Does Home Depot Have Poinsettias For Black Friday?

Does home depot have Poinsettias for Black Friday? So many customers can’t wait to know if there are Poinsettias for black Friday at home depot stores.

Does Home Depot Have Poinsettias For Black Friday?

The antecedent of Home Depot in providing great and super deals to all its customers, ranging from home improvement to construction materials, paint, etc. every year is top-notch.

Poinsettias are tropical plants and are usually grown at temperatures between 60 and 70 degrees F in greenhouses.

However, you cannot just visit the stores in any location, without asking or finding out which offer or deal is available for you at the moment.

Though, this can be done through phone calls or the home depot online app.

Black Friday sales are one of the holiday great sales, has its own deals that customers are hungry for every time there are Black Friday sales. 

Just like other great deals that come with Black Friday at home depot, Poinsettias are a holiday favorite plant that brings a splashing of festive red and green to the table or windowsill.

Home Depot and Lowe have a $3.98 Poinsettia price regularly on sale for .99 for Black Friday weekend.

What Can You Get For 99 Cents on Black Friday?

Other retailers will also feature Black Friday deals and one that has been going on for so many years now is the 99-cent Poinsettia Home Depot.

Considering the regular price of $3.98, Poinsettia at 99 cents is really a fair deal.

Those poinsettias are cheap and considerably fair, they are pretty good. As a result, consumers buy them up within a twinkle of an eye.

Going for 99 cents, those shopping at Home Depot on Black Friday aren’t just purchasing one poinsettia any time you visit the stores.

Customers are usually buying the 10-poinsettia limit for the holiday season because of the Black Friday 99-cent deals.

So you stand a chance to acquire poinsettias for just 99 cents at the home depot Black Friday sales.

Tips and Care for Poinsettia Shopping

1. If you have chosen the perfect poinsettia, don’t leave it in your vehicle while you continue shopping.

2. An indoor plant that’s exposed to cold winds and temperatures below 50° F can be damaged or killed.

3. Tell the store to bag the plant, but be sure to remove any wrapping as soon as you are home.  

4. Cared for properly, the poinsettia will give you weeks of color and pleasure.

5. If your plant is kept for several months, apply a soluble houseplant fertilizer, once or twice a month according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Poinsettia has been great and customers have really taken advantage to shop at the home depot during their Black Friday sales.

However, if you have read through this, you should have known some good and veritable tips that will help you in preserving your poinsettias longer than usual.

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