How Many SCPs are there? (SCP Foundation Explained)

The SCP universe has inspired a wide range of drama, books, video game adaptations, and fan works. Here, we tell you how many SCPs there are and all you need to know about the SCP Foundation.

How Many SCPs are there?

Nearly 6,600 SCP artifacts have articles as of August 2021, and more are routinely added.

However, the reports are written in a scientific style, and material is frequently “redacted” or “expunged.”

Over 4,200 short stories, known as “Foundation Tales,” may be found on the SCP Wiki.

The SCP Foundation is a made-up secret organization that is described on the same-named collaborative writing wiki project. 

The acronym stands for “Special Containment Procedures.” 

The Foundation is tasked within the shared universe of the website with the capture and containment of different anomalies or “SCPs.”

SCPs are supernatural, paranormal, and other unexplained events. They do this while also maintaining their secrecy from the rest of human society.

The real-world website is built on a community and was inspired by 4chan. It has elements from many different genres, including horror, science fiction, and urban fantasy.

Was SCP 3000 Real?

No. Given that SCP is a made-up foundation in our universe and that a moray eel of such magnitude is not possible.

This means that it may exist in some other universe.

If it were genuine, the Earth would be pretty much doomed because such a huge beast would normally be disastrous for this planet.

In another world, it might actually exist. Its characteristics are highly likely to be present in this universe. How Many SCPs are there?


Who Will Win, SCP-096 or SCP-999?

Between the SCP-096 and SCPP-999 if we were to answer which one would win, it’s pretty obvious.

This is a simple question because 999 would win 096.

Can SCP-999 Survive SCP-001?

Probably, due to its character and abilities.

So it appears that SCP-001 possesses telepathic abilities as well as the capacity to obliterate objects at the subatomic level.

In addition, although 999 is technically not immortal, we have no need to do so because it is a benign entity. How Many SCPs are there

Has SCP-999 Shown Any Outerverse Level Feats?

As absurd as it may sound, the orange tickle monster has demonstrated much more than simply extraterrestrial prowess.

When he is an adult, he will overtake the Scarlet King.

Knowing that the scarlet king’s dawn awakening caused the tree of knowledge to shake up to its roots will give you an idea of how powerful he is.

This surpasses not just the rest of the tree but also lesser elder gods like Mekhane and Yaldabaoth.

The likes of Yaldabaoth can casually destroy the entire tree of knowledge by manifesting as it, and they do this all the time.

What Will Happen if You Eat SCP-999?

Really not much. You’ll likely experience great happiness as if you were using a psychoactive substance.

Then you’d probably just poop out SCP-999, returning to normal in the process.

Eating a part of SCP-999 would probably make you feel happy and euphoric.

As the foundation is currently testing the notion of using the slime secreted by SCP-999 as a type of antidepressant medication. How Many SCPs are there?


What SCP is Not a Threat to Humans But is Still Contained?

The list is enormous. Possibly SCP-079, SCP-999, SCP-105, SCP-514. Antidepressant lovely bundle of joy 999 is actually.

SCP-105 has never committed a crime and probably despises her power.

SCP-514 is a flock of birds that renders individuals incapable of experiencing negative emotion or violence and renders firearms useless.

Possibly SCP-079 as well. Only because the Foundation is keeping him in check is bad. He simply wants to leave. He never expressed the desire to be malicious.

What are SCPs and Why Do People Know So Many of them?

The main protagonists of the fictional lore known as the SCP Foundation are SCPs.

The SCPs, according to the lore, are objects that defy nature in some way, such as rings that shield you from disease (SCP-714).

It could be cow bells that call monsters (SCP-513) or frightening misshapen animals that despise attention (SCP-096)

The majority of the reason the anomalies are so well-liked is due to the once-viral video game SCP Containment Breach.

In the game, you take on the role of a prisoner in an SCP containment facility that suffers a significant breach of containment.

When the alarms go off, the regular employees leave for the shelters, leaving you alone in the facility’s tunnels and hallways with these abnormalities.

They can be anything from benign to catastrophic. But it won’t be long until the Nine-Tailed Fox mobile task force shows up.

Unfortunately, they don’t treat escaped prisoners very well.

SCPs comprise living things, objects, places, abstract ideas, and inexplicable phenomena that exhibit superhuman skills.

They also comprise other exceedingly extraordinary characteristics. How Many SCPs are there

Many of the more hazardous anomalies will represent a serious threat to people or maybe all life on Earth if they are not contained.

CSN Team.

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