How Many Rings Does Larry Bird Have? (Breakdown)

The name Larry Bird is synonymous with basketball. He started his career at just the right time for the NBA.

how many rings does larry bird have

After the drug crisis, Bird provided fans with new energy and a fresh start for the organization. Bird joined the Boston Celtics, a team that had a long history of losing, and swiftly helped them turn things around.

He increased their wins in a single season and returned them to the top of their division. He accomplished this while also helping the team win a couple of championships.

What you should know about Bird’s career and the rings he won is provided here.

How Many Rings Does Larry Bird Have?

how many rings does larry bird have

Three NBA championship rings are owned by Larry Bird. He achieved success while playing for the Boston Celtics. Bird ensured that the Celtics advanced to the postseason each year he played for the team, despite only having three victories.

He received his rings throughout the following years:

1. 1981

2. 1984

3. 1986

There is no doubt that one of the greatest teams in sports was able to return thanks to Bird’s talent and zeal on the court.

Does Larry Bird Have the Most NBA Rings?

how many rings does larry bird have

Most NBA rings do not, in fact, belong to Larry Bird. In comparison to Bill Russell’s 11, he has three rings. Russell and Bird both participated for the Boston Celtics.

Russell, though, participated in a dynamite era when playing with the Celtics in the 1960s. The Boston Celtics lost several of their seasons once the reign came to an end.

The club didn’t regain its position as the top team in the division until Bird joined in the 1980s. Even with all of his talent, Larry Bird only has three rings.

He doesn’t even rank among the top ten players in terms of the number of rings. With six, four, and five rings, respectively, Michael Jordan, LeBron James, and Kobe Bryant have more rings than Bird.

Could Larry Bird Have Earned More Rings?

Earned more

Some followers speculate whether Larry Bird could have won more championships with the Boston Celtics. Whether or if that was conceivable may be determined by taking a closer look at the sport as a whole and Larry’s health.

Three other teams were ruling the league when Bird joined the Celtics. They were the Detroit Pistons, Philadelphia 76ers, and Los Angeles Lakers. In particular, Magic Johnson of the Lakers was Bird’s fiercest foe.

The squad frequently found themselves unable to defeat the other great teams since Bird was responsible for the majority (though not all) of the team’s weight.

The condition of Birds is still another factor. His back injury and other health difficulties had an effect on how well he performed. His back was making his performance uncertain, which was one of the main reasons he retired.

Even if Bird had played a few more years, it’s probable that the mix of difficult teams and health issues would have prevented him from winning further rings. If he had, Jordan’s Chicago Bulls would have been his opponent.

Despite all, Bird is still a well-known athlete. He is a member of the Hall of Fame, has three championship rings, and numerous MVP awards. He also holds numerous other honors and performed admirably as a coach.

What Do Larry Bird’s NBA Championship Rings Look Like?

NBA Championship

The championship rings awarded to the Boston Celtics during Bird’s career are equally stunning as the team’s other rings. What you need to know about the rings Bird received and their appearance is provided here.

1. The 1980–1981 Boston Celtics NBA Championship Ring

When the 1981 season got underway, there was a lot of worry regarding the Celtics. They are in a difficult situation as a result of several unfortunate retirement deals and fortunate drafting. They had assembled the strongest team they could muster, though.

One of their top selections was Bird. Prior to that season, his career had improved the Celtics’ standing. They were once more experiencing regular victories. Their main competition once the regular season started was the Philadelphia 76ers.

Every game, they faced off against each other. The Boston Celtics eventually prevailed, finishing the season with a 62-20 record. During the finals, they ran into Philadelphia once more. At first, things didn’t seem promising for the Celtics.

Bird assisted Philadelphia in winning two straight games after they had won four straight. Later in the game, he would also make a jump shot. The Celtics defeated Philadelphia 91-90 to advance to the championship game.

The Houston Rockets, who were playing in their first NBA Finals in team history, was their final opponent. The Rockets had their sights set on the title. They had managed to go to the championship series despite a dismal regular season.

They were defeated by the Boston Celtics, who went on to claim the title. The victory was Bird’s first. The championship ring from 1981 is a stunning piece of jewelry with an emerald in the center of the face. A homage to the team’s colors is made by the emerald.

The ring’s center also has a sizable round-cut diamond. The basketball on the championship trophy is represented by this. The diamond is surrounded by gold script. “World Champions” and “NBA” are written in the lettering.

The Celtics’ logo, a shamrock fashioned of an emerald, is engraved on the side of the ring. The team’s name is also written in gold next to the number XIV on the shamrock. The number 14 represents the Celtics’ 14th victory. The player’s name is listed above the shamrock.

It is followed by the word “Pride.” The Celtics lived by this as one of their guiding principles all season. The NBA logo is located on the opposite side of the ring. It also has an emerald-based background.

The year they won the championship is displayed on either side of the NBA logo in large lettering. The word “Teamwork” appears beneath the NBA logo. The team adhered to this as well as another motto throughout the season.

Bird in particular always puts more emphasis on passing the ball than scoring. Because he could watch the other players’ faces light up when they scored, he discovered that passing the ball was more fun. Great teamwork contributed to the Celtics’ victory in 1981.

2. The 1983–1984 Boston Celtics NBA Championship Ring

One of the most notable playoffs runs in NBA history was in 1984. It matched up the LA Lakers and the Boston Celtics. Many supporters wanted the Boston Celtics to defeat the LA Lakers because they were considered to have a bad reputation at the time.

Additionally, it put Magic Johnson and Larry Bird on the same court. These two players contributed to the long-standing rivalry between the Lakers and the Celtics. There was a lot of tension in the series. The first game was won by the Lakers.

They were tied, though, after the second game. The Celtics scored a few more points to win the game after regulation time expired. The Lakers would win the third game and repeat as champions.

In the fourth game, they were also poised to triumph, but the Celtics snatched it away from them in the dying moments. As far as series victories went, they remained tied. In an arena with no air conditioning, game five and game seven both featured sweltering heat.

The Celtics won both games to claim the title of 1984 NBA Champions despite the appalling conditions. Bird scored an average of 27 points per game while grabbing 14 rebounds on average. He would eventually be named the season’s MVP.

The franchise decided to have Balfour, who had previously created and manufactured its ring, create this one as well.

The 1984 ring perfectly captures the joy the Celtics experienced after defeating their opponents in the championship game. At the center of its face, it displays an enameled shamrock with pride.

The center of the shamrock is centered with a large 0.5-carat diamond. Other, smaller diamonds encircle it. The remainder of the band, including the writing, is made of 14-karat gold. The team name is printed at the top of the ring’s bezel.

There are the words “World Champions” underneath that. Leprechaun, the mascot of the Boston Celtics, is depicted on one side of the ring pointing at the championship trophy while puffing on a pipe. There is an XV on the trophy’s basketball portion.

The franchise has now won 15 championships, according to this. Bird’s name is also written on this side of the ring. The word “Pride” appears beneath the mascot. Their team’s motto is referenced by this. On the opposite side of the ring, it is mirrored.

The word “Teamwork” appears at the bottom of this site. The ring honors their adage and mantra collectively. The NBA logo is situated here as well.

On either side of the logo, the year of the championship is displayed. It’s not surprising that the 1984 ring holds a special place in Bird’s heart given the effort required to earn it.

3. The 1985–1986 Boston Celtics NBA Championship Ring

The Celtics’ 1985 campaign was heartbreaking. The team was unable to play at its peak because of numerous injuries.

Even Bird struggled because of an elbow problem that hampered him. The Lakers faced off against them once more, and this time, the Lakers prevailed.

The team’s owner made a few player trades to make room for new players in order to get ready for the 1986 season. The team improved, as a result, finishing the season as one of the tops in the league. For the entire season, they had a 67-15 record.

At the time, that was a league-best performance. The San Antonio Spurs were only able to tie that record recently, during the 2015–2016 season. The record has not yet been surpassed. The Celtics also set a record with 40 victories at home.

There was no doubt that I would make the finals. They faced Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls in their opening game. The best player in the NBA and the best team in the NBA are being tested in this particular series, in the eyes of many fans.

In Game 2, only Michael Jordan scored 63 points. But the Bulls were defeated by the Celtics in three games, despite his best efforts. The Atlanta Hawks provided some initial competition before they faced off against them.

The Hawks eventually lost their edge in Game 5, which followed. Game 5 was won by the Celtics with a final score of 36-6.

They eventually reached the Houston Rockets as a result of that. The 1981 NBA final was reenacted in this game, according to several spectators.

Even though there were only two players from the original 1981 Rockets team left, it was nonetheless exciting. Additionally, this was only the second finals in the 1980s in which the Lakers were absent. The Celtics faced the Rockets with little difficulty as the series went on.

The Rockets lost to the Celtics by a score of four games to two despite having a few stars on their team. Up until 2008, it would be the Celtics’ last victory. The Balfour company also created this ring.

They created an enameled shamrock out of 10-karat gold and glued it to the ring’s face. The NBA championship trophy is perched atop the shamrock. In order to represent the 16 championship victories of the franchise, it is set with 16 diamonds.

The trophy’s ball is made of a sizable cut diamond. The top of the ring has the words “Boston Celtics,” and the bottom has the words “World Champions.” The sides of the ring resemble some of the earlier designs that Balfour created for them.

The NBA emblem is displayed on one side, its green background a tribute to the team’s colors. The logo is flanked on either side by the title year. “Teamwork” appears below the logo. The other side of the ring differs slightly from earlier versions.

At the top of the ring is the name of the bird. The Celtics mascot can be seen in the section below that. He’s holding the number 16 in front of him in a half-embrace while spinning a golden basketball on his finger. The number is another reference to the franchise’s 16 victories.

There is a banner that says “World Champions” beneath the mascot. It is followed by the word “Pride.” The team’s motto is “teamwork and pride.” This was Bird’s final championship with the Boston Celtics.

He received the MVP award thanks to the victory as well. Even though a select few players have more rings than Bird, the Celtics fan proudly displays his three NBA championship rings.

Did Larry Bird Win Any Rings As a Coach?

As a Coach

Larry Bird left the game as a player in 1992, but he returned as a coach in 1997. He ultimately became the Indiana Pacers’ coach. Bird pledged at the beginning of his coaching career that he would only do so for three years.

He kept his word and did what he said. He only coached for three years, yet he still received some recognition. In 1998, he received the NBA All-Star Game Head Coach honors. In 1998, he also took home the NBA Coach of the Year honor.

Bird failed to win a championship ring with the Pacers, despite his coaching prowess. The playoffs were won, nonetheless, under his leadership. Despite not being as flamboyant or loud as some of the other coaches, many think that Bird was a successful coach.

Although he wasn’t hesitant to speak negatively about others, he preferred to let the top players handle their own tasks.

He didn’t talk much; he only talked when he had something to say, and people listened to him. Due to his playing background, he learned that yelling at other players wouldn’t solve anything.

The Pacers did well under his leadership, and if he had chosen to stay a coach for a little while longer, it’s feasible that they may have eventually captured the NBA championship. He would have acquired a few extra rings by doing so.

What are Larry Bird’s Rings Worth?

Net worth

It’s hard to estimate a price because Bird hasn’t yet put his rings up for sale. Other rings from the same game, nevertheless, have already been put up for sale. They made somewhere between $20,000 and $50,000 each year.

They are not the most expensive rings in the NBA, given that the Boston Celtics have more gold than diamonds based on the gem value. However, Bird’s rings in particular may be very pricey due to their sentimental value.

This is due to the renowned basketball player that was Bird. He has a fascinating tale about the rings he wears. They would probably cost at least $100,000 if they were ever put up for sale.


The Boston Celtics have a fantastic player in Larry Bird. He received three NBA championship rings during the course of his career. Along with many MVP titles, he has received a few more honors and trophies.

He even had a prosperous coaching career after that. Larry Bird might have won even more championship rings had his health issues not been an issue.

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