Does Walgreens Take Apple Pay?

Many Americans rely on Walgreens to pick up their prescriptions and purchase health-related items. You might be wondering if Walgreens supports digital wallets given how many people are using them to make purchases.

Does Walgreens Take Apple Pay?

Apple Pay specifically used NFC technology to send money from its app to the retailer. Near-field communication, sometimes known as NFC, is a secure and contactless method of paying for goods at a store.

You might be wondering if Walgreens offers Apple Pay as a mode of payment because it’s safe and reduces the spread of germs. The following information may help you determine whether the Walgreens app accepts Apple Pay.

Does Walgreens Take Apple Pay?

Does Walgreens Take Apple Pay?

Yes, Apple Pay is accepted at Walgreens as a mode of payment. Recently, Walgreens installed NFC terminals in all of its shops. These terminals support Apple Pay and other digital wallets.

Additionally, they made it possible to utilize the Apple Pay account and your Walgreens Balance Rewards card. Utilizing the 3% cashback feature through Apple Pay with the Apple Card with apple pay will help you save even more money.

Why Does Walgreens Take Apple Pay?

Does Walgreens Take Apple Pay

There are a number of reasons why a retailer like Walgreens may accept Apple Pay as a form of payment. Here are a few explanations for why Walgreens accepts Apple Pay.

1. Supports More Customers

Walgreens wants its locations to be where people go to get prescription drugs and other items for their health. It has opened up new payment options to make it simpler for customers to visit its businesses. People who own iPhones, for instance, frequently utilize them to make purchases.

The ability to utilize their phone to make a purchase is practical and simple, whether they have an iPhone or an Apple Watch. Because of this, many Apple devotees make purchases at stores that accept Apple Pay. Instead of excluding Apple aficionados, Walgreens prefers to extend an invitation.

Walgreens increases the competition in its stores by making it simpler for customers to purchase its goods and by accepting Apple Pay.

2. No Digital Wallet Competition

There is no internal digital wallet app at Walgreens. The fact that many businesses already offer their own digital wallets is one of the main reasons they decide not to accept Apple Pay. Since Apple Pay discourages users from using their digital wallet platform, they do not want to accept it.

A digital wallet is not available at Walgreens. Apple Pay doesn’t compete with anything as a result. No conflict exists, so Walgreens is free to accept Apple Pay customers.

3. Adapting To The Future

More people are trying to adopt contactless payment methods. It’s quicker, safer, and far more practical. Customers can use a variety of payment options without having to carry their cards with them by having access to them on their phones.

Since they don’t have to swipe anything on a real device, it’s also safer. NFC technology is probably here to stay. If anything, its use and popularity are likely to grow. In order to prepare for the future, Walgreens has accepted this transition.

Whereas competitors who have not upgraded to NFC technology would find it difficult to preserve their consumer base or see fresh growth, this will help keep their locations open.

4. Sanitary

The fact that Apple Pay is a cleaner method of payment is a final justification for Walgreens accepting it. Because it necessitates a lot of client contact, the checkout line is filthy. To select from a variety of payment methods, they must touch the screen.

To swipe their card or enter a PIN, users must then touch id the card reader. Apple Pay does away with touching. When utilizing Apple Pay, a client merely needs to touch their luggage and phone. The checkout line is much cleaner as a result.

Since fewer users are touching the terminals, the staff can clean the area less frequently. That might help Walgreens save both time and money. Additionally, it increases the store’s appeal to customers.

Many customers anticipate Walgreens to be at the forefront of offering a sanitary shopping experience because they provide products connected to health. They maintain their consumers’ loyalty by doing this. Because Apple Pay makes it possible for their store to be cleaner, Walgreens accepts it.

How To Use Apple Pay At Walgreens

How To Use Apple Pay At Walgreens

It’s simple to utilize Apple Pay at Walgreens if you want to. In order to utilize Apple Pay at Walgreens, follow these steps.

1. Download The App

The software needs to be downloaded on your iPhone or Apple Watch as a first step. Someone already installed default on your device most of the time. You merely need to go to your settings and check for the section on your digital wallet.

2. Connect Payment Methods

Attaching the various payment methods you want to utilize to make purchases is the next step. They included your debit cards and credit cards in this. Using a card is the best choice because not all retailers accept payments made through direct bank transfers.

The wallet can hold as many cards as you like. If you do have multiple payment options, you must choose one to use as your default payment method. When making a purchase, you can always change it later.

3. Shop

You can begin your Walgreens shopping once it is connected. You are not required to do anything with your digital wallet at this time. You can go shopping as usual.

4. Checkout

The clerk will take your purchases and scan them as usual once you are in the checkout line. You can let them know that you’re using Apple Pay when it comes time to make a payment. A prompt will appear on the reader. Hold your Apple Pay device close to the reader while it is open.

Either by placing your finger on the touchpad or having your face id scanned, you will authorize the transaction. Apple Pay confirms payments using biometric security. This makes sure that nobody else can verify payments.

A green checkmark will appear on your screen after the transaction is complete. You’ll notice a light vibration if you’re wearing an Apple Watch. You are free to pick up your things and exit the store after they have transferred the money.

The use of a self-checkout kiosk results in a similar procedure. You scan your own stuff, so that’s the only distinction. Additionally, you might need to tap a button on the display to alert the cashier that you’re using Apple Pay.

If not, you proceed in the same manner to confirm the payment and transfer the funds.

Advantages of Using Apple Pay at Walgreens

Advantages of Using Apple Pay at Walgreens

Here are a few benefits to think about if you’re an iPhone or Apple Watch user who hasn’t decided whether you should use Apple Pay at Walgreens or not.

1. Secure Payments

Using Apple Pay makes shopping safer, which is one of its best features. There is always a possibility that they have compromised a terminal while working with tangible objects like cards. An actual card is a risk, whether it’s being used with a skimmer or something else.

NFC technology is significantly safer. It requires your biometric confirmation, for starters. Since nobody else has your fingerprint or face, only you can validate payments.

Skimming tools like skimmers become outdated because the transfer takes place through the cloud rather than a physical swipe. Using Apple Pay to make purchases at Walgreens is safe.

2. Contactless

Its contactless nature is an additional benefit. When using NFC technology, you touch public screens much less frequently, if at all.

As a result, checkout areas are far more hygienic. Utilizing Apple Pay at Walgreens can allay your concerns about contacting an infectious surface.

3. Faster

Finally, Walgreens checkout is significantly quicker when using Apple Pay. You don’t have to spend time entering a PIN or rummaging through your wallet to find the right card or sum of money.

To confirm the payment, all you have to do is click on your app. It pleases customers when checkout lines move more quickly.


Walgreens in-store, online purchases, and via mobile applications accept Apple Pay. In order to earn points, you can also link your Balance Card to Apple Pay.

Applying for an Apple Card may enable you to make a small profit on each Walgreens purchase. You should use Apple Pay at Walgreens to take advantage of its many advantages so that you can discover even more.

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