How Long is Uncharted? Details on the Uncharted Series

How long is uncharted? Nathan Drake, a smart treasure hunter and rumored descendant of Sir Francis Drake, is the main character in the Uncharted video games. With the assistance of journalist Elena Fisher and his lifelong mentor Victor “Sully” Sullivan, he embarks on a quest to locate the lost treasure in each game while being hunted by cunning antagonists.

how long is uncharted

How Long is Uncharted?

These single-player action-adventure games are renowned for being incredibly exciting cinematic experiences (the fourth entry includes a multiplayer option).

Many people could want to play the games for the first time, and some aficionados might want to play them again now that the Uncharted movie adaptation starring Tom Holland is on the way.

It can take some time to finish the four main books in the series, which make up Drake’s story arc and provide an exciting storyline for the character.

How Long Does it Take to Beat the Uncharted Games?

In the 2007 video game Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, Drake searches for the fabled El Dorado wealth. Players spend on average about 8 hours finishing the main story.

Faster players have completed it in 6 hours, while slower players take 16 hours to complete Nathan Drake’s First Adventure.

Drake’s search for the city of Shambala is followed in the 2009 sequel Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. The average player needs about 10 hours to complete the campaign of Uncharted 2 on average.

In 8 hours, players who rushed through the story completed it. After 16 hours of play, those who played the game more slowly completed the game’s tale.


Uncharted 4 is the PlayStation’s Best Game Ever – Here’s Why

In the 2011 video game Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, Drake and his companions look for the fabled city of Iram of the Pillars.

It takes about 9 hours of playtime to complete the main story, which is a little less time than the second game on average. The campaign of the game can be finished quickly in 6 hours, while players who take their time may need closer to 20 hours to complete it.

The longest game in the series to date and the last installment, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, was released in 2016. To find Henry Avery’s riches, the player takes control of an elder Drake who has just come out of retirement.

It typically takes 15 hours to complete the main tale. Players who take their time with the story complete it in 21 hours, while those who rush through it do so in only 11 hours.

In total, an average playthrough of the four main series Uncharted titles averages about 42 hours to beat in total.

A skilled gamer or someone familiar with the games may be able to whittle that time down to 22 hours, though, while those taking their time may sink as much as 70 hours in.

How Long Does it Take to Do Everything in the Uncharted Series?

The Uncharted games do not have side quests that would lengthen the playtime for completionist players, but there are plenty of collectibles in the form of treasures and relics for these types of players to hunt down.

A completionist run of the first Uncharted takes most players a little over 17 hours, but some have reported runs around 12 hours.

Those scouring every nook and cranny, though, can spend 36 hours tracking down every collectible and acquiring every trophy.

The first game has a total of 61 collectibles scattered throughout each chapter, but it also has a linear structure and does not involve much backtracking through previous areas of the game. Of course, this also means you’ll have to be careful not to miss any collectibles.

For completionists, Uncharted 2 is longer than the original game; it features more collectibles 101 in total and most players will probably miss many of them during typical playthroughs.

Although it takes more than 21 hours on average to finish the game, relaxed individuals often take 36 hours to finish the second game. Those that move quickly can finish it in 16 hours.

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