How Long are Online Orders Held at Home Depot?

Have you made an online order at Home Depot? Are you curious to know how long it takes for Home Depot to deliver your package? Your answer is right here, keep reading to know how long.

How Long Are Online Orders Held at Home Depot?

Home Depot has made it easy for customers to buy items by using the buy online option. You can purchase as many goods as you want at your convenience using the Home Depot online store. 

Also, Home Depot online order is easy and there are no charges attached to the shipping. Apart from ordering online, you can find some amazing weekly deals, online coupons, and more.

How Long are Online Orders Held at Home Depot?

How Long Are Online Orders Held at Home Depot? Well, it takes 2 to 3 days for Home Depot to deliver orders online. Already, after you’ve placed your order you will see the estimated date of when you will receive your online order.

However, when you place an order for a large appliance for less than $396, Home Depot will charge you $59 for the delivery fee. Also, if a customer wants to remove an old appliance it will cost you extra.

You can check your online status to follow up on your online purchase. This is done on the Home Depot status page, on the page you will see your purchase confirmation number and also your email address.

Free Assembly is available when a customer chooses Buy Online. For you to get the free assembly, select the ‘FREE Assembly’ option which is located in the Shopping Cart.

Within 2 hours Home Depot workers will assemble your items even before you pick up your ordered items.

Is Home Depot’s Delivery Service Free?

Home Depot is a company that provides free shipping to most of their items that is over $45. Interestingly, for any item that is ordered online, it can be picked up at the store with no additional charges. 

Also, customers who receive a lesser price at another shop are privileged to the same price with a 10 percent discount.

If you place an online order at Home Depot, be rest assured that your purchased item will be delivered to you within 2 to 3 days if it is within the nation. 

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