How Many Rings Does Jimmy G Have? (2023 Updated)

Jimmy Garoppolo Super Bowl rings have become a topic of interest and debate among football enthusiasts. If you’re a die-hard fan of the San Francisco 49ers, there’s no denying that Jimmy G has made a name for himself in the league. We’ll give you an insight into Jimmy Garoppolo Super Bowl rings and his impressive career.

jimmy garoppolo super bowl rings

The quarterback has had many Super Bowl appearances and Jimmy has been a key part of his team’s success.

He has demonstrated what it takes to reach the pinnacle of his field at a young age.

However, some people still view him as a player who rides on the success of others.

Even though, the public is quick to criticize his inconsistent assessments, this athlete’s career has a lot to offer.

How Many Rings Does Jimmy G Have?

jimmy garoppolo super bowl rings

Jimmy G, also referred to as Jimmy Garoppolo, has won two rings.

During Super Bowl LIV, he had the chance to win a third championship ring, but he was unable to defeat the Kansas City Chiefs.

Despite having a 10-point lead going into the final quarter, the defense conceded 21 points.

Tom Brady is the only quarterback currently playing who has more rings than Jimmy G.

With seven separate Super Bowl rings, Tom Brady has the most awards of any quarterback in National Football League history.

While some football fans could argue that Jimmy G is over-hyped by his supporters, many consider his accomplishments in the National Football League.

Jimmy Garoppolo’s Early Life and Background

jimmy garoppolo super bowl rings

Jimmy Garoppolo is one of four kids born to his father Tony Garoppolo and his mother Denise Garoppolo.

He was born on November 2, 1991, in the U.S. state of Illinois.

His maternal grandparents originated in Poland and Germany, while his paternal grandparents immigrated to the United States from Italy.

As an electrician, Jimmy Garoppolo’s father was able to support his family well, allowing him to have a reasonably comfortable childhood.

He was a football player for the school squad while he was a student at Rolling Meadows High School.

When playing quarterback, Garoppolo was showcased and offered some intriguing statistics.

Is Jimmy G Italian?

jimmy garoppolo super bowl rings

Yes, Jimmy G has an Italian last name, Garoppolo, and is of Italian heritage.

Although he is also of German and Polish ancestry, he was born in the United States.

His paternal grandparents, who were Italian immigrants who arrived in the country before he was born, gave him his last name.

Meanwhile, his maternal grandparents were of Polish and German descent.

His brothers are Mike Garoppolo, Tony Garoppolo, Jr., and Billy Garoppolo, and he is the second youngest of four children.

They were reared by their mother Denise Garoppolo, affectionately referred to as Mama G by Jimmy G’s followers, and their father Anthony “Tony” Garoppolo.

In the Chicago suburb, where they lived, their mother was a cook, and their father was a worker in the electrical industry.

Garoppolo began his football career as both a quarterback and a linebacker while a student at and a graduate of Rolling Meadows High School.

He enrolled at Eastern Illinois University after graduating from high school to pursue a management degree.

Meanwhile, many of the school’s Disney-loving fans pointed out how closely the young quarterback resembles the Disney hero, Aladdin.

This made many National Football League supporters start questioning Garoppolo’s nationality.

It didn’t take long for Garoppolo’s colleagues to poke fun at the Disney character’s likeness.

His teammates eventually started calling him “Prince Aladdin,” and they even changed the nameplate on his locker to reflect the jesting moniker.

He was also given other nicknames like The Great Garoppolo, Optimus Dime, and Jimmy GQ.

The San Francisco zoo named one of their snow leopards after Garoppolo because of his endearing nicknames and love for the San Francisco 49ers.

Jimmy Garoppolo’s NFL Journey

jimmy garoppolo super bowl rings

The backup quarterback for the New England Patriots to star quarterback Tom Brady was Jimmy Garoppolo.

He participated in six games during his rookie campaign with the Patriots, making his NFL debut in Week 4 against the Kansas City Chiefs.

When the Patriots won Super Bowl XLIX in 2014, he joined the team that prevailed.

He didn’t make the starting lineup, but he still treasures the Ring in his possession.

Garoppolo played primarily as a player in relief of Tom Brady during his time with the New England Patriots.

In 2017, the Patriots’ victory in Super Bowl LI earned him a second Super Bowl ring, though he was absent from the action.

The Patriots gave up Garoppolo in exchange for a second-round pick in the upcoming NFL Draft, sending him to the San Francisco 49ers.

After Week 13 of the season, he was elevated to the team’s starting lineup. In the games he started for the 49ers, he had a 7-0 record.

In 2018, he also signed a five-year, $137.5 million contract, making it the most expensive NFL deal ever.

During Week 3 of the 2018 campaign, Garoppolo tore his ACL, forcing him to sit out the rest of the year.

He helped the 49ers win their first Super Bowl in seven years in 2019 when he started playing again.

In the end, the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers.

Garoppolo threw one touchdown pass and two interceptions in the 20-31 defeat.

After Week 8 of the regular season in 2020, Garoppolo was diagnosed with an ankle ailment and did not play again until the latter part of the campaign.

He aided in the 49ers’ advancement into the 2021 playoffs, where they even advanced to the NFC Championship game before falling to the Los Angeles Rams.

Jimmy Garoppolo’s Teams

Jimmy Garoppolo’s Teams

New England Patriots (2014-2017)

The Patriots selected Garoppolo in the second round of the 2014 NFL Draft.

Given that Tom Brady was then playing for the Patriots, he was expected to be a bench player.

According to the numbers, Garoppolo’s time with the New England Patriots was the most fruitful of his professional life so far.

Despite not participating in both of the victories, he received two Super Bowl rings.

San Francisco 49ers (2017-Present)

In exchange for giving the New England Patriots a pick in the NFL Draft, the San Francisco 49ers received Jimmy Garoppolo.

For his first seven career starts in a row, he kept a flawless victory record.

Even in 2019, he guided the 49ers to a Super Bowl berth where they fell to the Kansas City Chiefs.

With seven minutes left in the game, the 49ers were up by ten points when the Chiefs took control of the situation.

Currently, Garippolo has a 98.9 passer rating.

Trey Lance replaced Garoppolo as the team’s starting quarterback, eliminating him from the lineup.

On August 30, 2022, Jimmy Garoppolo did, however, agree to a one-year deal with the San Francisco 49ers, keeping him with the team for the whole 2022 campaign.

He will have a base salary of $6.5 million, which is totally guaranteed and will be capable of making up to $8.45 million with playtime bonuses.

One of the top-paid backup quarterbacks in the league thanks to this deal is Jimmy Garoppolo.

Is Jimmy G Being Traded?

Is Jimmy G Being Traded?

If the San Francisco 49ers can acquire two of the players they’ve been requesting, Jimmy G might be traded.

Fans of Jimmy G are eagerly anticipating where he will play next and what he could be able to do with a brand-new group of players.

While the team may primarily pay attention to how a player has performed before joining their squad, Garoppolo is in a special position.

No matter how the well-liked quarterback performs, his followers are fiercely devoted and simple to promote.

A marketable player will bring a team significantly more money, even though a good player has the potential to boost a club’s performance.

The moniker Jimmy G raises football fans’ ears in the same way as his role model, Tom Brady does.

Although some players would feel deflated by their team’s desire to trade them for new talent, Garoppolo understands that it is simply a requirement of the game.

Garoppolo has claimed that he would prefer to be traded as part of a package deal that also included the wide receiver, Deebo Samuel.

In addition to being able to handle anything that Garoppolo throws at him on the field, Samuel also has a significant impact on what happens off the field and in the locker room.

Jimmy G would follow Deebo Samuels as a leader throughout his entire career.

Who Drafted Jimmy Garoppolo?

Who Drafted Jimmy Garoppolo?

Since Jimmy Garoppolo came from the FCS program Eastern Illinois, it was impossible to predict where he would end up in the 2014 NFL draft.

With the 62nd overall pick in the second round, the Patriots clearly believe that Garoppolo can become the team’s face of the future.

However, Garoppolo attended the same college that produced quarterback Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys and Sean Payton of the New Orleans Saints.

Is George Kittle Upset With Jimmy G?

Is George Kittle Upset With Jimmy G?

Jimmy G is not the cause of George Kittle’s displeasure.

Garoppolo hasn’t spoken to Kittle since they were cleaning out their lockers at the end of the previous season.

However, according to Keetle, he doesn’t take it personally and thought his teammate simply prefers to pursue his own interests in the off-season.

A question regarding Jimmy G’s recuperation from his shoulder injury was raised during George Kittle’s interview.

Kittle revealed that Garoppolo had indeed purchased him an iPhone even though he hadn’t phoned after getting him the phone.

George Kittle has been eager to stress out how seriously the rookie quarterback takes his career.

Although the rest of his squad may find Garoppolo’s lack of communication during the offseason to be a little aggravating.

According to Kittle, Jimmy G takes his job very seriously during the season.

During meetings, Garoppolo is usually seen taking notes and posing questions to show that he is paying attention to what his coach and teammates are saying.

Jimmy G is a leader for his teammates, much like Deebo Samuel, and often leads by example without expecting anybody to follow.

His study methods have been well-received by his teammates, and Trey Lance has even started taking notes on his own after following suit.

Once Garoppolo has been successfully traded by the San Francisco 49ers, Trey Lance will probably replace him as the team’s starting quarterback.

Fortunately, Lance has been working hard to step into the significant shoes that Jimmy G may be leaving behind.

Although George Kittle will miss Garoppolo, he is confident in the quarterback skills of Trey Lance.

Kittle has been astonished by some of the stunts Lance has performed in practice.

Is Jimmy G Paid Too Much?

Is Jimmy G Paid Too Much?

Yes, Jimmy G receives excessive compensation for a 2021 season marred by injuries and a spring 2022 ailment.

However, this quarterback presently consumes 15.1% of the San Francisco 49ers’ cap space, he has been injured more frequently than he has played.

Garoppolo only occupied 8.6% of the 49ers’ cap space as he led his club to the Super Bowl in 2019.

Paying someone more if they’re going to contribute less to your team doesn’t make sense.

Some people think Jimmy earns an excessive amount of money and should rather receive a signing bonus of $15 million from the San Francisco organization.

In the event that the 49ers were to release him, this would considerably reduce the amount of dead cap.

Another suggested course of action for the pricey quarterback of the 49ers would be to temporarily release him.

After that, the club will re-sign him to a contract that would have him earning a reduced portion of the team’s salary space.

Jimmy G made a mind-blowing $27.5 million in 2022.

He had the 13th-highest annual salary of any quarterback in the National Football League.

Garoppolo was given this contract after the 2017 campaign, making him the player with the highest annual salary in the history of the National Football League at the time.

He is worth every dollar of his yearly pay when he is playing and healthy.

It doesn’t appear that the San Francisco 49ers’ risk in giving him his original contract has paid off for them.

Fans wouldn’t be concerned about Jimmy Garoppolo’s salary if his throwing shoulder injury had never occurred.

Despite having the skill and potential worth $27.5 million, Garoppolo no longer has a throwing arm.

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