How Long Do AirPods Last, and Can You Make them Last Longer?

How long do AirPods last? Know the average lifespan of your AirPods and how to take care of them to make the battery life last so you can enjoy them!

how long do airpods last

Without a doubt, wireless technology is taking over the planet. As new technologies emerge, we become more mobile and free.

In the late 1990s, we said goodbye to the power cord when using laptops. In the early 2000s, we could access the internet without Ethernet.

And just a few years ago, we were able to listen to music without being plugged into any devices.

The Apple Inc.-created AirPods are wireless Bluetooth earbuds. On September 7, 2016, they were originally introduced along with the iPhone 7.

They rose to the top spot among Apple accessories in just two years.

Perhaps, for this reason, Apple’s wireless earbuds, known as AirPods, are hailed as the brand’s best offering since the iPhone.

They provide a seamless user experience and are fashionable, light, and efficient.

With AirPods and AirPods Pro, you can use your device to listen to music, ask Siri questions, and make phone calls.

How long do AirPods last, though, considering how taxing these beautiful features are?

How AirPods are Different from Earbuds

how long do airpods last

Since the debut of the original iPhone in 2007, Apple has always shipped a straightforward set of wired earbuds with every device.

You have undoubtedly used an iPad or an iPhone if you have ever had one. A Y-connection connects both earbuds to your phone’s audio port.

Apple removed the conventional headphone jack starting with the iPhone 7, and wired earphones instead use a Lightning port connector.

All wired earbuds contain a built-in media controller that lets you play, pause, skip tracks, and change the volume.

Instead, each earpiece has its own Bluetooth radio that you may use to pair with your phone or other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Not only does this eliminate the need for tangled wires, but if you have an iPhone 7 or later, you can use AirPods and charge your phone at the same time using the Lightning port.

The original AirPod (introduced in 2016) and the AirPod 2 are the two variations of AirPods that Apple has made available (released in 2019).

The AirPods 2 are designed around the more recent H1 wireless chipset, which Apple claims operates nearly twice as quickly as the original W1 wireless chip used in the first generation AirPods.

Both AirPods have microphones for phone conversations and use Siri as well as accelerometers to detect gestures. They also have optical sensors to determine whether they are in your ears.

The charging case for the AirPods contains a built-in battery to increase the earpieces’ battery life when not plugged into a power source.

If you let the AirPods fully charge within the charging case, both versions of the device have about the same amount of battery life—more than 24 hours of listening time.

How Do AirPods Work?

how long do airpods last

Make sure the volume is appropriate for you by connecting your AirPods to your iPhone, iPad, or another device first.

The AirPods are specifically made for the left and right ear due to their form.

The stem of each earbud has a little “L” and “R” printed on it in case you need help identifying which is which.

They should naturally fit in the notch in your ear after you place them in your ears and point the stem straight down.

The AirPods have no power button.

They are ready to use as soon as you enter them since they have accelerometers and optical sensors that allow them to sense when they are in your ear.

Additionally, when you remove them, the audio will immediately pause.

Your AirPods’ operation depends on the model you have:

Every AirPod model: Double-tapping an earbud answer and ends calls.

Authentic AirPods: To activate Siri, double-tap either earbud.

Ask Siri to do things like “play,” “pause,” “lower volume,” “go back to the previous song,” or “skip song” to control the music.

Double-tap an earbud on the AirPods 2 to change the music.

Say “Hey Siri” to activate Siri.

A double-tap on AirPods can also be configured to trigger different actions.

Why Your AirPods Battery Life is Poor

how long do airpods last

It’s critical to first understand the size of the device before analyzing how quickly the AirPods battery occasionally discharges.

When the technology is so little, the battery won’t be as robust and long-lasting as, say, a portable speaker.

Therefore, even if they perform as intended, your AirPods won’t ever have the 12-hour battery lives we wish they had.

Fortunately, smarter people than me came up with a case that doubles as a rechargeable power bank and can be used with either earbuds or AirPods.

Keep in mind that an empty charging case is just an AirPod container, so make sure it is fully charged before bringing it along.

Another solution to this problem is to lessen the tension on your AirPods, which can be done in a variety of ways.

Additionally, the additional AirPod features like noise cancellation and in-ear recognition (which pauses the AirPods when you remove them) may put more strain on your charge.

Therefore, if you can do without these straightforward, practical functions, you will get more battery for your money.

The bad news is coming if you have read everything and are mentally ticking each item off after making sure you have complied with all the previous suggestions.

The most likely cause of the issue is that the battery in your AirPods is beyond its prime and can no longer maintain the same charge that it once could.

If so, the battery’s two choices are to put up with its reduced charge rate or totally swap out the AirPods.

Fortunately, if you are still covered by your warranty, Apple will replace the battery for no additional cost.

Tips to Increase the Life of Your AirPods

how long do airpods last

There are a few ways to lengthen the life of your fully charged AirPods, no matter if you are exceedingly careful and conscientious with them or if you can’t even remember where you last put them.

Therefore, even if you can’t get half a day’s worth of use out of one AirPod charge, you can still get the six hours that Apple specifies.

1. Reduce the Volume

To criticize others for engaging in such a universally adored activity is hypocritical.

You might not understand how quickly high volume drains a battery, which makes you ask why Apple decided to mislead you regarding battery life.

As a result, your volume knob acts as a mediator in an electrical struggle between the battery and your audio level.

You should be able to achieve the desired battery life by keeping the level at around 60% without having to endure the Rolling Stones whispering Sympathy For The Devil in your ear.

Additionally, you can check to make sure that no debris is blocking the audio output holes, which could result in a considerably quieter listening environment.

2. Turn Off Additional Features

The wonderful extra features that make AirPods feel like they are straight out of a science fiction book are one of the main elements that set them apart so drastically (apart from the Apple logo).

Because of how well the noise cancellation works, you only hear the smooth jams on your playlist when there is less noise around you.

Additionally, it includes technology that pauses the audio when the AirPod is taken out of your ear, something that tech and audio firms have long neglected.

Unfortunately, a significant amount of your battery life will be consumed by these features.

It might be advantageous to have a more basic configuration for your AirPods to last longer of the day if you can live without them.

There is no shame if you believe that these qualities are a worthwhile trade-off because this is one of those answers that depends on personal preference (as are other of these solutions).

3. Always Keep AirPods in their Charging Case

When you are taking a break from listening to music, put your AirPods in the case if you are someone who uses them numerous times a day for little periods of time.

The AirPods charging case is renowned for its quick charging times; using them for short periods of time at a time will maintain the charge percentage higher, if not fully charged, throughout the day.

It can be difficult to remember to put your earphones back in after each time you remove them, so try to develop the habit of keeping your charging case close by.

This helps you get more use out of your AirPods’ decreasing battery life, which will eventually start to shorten as time goes on.

how long do airpods last

4. Keep Charging Case Plugged in

While it’s obvious that this won’t always be possible, having the case fully charged can benefit you and your AirPods if you frequently listen to music inside or close to electrical outlets.

For those who are skeptics, the battery in the charging case has a feature that cuts out extra power, so you won’t have to worry about overcharging your case.

Try to plug it in before you go to bed if you can’t keep it charged for the majority of the day so you can start the next day with a brand-new, full charge.

Although AirPods is a fantastic product with a lot to offer, you must also be diligent about charging the case as well as the earbuds.

You won’t frequently run out of battery life if you give your charging case the same priority as your AirPods.

5. Keep the Battery Above 40%

Batteries have a lot of energy to offer, but if you overexert it, it can wear on the battery over time and result in negative long-term effects.

The same problem exists with all kinds of batteries, and overcharging them will reduce the quality of the charge.

Try your hardest to keep the AirPods battery level above 40% to prevent this potential problem from occurring.

This is obviously not always going to be achievable, and if you occasionally neglect to do this, you are not in serious trouble.

If your battery is consistently misused (by 10% or less), it will eventually die and provide less and less power with each charge.

This won’t cause much of a problem if you follow steps three and four, but if your battery is draining much earlier than it should, this is probably the cause.

6. Use One AirPod at a Time

If you’re worried that your AirPods won’t last all day, utilizing one at a time while it’s charging could give you 24-hour battery life.

Even though it’s not the best for hearing, this method of use only uses half the battery at once.

You should be able to extend the life of your AirPods significantly now that you are aware of their battery life and how to get the most listening and talking time out of them.

Just keep in mind to maintain them safe and tidy as well, and they’ll remain in good condition for a long time.

7. Keep Your AirPods Dry and Clean

Although they are somewhat water- and sweat-resistant, AirPods Pro and the new AirPods are not waterproof.

Keep your AirPods dry, and if they get soiled or dirty, make sure to thoroughly clean them.

how long do airpods last

9. Keep Your AirPods Safe from Extreme Temperatures and Direct Sunlight.

The batteries in your AirPods can be harmed by extreme conditions (heat or cold).

While possible, avoid using them in poor weather, and when not in use, keep them out of direct sunlight.

The AirPods and case should not be kept in an area that is frequently hot or cold.

10. Use One AirPod at a Time

If you’re worried that your AirPods won’t last all day, utilizing one at a time while it’s charging could give you 24-hour battery life.

Even though it’s not the best for hearing, this method of use only uses half the battery at once.

You should be able to extend the life of your AirPods significantly now that you are aware of their battery life and how to get the most listening and talking time out of them.

Just keep in mind to maintain them safe and tidy as well, and they’ll remain in good condition for a long time.

How Long Do AirPods Stay Charged?

how long do airpods last

Three hours of listening time or two hours of speaking time can be obtained from AirPods by charging them in their case for just 15 minutes.

Just five minutes of charging time is required to provide AirPods Pro enough power for an hour of chatting or listening.

Apple claims that the original AirPods can provide up to five hours of listening time or two hours of speaking time on a single full charge.

The extended talk time of the second-generation AirPods is three hours.

About four and a half hours of listening or three and a half hours of talking is possible on an AirPods Pro charge.

The charging case for AirPods provides up to 24 additional hours of listening time or roughly 18 hours of speaking time when fully charged.

How long does it take for AirPods to charge? It takes up to an hour to fully charge an AirPod charging case.

The case can then charge your AirPods in up to 20 minutes. A fully charged case can fully recharge your AirPods three or four times.

How Long Does AirPods Pro Last?

how long do airpods last

AirPods received an upgrade named Optimized Battery Charging with the launch of iOS 14.

This enables your iOS devices to learn about your daily routine and charge your headphones (or other Apple devices) just to 80% until you are about to use them.

This prevents the battery from being kept in the case at full charge for an extended period, which could damage your battery.

You may extend the life of your AirPods battery so that it lasts through all of your music and phone calls for the day by utilizing this latest update and applying the advice in this article.

The battery life of AirPods will often vary based on how much use they receive and how well they are maintained.

Apple AirPods batteries can last for roughly two years on average, though.

One of the older AirPods may stop functioning or become noticeably quieter, which is the most frequent problem.

AirPods Pro Charging Case Replacement Option

how long do airpods last

We have you covered here, whether you’ve misplaced your Apple AirPods Pro charging case or are looking to purchase a backup charging case in case you lose the original one, the Apple wireless charging case.

It can be challenging to purchase a new wireless charging cover for your AirPods Pro.

There are a huge number of alternatives available, but choosing the ideal one for your Apple AirPods Pro can be difficult.


Yes, you should take durability into account while looking for a new case for your AirPods Pro.

Although we are all aware that the original Apple wireless charging cover is unbeatable, attempt to find something comparable.

You don’t want the lid of the replacement case to come off when you open it, right? Make sure you inspect the quality of the lid if you’re purchasing the replacement from an offline retailer.

Additionally, check for features like overcharging and overheating protection in the charging case.

Listening Time

According to Apple’s official website, a full charge of the company’s original wireless charging case offers up to 4.5 hours of listening time and 3.5 hours of conversation time.

Additionally, it offers an instantaneous hour of conversation time and an hour of listening time (five minutes).

The replacement charging cases we listed on our list make it rather simple to reach these figures.

The replacement charging case’s true value, in addition to the battery, is in the listening and talking times it offers.

Don’t compromise on the audio playback or speaking time as a result.

Capacity to Hold the Charge

Right, you don’t want the wireless charging case’s battery to intermittently discharge.

Therefore, be sure to get a replacement charging case that has a minimum 24-hour battery life.

how long do airpods last


With so many alternatives available, you can become perplexed and wind up purchasing a new case for “AirPods, AirPods Second Generation, or AirPods Third Generation.”

As a result, take great care when replacing the AirPods Pro’s wireless charging cover. Make sure the label or packaging properly identifies the product as “AirPods Pro.”

Additionally, don’t believe online guides that instruct you on how to charge your AirPods without the case. Definitely not!

When AirPods users don’t utilize the proper AirPods case, the headphones occasionally keep disconnecting.

AirPods Time for a Full Charge

A complete charge of the original Apple wireless charging case takes about an hour.

However, based on our observations, the majority of the best AirPods Pro wireless charging case alternatives require three to four hours to fully recharge.

When you own AirPods Pro, the “time for a complete charge” of the charging case is quite important.

You undoubtedly purchased AirPods Pro in order to streamline your workflow and save time. Correct?

Choose a replacement case that can charge completely in four hours or fewer.

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