Does IHOP Take Apple Pay? (Updated 2022)

Apple Pay is a contactless payment method for iOS devices that enables users to make purchases in shops, in apps, and online.

Does IHOP Take Apple Pay? (Updated 2022)

Apple Pay is compatible with iPhone 6 and later models, iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 and later models, iPad mini 3 and later models, and Apple Watch.

It transmits payment information securely using Near Field Communication (NFC) technology.

In addition to offering reasonably priced breakfast and lunch selections in a relaxed eating setting, The International House of Pancakes (IHOP) also offers delivery and pickup services.

You must make payment with the resources you have on hand when you absolutely cannot wait to have your “Breakfeast.”

Even if you forgot your wallet at home, chances are you didn’t forget your phone, so you might be able to use Apple Pay (assuming you have it set up already).

But does IHOP accepts Apple Pay at all? We address all of your questions regarding using mobile payments at IHOP.

Does IHOP Accept Apple Pay?

Does IHOP Accept Apple Pay?

Yes, Apple Pay is accepted at all IHOP locations. All IHOP restaurants accept Apple Pay for payments, and the primary delivery services accept Apple Pay when you order food for pickup or delivery.

When you place an order for pickup or delivery to one of the many delivery services that offer IHOP to consumers, such as GrubHub, Seamless, Uber Eats, and Door Dash, you can pay with Apple Pay as well.

Cash, a credit card, a debit card, or an IHOP gift card can all be used to make payments.

What is Apple Pay?

What Is Apple Pay?

The method of using your iPhone’s mobile wallet app (Apple Wallet) to pay for products online is referred to as “Apple Pay.”

One of many mobile wallets available, Apple Wallet is only available to iPhone users.

Android-friendly mobile wallets like Google Pay and Samsung Pay, meanwhile, let users of that operating system take use of comparable advantages.

However, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay are the most widely used mobile wallets nowadays. There are a few more unsuccessful and unpopular mobile wallets as well.

The fact that Apple Pay is accepted in more countries worldwide than the other mobile wallets, although being extremely comparable to one another, makes it stand out.

It is only accessible via the App Store for Apple devices. Of course, there are still certain restrictions.

PayPal and the other widely used mobile wallets are both compatible with Apple Pay, but not the latter.

Apple Pay doesn’t support gift cards, so if you wish to use your gift card, you won’t be able to do so with Apple Pay. (Just remember to bring it with you on your subsequent visit!)

How Do Payments Through a Mobile Wallet Work?

How Do Payments Through a Mobile Wallet Work?

Near-field communication (NFC) technology is used by all mobile wallets to enable wireless communication between the smartphone and compatible credit card terminals.

The technology is short-range, as the name would suggest. Once in range, nearby devices instantly connect.

All other mobile wallets are also accepted if a credit card terminal supports Apple Pay.

The majority of credit card machines that support NFC transactions will have a little emblem showing this.

You will swipe your unlocked phone close to the credit card reader when it’s time to pay.

To open the app, you might need to pass security verification once again.

You should get a connection success message on both devices after swiping your phone through the POS system.

While some credit card terminals demand more information from you, others let you make totally contactless purchases by processing the charge automatically.

You can make entirely contactless payments using IHOP’s POS system.

Configuring Apple Pay

Configuring Apple Pay

All current iPhones come bundled with the Apple Wallet app.

To create your mobile wallet, launch the app and add a valid debit card or credit card.

When you start the app, click the “+” button on the home page to add a card.

The app will instruct you on how to take a photo of your card information.

You can also manually enter the information if you choose not to use your camera.

The card number, expiration date, security code, and name of the cardholder must all be included.

You must check your request with your financial institution after providing the card information.

Some banks want you to sign in to their app or type in a code as a form of verification.

You won’t be able to use the card if the verification process is not finished.

In your mobile wallet, a red alert will appear to let you know if you forgot to finalize a card.

You won’t be able to use a card if it is red on your Apple Wallet app, which indicates that there is a problem.

The good news is that Apple makes it crystal apparent what the issue is, using phrases like “verification necessary” or “update expiration date.”

Your mobile wallet will set the first card you add as the default card by default. You may, however, combine up to eight cards.

You can also add transit passes, membership cards, student IDs, and COVID immunization cards in addition to credit and debit cards.

Simply click on the selected card and check the appropriate box to change your default card.

Cards that are invalid can also be removed. After you first add your card, don’t forget to test it.

When you need it most, you don’t want to discover that it is ineffective. Just in case you didn’t finish the setup correctly, bring the actual card with you.

Using Apple Pay

Using Apple Pay

You must first activate the app in order to use Apple Pay, and your device must have a sufficient amount of battery life (at least 25%).

If you open the app too early, the screen can lock on you before you reach the register. It is a good idea to double-check the chosen card before you swipe your phone.

You may easily choose the card you want from your list if you wish to utilize a different card. Swipe your phone slowly and casually close to the POS system.

It makes no difference, either way, the phone is faced. However, the app should be open and the phone should be awake.

Make sure you’re close enough to the credit card terminal and try again if you have trouble connecting your phone, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the procedure.

It could take a few attempts to perfect your movements and feel secure as you pay, but it will quickly become second nature.

Verify that you correctly completed the verification process when you input the credit card information if your phone connects but you still receive an error regarding a card you know is genuine.

Remember that unconnected cards and cards that have expired will no longer function.

A green tick showing the successful completion of the purchase should appear if the transaction goes through.

Apple Pay Transactions Tracking

Do you want to know what you’ve been buying lately? Do you require access to a specific transaction in order to check it or to report a problem?

The Apple Wallet app makes it simple to access all Apple Pay transactions. Open the app, then choose the relevant card. A list of all transactions will be available to you.

When you locate the appropriate transaction, you can click on it to view more information and file a problem report.

Only transactions conducted with a mobile wallet will be shown. If you used the physical card, you won’t be able to view the transaction on the Apple Wallet app (although you can probably find it via your bank app).

Through the settings on your phone, you may also get a comprehensive list of your transactions.

Choose Apple Wallet from the settings menu and then click on the transactions to examine them.

Apple Pay on Your Apple Watch

You don’t even need to take your phone out of your pocket to make payments when you have Apple Pay enabled on your Apple Watch.

Remember that you will need to add your preferred card individually to your Apple Watch.

The system doesn’t even have the ability to move the information from one device to another, thus it doesn’t happen.

You must first launch the Apple Watch app on your phone in order to add a card to your Apple Watch’s mobile wallet.

You can enter your credit card information from there. In a very similar way to how you paid with your phone, you will pay using your Apple Watch.

You can check to see if the transaction was successful by just swiping your watch close to the credit card reader.

How Safe is Apple Pay?

Yes. It is completely safe to use Apple Pay.

First, your phone needs to have normal security, such as a fingerprint, facial recognition, passcode, pattern, or PIN (just like you do so many times a day when you unlock it).

Anyone who cannot enter their phone cannot use your mobile wallet.

What happens after you pay? Is your information vulnerable to hackers when you make wireless payments? When you use Apple Pay, hackers cannot access your information (or any mobile wallet).

Since the data is encrypted, it’s actually safer than using your actual card.

Since IHOP never receives your real card information, even if a hacker manages to get the credit or debit card information, they won’t have your card information.

Using Apple Pay puts you in total security. Having said that, the security of your card is only as strong as you allow it to be.

Follow the following tips to keep yourself safe:

  • Reduce the number of persons who can access your phone.
  • Don’t make payments you don’t fully understand.
  • Keep your physical card as secure as you can.
  • Through your banking institution, implement precautions.

Since IHOP never has access to your actual card information, this further strengthens its own security. They won’t be held responsible if client data is stolen if they are hacked.

In addition to potential costs for restitution and increased protection, this might also damage the reputation of the business with customers.

Customers won’t want to spend money in a place where they think they might be hacked.

Can You Tip at IHOP When Using Apple Pay?

Can You Tip at IHOP When Using Apple Pay?

Yes. When using Apple Pay at IHOP, you can give your server a tip. It would be best if you used a pen to write your information on the printed receipt, including the tip line.

If you’re worried about becoming sick, apply hand sanitizer first. You can even leave cash on the table, which the server always prefers because they are not required to collect the tip.

What is Apple Pay’s Price?

There is no charge for using Apple Pay, it is absolutely free. To use your mobile wallet, there is no cost.

When you use Apple Pay at a restaurant, you won’t be charged more. When using Apple Pay, there will never be any hidden fees or other types of expenses.

Why Accepting Mobile Payments is Beneficial for IHOP

Why Accepting Mobile Payments Is Beneficial for IHOP

About 1,800 eateries across the nation have POS systems that need to be upgraded, which is pricey.

Why wouldn’t IHOP save money by continuing to use the current systems until they need to be replaced?

See the benefits of taking mobile payments for IHOP in the following examples.

1. Convenience

Anyone who has experience working in restaurants is aware of how quickly things can move.

If a waitress has to wait while you look for your card in your handbag, the meal may start to cool up under the warmer and inconvenience other customers.

Mobile payments are swift, which enables staff to attend to consumers more rapidly, enhancing the customer experience.

2. More Options for Payment

Customers value choices, and this extends to payment alternatives. More individuals can eat at the restaurant if there are more options offered to the consumer.

It expands the pool of your customers. A key demographic for IHOP is the younger population, and modern payment alternatives speak to them as well.

3. Stay Competitive

Nowadays, NFC technology is a component of almost all new POS systems sold.

Customers are increasingly anticipating the option, and if they can’t use the most recent trends in payment methods, they might need to go somewhere else.

The improvement not only keeps IHOP technologically competitive, but it also shows the company’s commitment to innovation and change.

Apple Pay is not accepted at Denny’s or Waffle House, two of IHOP’s key rivals, thus all of those consumers go to IHOP instead.

Troubleshooting Support

Troubleshooting Support

You might be unsure of whom to contact for assistance if you have problems with Apple Pay. Contact Apple support if the phone doesn’t seem to connect to any credit card terminals.

Check to see if NFC payments are enabled in your phone’s settings before you spend a lot of time waiting on line.

If you are having trouble adding a card to your mobile wallet because you can’t log in to the app or you aren’t getting texts or emails with your verification code, call your banking institution for assistance (and don’t forget to check your spam folders).

Ask Apple for help if the issue is present on your phone. One of the many other options is that you may have blocked particular pop-ups.

If the card has been properly added to your mobile wallet but is still being rejected, contact your bank. There could be an account hold on you or a cash flow issue.


There are several situations where Apple Pay is helpful. Set up your mobile wallet before you need it, whether you value the added security or simply like having a backup payment option in case you forget your card. Do well to like, comment, and share this informative content.

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