How Long do Shipping Orders Take?

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How Long do Shipping Orders Take?

A shipping order is a legal document that is mostly issued by a carrier. Most carriers for deliveries always issue a shipping order. This serves as a confirmation that the purchased item is on the shipping vessel.

Those into importing and exporting items show these shipping orders to the customs personnel in order for the officials to release and grant the cargo access.

What is a Shipping Order?

A shipping order is a document that tells a shipping company where the cargo you ordered will be shipped. The shipping company will create a shipping manifest. Carriers will show the shipping manifest to the shipping company that will transport your cargo.

Also, when the cargo has been scheduled for dispatch, a shipping order is issued by the carrier. The shipping order confirms that the cargo has actually been transported. 

After the cargo has been transported, the carrier issues a shipping order to the consignee to confirm that the shipment has occurred.

How Long do Shipping Orders Take?

How Long do Shipping Orders Take?

Shipping orders for various companies vary. USPS has two types of shipping: Priority Mail and First-Class Mail. 

Priority Mail packages are usually delivered within 1-3 business days. While First-Class Mail packages are delivered within 1-5 business days. Small packages can take up to 2-5 business days to be delivered.

For UPS Ground packages, their shipping order usually arrives between one and five days from the US. 

Also, if you’re shipping from one of the “corners” of the country, like Miami, delivery times can be longer. 

It may take six or seven days to deliver to more distant or remote locations. Deliveries can take up to three days but may take up to seven days in some cases.

Also, for FedEx Ground Shipping it usually takes 1 to 5 business days to deliver your package. You can always track your package’s progress using FedEx’s free tracking service.

In conclusion, The time and days a shipping order will get to a customer may vary. This is because different shipping companies have their own time and days for shipment.

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