Does Screenshotting Instagram Story Notify?

Does screenshotting Instagram story notify? Although Instagram has previously briefly tested a feature that allowed people to see who screenshotted their story back in 2018, it’s not clear whether they have any plans to add it back in the future.

does screenshotting instagram story notify

Is there an Instagram Story Screenshot Notification?

While Instagram doesn’t notify users if their story has been screenshotted, this doesn’t apply to Instagram DMs.

If someone sends you a disappearing video or photo in your DMs and you screenshot it, the sender will be notified.

However, this only applies to disappearing content in Instagram DMs. Screenshotting a story, post or reel, will not result in any notifications.

So, there you have it everything you need to know about Instagram story screenshot notifications.

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Do People Get Notified when You Screenshot on Instagram?

No, Instagram doesn’t notify people when you screenshot their posts or stories. However, it does notify users when you take a screenshot of disappearing photos or videos sent in their DMs (direct message chat).

However, keep in mind that back in 2018, Instagram released an update that notified users if you took a screenshot of their stories. But the update was rolled back just a few months later.

It does indicate that Instagram has definitely built the ability to notify users if their stories are screenshotted, so this is something to remember. Maybe, in the future, Instagram might re-introduce a similar feature.

Also note that Instagram doesn’t send screenshot notifications when you screenshot any other part of the app – be it a user’s profile, their list of followers, or other screens – including photos.

The same is true if you take a screen recording of a user’s video post – Instagram doesn’t notify them. Does screenshotting Instagram story notify?


Why Would You want to Screenshot Instagram Posts?

Instagram lets you bookmark photos and videos that you like to keep for future reference and easy access. Here’s how you can bookmark posts on Instagram:

Step 1. Go to the post that you want to bookmark, and tap on the bookmark icon, as shown below.

Step 2. The post will be saved. If you want to save it to a collection, choose the collection that you want to save the post to, or create a new one.

That’s it. You can access all your saved images and videos by tapping on your profile picture, and then the three horizontal bars (menu icon) at the top-right corner > ‘Saved’.

However, you’ll only be able to access your saved posts if you are connected to the internet. If you want to view your bookmarked images and videos when you’re offline, it makes more sense to take a quick screenshot of them.

Furthermore, as described, bookmarking a post takes time. And, if you want to share it with someone, they can only view it if they too have the Instagram app downloaded on their device. Does screenshotting Instagram story notify?

Does Instagram Notify Users when You Screenshot DMs?

Yes, although there’s a catch to it. Not every photo or video screenshot that you take from within a DM (direct message) chat on Instagram is notified.

Instagram only notifies users when you take a screenshot of a ‘disappearing’ photo or video message.

A disappearing message is one that is taken from the camera directly from within the DM chat. They are only viewable for a limited time, and once the other person has seen them, they disappear soon.

Instagram doesn’t notify people if you take a screenshot of a photo or video that they have shared from their gallery or camera roll.

Further, screenshots of other non-disappearing content, in DMs (like posts from feeds, and text messages) will also not be notified to the user. Does screenshotting an Instagram story notify?

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