Does Instagram Delete Inactive Accounts?

Yes, Instagram deletes inactive accounts that have remained inactive for a long period. Here, we explain all there is to know about the deletion of inactive accounts.

Does Instagram Delete Inactive Accounts

Does Instagram Delete Inactive Accounts?

Yes, Instagram deletes inactive Instagram accounts that are idle for a long time.

Although Instagram does not provide a specific period, we can infer from case studies of several deleted accounts.

We can infer that an Instagram will delete an account unquestionably after one to two years of inactivity.

If your account is inactive, whether it is personal or brand-related, you can run into this problem.

When Will Instagram Delete Inactive Accounts?

Instagram has never been explicit about how long an inactive account must remain dormant before it gets erased.

To avoid the possibility of having their accounts deleted, the staff advises users to occasionally log in and use the platform.

The inactive username policy on Instagram has further information about it.

Some users think that Instagram deletes accounts after they have been fully inactive for anywhere between one and two years.

However, there are no official comments to back this assertion.

You must take part in some sort of activity if you don’t really like Instagram and don’t use it frequently, but still want to maintain your account.

Regularly logging in will help you avoid having your Instagram account deleted.


How Do I Request Instagram to Delete Some Inactive Accounts?

You can request that Instagram deactivate an inactive account.

‣ Open the app Instagram app

‣ Go to your profile.

Scroll down the menu options

‣ Select “Help & Settings” by selecting the three lines in the upper-left corner.

‣ Select “Account”

‣ Then select “Delete Your Account”

After requesting your confirmation, Instagram will give you more details.

How Long Does it Take to Delete an Inactive Instagram Account?

Instagram has a rule stating that in order to keep an account, it must be active. You will get a notification via email asking you to remove your account if it is inactive.

In the case that you don’t click the email’s link, Instagram will finally delete your account. An inactive Instagram account may not be deleted for some time.

It can take a few weeks or months before the account is deleted completely after it has been deactivated.

Does Instagram Delete Your Account after 30 Days?

Does Instagram Delete Your Account after 30 Days?

Your account and all of your information will be permanently wiped 30 days after your request to have it deleted, and you won’t be able to get it back.

The content is inaccessible to other Instagram users during those 30 days and is still governed by Instagram’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Will Instagram Ever Delete a Disabled Account?

Remember that if an account consistently breaches the Community Guidelines or Terms of Use, we reserve the right to permanently delete it.

You may be able to challenge the decision by opening the app and inputting your username and password.

Then according to the on-screen instructions if you believe your account was mistakenly disabled.


Can I Still Use Instagram if I Deactivate My Facebook?

Yes, you can. Deactivating your Facebook account does notion any way affect or delete your Instagram account.

However, if you delete your Facebook account, all the posts that you shared tp Instagram from Facebook will be deleted.

Instagram will continue to work even if your Facebook account is deactivated.

Nevertheless, you won’t be able to use any of the friend-based Instagram features or access your Facebook friends list.

Will Facebook Delete Inactive Accounts?

Facebook reserves the right to disable and delete accounts that are inactive for an extended period of time.

If you recently logged in to your account or into another service using your Facebook account, for example.

That is one of the indications Facebook looks at to determine whether your account is inactive.

Does Pinterest Delete Inactive Accounts?

No, Pinterest does not delete inactive accounts.

However, every 30 days, Pinterest will notify the owner of an inactive account via email, reminding them that their account is no longer active.

Pinterest may remove an account if it is inactive for six months.

Should You Delete Inactive Social Media Accounts?

Yes, you should delete inactive accounts from your social media platforms.

Except if you truly intend to use them later, yes. It might be best to just delete them if you only occasionally post there and they’re inactive.

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