless mode of payment. At this time, there are no plans for Dollar General to accept Apple Pay.

Why is Apple Pay not Accepted at Dollar General?

Why Is Apple Pay Not Accepted at Dollar General?

Others haven’t yet made the switch, although some shops have embraced NFC technology in their stores. Stores without these particular sorts of terminals installed won’t be able to take Apple Pay as a means of payment because Apple Pay uses near-field communication (NFC) technology.

There could be several factors that contribute to Dollar General’s delay in making the switch. These are a few of those justifications.

1. DG GO

Dollar General’s own contactless digital wallet is called DG GO. While shopping, you can use it to scan things. You can also use your phone to pay for your purchases once you’ve finished shopping.

The goal is to speed up and simplify the checkout and purchasing process. Dollar General doesn’t want to enable its customers to use a competitor’s app because they want people to use their app instead.

By allowing Apple Pay in their physical locations, they would be discouraging customers from using their app. That implies that customers will be required to pay certain fees to card companies through Apple.

If they are successful in keeping users of their app, they will either need to pay lower fees or none at all. If they want their consumers to use DG GO instead of Apple Pay, it makes financial sense for them to ban it from their stores.

2. Processing Charges

The fees connected with Apple Pay are the last justification given by Dollar General for not accepting it. Apple Pay doesn’t impose any fees on its users or clients, but it does partner with credit card providers that do.

The cost could be fairly expensive, depending on the relationship between Apple and the credit card company. Dollar General must keep its running costs low in order to maintain its low prices. Cost-cutting efforts are a part of that. They can save a lot of money by avoiding credit card and processing fees.

They are reducing costs by not accepting Apple Pay, which is just one more strategy they use. This thus guarantees that the shop may continue to offer its clients lower prices.

3. A lack of Enthusiasm

People frequently visit Dollar General when they need to buy cheap groceries and other products. It isn’t just for people with a certain household income; it does cater to them.

However, not all of its customers have an iPhone or an Apple Watch because the majority of them are bargain buyers. They have no interest in Apple Pay as a result. They are unable to utilize it anyway.

Dollar General has little incentive to proceed with the installation of NFC terminals because a sizable section of its customer base is uninterested in Apple Pay.

What Forms of Payment does Dollar General Accept?

What Forms of Payment Does Dollar General Accept?

Although Dollar General does not accept Apple Pay, it does accept a number of other payment methods. At the shop, you can pay with cash or personal checks. Additionally, they take a variety of credit cards, including:

  • American Express
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • Visa

Additionally Dollar General accept PayPal for its online stores. Along with cash and checks, you can pay for items in their online store using the methods mentioned above as well.

Nevertheless, they don’t offer layaway options. Last but not least, you can pay for your purchases while you shop with DG GO. Though not all stores presently enable DG GO, it’s still wise to check with your neighborhood shop first.

How does Dollar General’s DG GO App Work?

How Does Dollar General's DG GO App Work?

The contactless payment method used by Dollar General is called DG GO. It’s an app that lets you scan your purchases as you make them.

When you’re finished shopping, use your phone to make all of your purchases and payments. You can also add both paper and digital coupons to your account.

This makes it possible for you to shop while saving even more money. The objective is to make it easier for you to stick to your spending plan.

As you continue to add products to your cart, you can keep an eye on your total. Before entering the checkout line, you can make the necessary adjustments if you realize that you’ve exceeded your budget. Use the DG GO app by following these steps.

1. Download and Install the App 

The first thing you must do is download the app. If you want to see if DG GO is offered at your location, it’s worth checking the Dollar General website. The location of the app’s current support is shown on a map there.

If your local store doesn’t yet support the system, it’s worth keeping a watch on because more retailers are adding the system to them each year.

You can download the app after verifying that your local Dollar General stores accept DG GO. Both the Google Play Store and the App Store have it. Install it on your phone, turn on location services, and link it to the internet.

2. Open a Dollar General Account

You must create a Dollar General account before adding digital coupons to the app. You should include the necessary personal data. A card or a few more payment options will also be included here.

Your default payment method should be the one you choose. You can start shopping as soon as you’ve finished filling out the remaining fields.

3. Scan Products

You must scan the merchandise as you shop in order for DG GO to function. When you’re ready to pay, you can also scan them, but it might take more time.

You can monitor your spending while shopping by scanning items as you go. One fantastic feature of DG GO is that it instantly applies any digital coupons that the retailer is currently offering. Without having to put in any the effort of sorting through coupons, you can still save money.

4. Checkout

In stores that work with the app, you’ll find a dedicated DG GO checkout area. The DG GO brand is highlighted all around what appears to be a tablet.

Also written on it will be “DG GO.” Click the checkout option on the app when you’re ready to check out. Examine the tablet after that. You must scan a QR code that it will provide for you.

When you use your app to make a payment, the QR code pulls the necessary data from it and applies your payment details. A notification and a receipt will be sent to you after the funds’ transfer. An email receipt is an additional option.

5. Bag it and go

You can bag your stuff using the bags that are next to the tablet after receiving the notification. You are then free to leave the shop. With DG GO, you may buy your goods quickly and easily while spending less time in line at the register.

Using PayPal on the Dollar General Website

Using PayPal on the Dollar General Website

PayPal is a different type of digital wallet that you can use at Dollar General. In that you can link several cards to your PayPal account, PayPal is similar to Apple Pay.

You can even connect your bank and make payments straight from your savings or checking account. Only PayPal is accepted for payments on the Dollar General website. To use PayPal to pay for your purchases from the Dollar General online store, simply follow these steps.

1. Open a PayPal Account

Create a PayPal account first, that’s what you need to do. The procedure is quite simple. For your account to be secure, you need an email address and password.

The option to add payment methods is located in the payment section, which you can access after that. Cards are simple to affix.

Though it’s a little trickier, attaching a bank may be done quickly. For money to be sent to your account, you must have both the routing number and your bank account number on hand.

You will also be charged by PayPal a small fee to guarantee the accuracy of the payment options. Upon completion of the transaction, they will issue a refund.

2. Start your Shopping

You can begin purchasing on the Dollar General website once you have set up a PayPal account. You should add any digital coupons to your basket after you’ve finished adding things if you intend to utilize them. Find the Checkout button once you’ve put everything you need in your shopping cart.

3. Checkout

Your browser will open a new page after you click the Checkout button. A selection of options for paying for your purchases will be displayed.

PayPal’s mobile application is one of the methods. As soon as you click that, PayPal will open. In the event that OneTouch is not activated, you might need to check into your account.

To avoid logging in each time you wish to use PayPal to make a purchase, you can turn that on later. You can choose the mode of payment after PayPal has authenticated you.

When you click it, PayPal will automatically take the money from that method of payment and send it to the shop. You’ll be taken back to the first checkout page.

The money will be processed once you click to confirm the order. When the order is successfully submitted, you will be notified.

Reasons why Apple Pay should be Accepted at Dollar General

Reasons Why Apple Pay Should Be Accepted at Dollar General

Although Dollar General doesn’t now support Apple Pay, there are many reasons it ought to. Here are several arguments in favor of providing Apple Pay support at Dollar General.

1. Changing with the Times

Through DG GO, Dollar General is already doing a great job of preparing for the inevitable migration to digital wallets, but they’re only using a portion of the technology.

Although they are the two most common types of contactless payments, there are other contactless techniques as well. QR codes and NFC are the two formats. The checkout stations of DG GO have QR codes.

Although it’s a terrific and safe way, it only works with apps that make use of QR code technology. NFC is a technology that is used by Apple Pay and other digital wallets like Samsung Pay and Google Pay.

NFC-capable gadgets receive instructions from this form of technology via a signal that is sent to them. It’s an additional private method of money transfer that protects the privacy of the customer’s private information.

Even while NFC technology and QR codes are both currently in demand, one of them may eventually surpass the other.

The losing side of that wager shouldn’t be Dollar General. It may make sure that every facet of its customer base is catered to by utilizing both QR codes and NFC technologies.

When the majority of the consumer base switches from using physical currency to digital wallets in the future, it also puts itself in a good position. Dollar General can guarantee its survival far into the future by utilizing NFC technology and enabling Apple Pay.

2. Hygiene

NFC technology’s hygienic nature is one of the main reasons so many retailers are adopting it. A customer has to touch many screens and keypads while using physical methods of payment.

They must physically handle their card as well as hand it to the cashier, who must handle it physically as well. Germs are everywhere in the checkout queues.

Many retail establishments are choosing to implement contactless payment methods in an effort to reduce the number of germs and safeguard their patrons and personnel.

The contactless payment method Apple Pay works well. When utilizing Apple Pay, users don’t need to touch anything. They ask the clerk to only scan their things or they scan only their own items.

Once their payment has been verified, all they have to do is touch their phone. Never again do they need to touch a screen that has already been touched by someone else.

As a result, employees at the store need to do less cleaning. The number of germs hiding in the checkout line is also reduced.

Because it will cause a cleaner environment for customers and employees, Dollar General should accept Apple Pay.

3. Inclusiveness

Although not every Dollar General customer has an iPhone or Apple Watch, a significant portion of them do. They might prefer using Apple Pay for transactions. It involves little contact, is convenient, and is simple.

Dollar General is turning away potential repeat consumers by refusing to accept Apple Pay. By accepting a wide range of payment options, they may expand their customer base.

As a result, it might cost them more money to run the company, but they’ll also welcome more clients to make up for the added costs. By accepting Apple Pay, the shop is able to be more inclusive than exclusive.

Is it Possible to pay With an iPhone at Dollar General?

Is It Possible To Pay With An iPhone At Dollar General?

You can make purchases at Dollar General with your iPhone, that much is true. You can still download the DG GO app for your iPhone even though Dollar General does not accept Apple Pay.

The only thing you need to confirm before using your iPhone for shopping is whether your local Dollar General accepts DG GO.

If not, using your phone for shopping won’t be possible. If it works, you can use the DG GO app on your iPhone to scan things and make payments on your phone.

Which Digital Wallets does Dollar General Accept?

Which Digital Wallets Does Dollar General Accept?

There are no digital wallets from outside companies accepted at Dollar General. The implication is that neither Apple Pay nor Google Pay nor Samsung Pay will be accepted.

Only their own app named DG GO is recognized as a digital wallet in their store. PayPal is accepted in their online store. Dollar General does not currently support any other third-party digital wallets.


Due to the fact that they have a separate app called DG GO, Dollar General does not accept Apple Pay. Dollar General should accept Apple Pay as a form of payment for many reasons, including inclusion and cleanliness.

However, Dollar General does not currently have any plans to use Apple Pay or other electronic wallets.

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