Does PetSmart Take Apple Pay? (Updated 2022)

Pets are considered members of the family, and they receive the same level of care as any other family member. For them to have what they need, trips to the pet store are necessary (and want).

does petsmart take apple pay

PetSmart is a top source of pet products. Occasionally, pets have last-minute needs like food or bedding.

What happens if you suddenly find yourself in need of a stop at PetSmart but don’t have your credit card or debit card?

You can use your Apple Wallet to make an Apple Pay payment if you have a phone (assuming you already have it set up). Is Apple Pay even accepted at PetSmart, though? You will learn all there is to know about using Apple Pay at PetSmart in this article.

Does PetSmart Take Apple Pay?

does petsmart take apple pay

Right away, I’d say “YES” to that. Apple Pay is a valid payment method at PetSmart. Why only Apple Pay, you ask? PetSmart accepts all forms of mobile payments, including Venmo from Paypal, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Cash App, and many others.

The only drawback is that Apple Pay isn’t yet available on this application, according to PetSmart. This means that no other kind of cash transfer is accepted on its online web store when you shop online; you can only pay with a credit card or debit card. Aside from that, no CODs, layaway agreements or merchandise return cards are recognized.

Let’s quickly review PetSmart’s acceptance of payment automation now that we’ve addressed the questions you had with Apple Pay.

Over 70% of Americans have ready access to credit cards. More than three credit cards are in the possession of 34% of people. This is a clever response stating that PetSmart accepts all credit card kinds for payment.

Debit Card: Once more, more than 80% of Americans have at least one debit card in their possession. So you can quickly pay at PetSmart using your debit card.

Some major forms of credit and debit cards accepted at PetSmart are:

1. MasterCard

2. Paypal

3. Visa

4. Discover

5. American Express

Payment Methods: A few of the payment methods accepted by PetSmart include Apple Pay, PayPal, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and Cash App. More than 60% of Americans say they are content to switch to these simple payment methods for contactless money transfers.

Paying for Items on PetSmart Online

American Express, MasterCard, and Visa credit cards are all accepted for online payments. Through its website or mobile app, PetSmart does not support Apple Pay. You cannot expect to pay for anything on with your Apple Wallet.

You might not necessarily require the capability to make a payment using Apple Pay online or through an app, though. When making purchases in-person rather than online, Apple Pay provides more tangible advantages.

Yes, using the mobile wallet that comes pre-installed on your phone may make it simpler to make purchases, but the majority of smartphones also provide you additional options for storing cards.

If you need to get your card or finish the transaction a little later, you won’t inconvenience anyone.

Is there an Additional Charge for Paying Using Apple Pay?

Neither your credit institution, Apple, nor the retailer where you use Apple Pay will ever charge you extra for the ability to use it. You will only be billed for the full cost of your purchases plus any relevant taxes.

What is Apple Pay?

does petsmart take apple pay

a mobile wallet sold under the Apple name. An app on your smartphone is referred to as a mobile wallet if it allows you to store the information for your credit cards and use them through the app.

Other mobile wallets can be found everywhere. Google Pay and Samsung Pay are two of the most well-liked Apple Pay alternatives.

The POS systems at stores that are equipped with the same NFC technology can connect with the mobile wallet through the use of NFC (near field communication) technology, which is used by all of them.

Recently, especially in the wake of the current pandemic, mobile wallet use has dramatically increased.

Benefits of Paying Using a Mobile Wallet

does petsmart take apple pay

The use of mobile wallets like Apple Pay is growing. How come? Here are just a few advantages of using a mobile wallet to make in-store purchases.

1. Safe

does petsmart take apple pay

The fact that the merchant doesn’t see your credit card information is arguably Apple Pay’s biggest benefit. The data is encrypted when you make an NFC payment. You may rest assured that your credit card information won’t be compromised, even if the merchant is compromised.

2. Sanitary

does petsmart take apple pay

Since you won’t often need to use the credit card terminal, the spread of germs that occurs when users touch the number pad and electronic pen is also prevented. Not all systems are contactless, so keep that in mind.

Additional data, like a PIN or signature, might be required by some systems.

3. Quick

does petsmart take apple pay

In your wallet at the moment, how many cards are there? Numerous people among us possess a range of debit cards, credit cards, loyalty cards, and gift cards. It’s possible that you’ll have to rummage through your wallet to find the right card when you get to the PetSmart counter while the people behind you impatiently wait.

You and the people in line behind you will both benefit from Apple Pay because it makes it quick and simple to access the card you need in one app.

4. Convenient

does petsmart take apple pay

Ever discovered you left your wallet or credit card at home before entering a store? You’ll need to leave the business, make your way home, and then slink back with the card if this happens to you.

You can’t put off making the purchase at PetSmart since you need to buy things for your family pet, whether it is a furry, aquatic, or avian member. Once you get your card, you’ll have to come back and complete your transaction.

You won’t ever encounter this issue because PetSmart accepts Apple Pay. As an alternative, you can use the card that is kept in your mobile wallet (assuming you have it set up).

Setting Up Apple Pay

Setting Up Apple Pay

You must set up Apple Pay in advance if you want to make use of its features. When you initially purchase a smartphone, almost all of them come equipped with a mobile wallet. The mobile wallet included with Apple handsets is called Apple Wallet.

You can select between Google Pay and Samsung Pay if you have an Android phone (if you have a Samsung phone). Even though the app is already installed on your phone, you still need to set it up before you can use it.

In order to set up Apple Pay on your own phone, just follow these easy steps:

1. Open Apple Wallet App

Open the Apple Wallet app on your Apple smartphone to get started. To open the app, you will require verification, such as your fingerprint or a pin code. The authentication process will resemble how you currently open your phone on a regular basis.

The home screen will show up when you first launch the app. You won’t yet have any cards added to the wallet at this time.

2. Press + Button

The main screen will display a large “+” button. You can add a card to your mobile wallet by pressing the “+” button. Hit “+” to enter the card information after you have your card in hand.

3. Enter CC Information

You will be given the option to add a debit card or a credit card once you click the “+” button. Select “Continue” after selecting the relevant option. At this point, your camera will turn on by itself so that you can take a picture of the relevant card.

Take a picture of the card with it in the center of the square on your screen so that the app can automatically capture the data. When taking the photo, be sure to keep the phone as steady as you can and position the card against a stable wall.

You can manually enter your card details if you don’t like the notion of snapping a picture of your card information.

You should take the time to carefully check the information before entering it into your mobile wallet if you decide to manually enter your card information.

4. Verify With Bank

You might need to contact your financial institution to confirm your request after entering your information in order to add the credit card to your mobile wallet. Verification requirements vary among banks and credit card firms.

Some of the different methods of verification include:

1. Logging into the bank’s app on your phone

2. Entering a code sent to your phone or email

Once your banking institution has given the request to add the card their approval, you ought to get a confirmation. Speak with your bank to find out what you can do to complete the procedure if you receive an error notice at any time during it.

5. Add Card to Apple Watch

It’s more convenient for customers to utilize Apple Pay on an Apple Watch. To your Apple Watch, you must add our card separately, nevertheless.

The Apple Watch does not instantly configure your Apple Wallet after adding your card to the Apple Wallet app on your smartphone. It will be quite similar to how you put your card to your Apple Wallet app when you add your card to the website.

6. Make a Purchase With Apple Pay

Last but not least, test out your new mobile wallet in a store you know takes Apple Pay, like PetSmart. It’s a good idea to have your card or some cash with you since it’s your first time using it in case something goes wrong.

Alternative Mobile Wallets

Alternative Mobile Wallets

The mobile wallet for Apple devices is called Apply Pay. But not everyone favors iPhones over Android or Windows smartphones. Fortunately, those without Apple products have a wide range of possibilities. Outside of Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay are the two most widely used solutions.

Since all mobile wallets utilize the NFC technology we previously mentioned, POS systems that accept Apple Pay will also take the other mobile wallets. Mobile wallets typically look the same. There are little distinctions between both, though, that may make one more appealing to you than the other.

Google Pay can be downloaded through the Apple App Store if you decide for some reason that you’d prefer to use a different mobile wallet than Apple Pay. A card may not automatically be added to all of your mobile wallets just because you add it to one of them.

What has Made PetSmart so Successful?

What has Made PetSmart so Successful?

Here are some of the reasons that you should shop at PetSmart.

1. Numerous Locations

What has Made PetSmart so Successful?

More than 6,000 PetSmart locations can be found in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. There is probably a PetSmart nearby if you reside in a populated urban region. They can probably visit a store in even the most isolated locations.

There are so many places that you might even have a store close to your house, your veterinarian, and your place of employment, giving you option when you need to stop.

2. Knowledgeable Staff

Good Staff

If you are a first-time pet owner, you might have concerns about how to take care of your new pet. The staff at PetSmart can provide information on anything from diet to toilet training and how to handle misbehaving dogs.

If you have numerous inquiries, a store employee might be able to direct you to one of the greatest books on the subject. Before adopting an animal, always do your research on handling and training!

3. Love for Animals

Love for Animals

You can sense how much PetSmart cares for animals, which really sets them apart from its competitors. The organization’s rules set the tone for its seeming compassion for animals.

They welcome pets inside the store and only stock items that are generally pet-safe (when used as directed and assuming no special health concerns).

It’s crucial to keep in mind that you must keep your dog in control and on a leash if you choose to bring him or her into the store, which may be a real treat. You will be held accountable if your dog manages to get out of control or harm any store merchandise.

It’s recommended not to allow kids to handle the animals or bring dangerous dogs into the business. Additionally, PetSmart makes a special effort to find loving homes for stray animals through PetSmart Charities.

Moreover, they hold Adoption Days. To find out how you can participate or bring a pet home, speak with a PetSmart associate in your area.

4. Grooming Services

Love for Animals

Your dog deserves to be at its healthiest and best-looking. It’s crucial to obtain expert grooming services because they might not be able to cut their hair and nails on their own and you might not have the abilities necessary to complete the job as well as you’d like.

There are grooming options at PetSmart. If you plan ahead, you might be able to finish your shopping and still have time to groom your dog.

5. PetsHotel

Love for Animals

Certain animals dislike travel. Although you can ask a friend or a stranger from an app to look after your pet, that might not be the greatest option.

Instead, think about boarding your pet at PetSmart’s PetsHotel while you’re away. Professionals will look after your pet for you, making sure they receive proper food and exercise.

Prices are typically less expensive than those of most kennels, and you can rest easy knowing that whoever is taking care of your animals will know what to do in an emergency. If you want to know if this service is offered in your location, you can visit PetSmart’s website.


You want to provide your pet with whatever they require as soon as you can. You might only be able to use Apple Pay if you don’t have your card with you.

Fortunately, Apple Pay is an option at all PetSmart locations. Other mobile wallets and payment apps, like Cash App and Venmo, are also accepted as payment methods.

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