How Much Can you make on Doordash in a Day?

– How Much Can you make on Doordash in a Day? –

DoorDash jobs are a great way to earn extra cash, but how much can you actually make? This DoorDash review has what you should know about this side gig, and how much you can make in a day?

How Much Can you make on Doordash in a Day?

Depending on where you live, you may not need a car to deliver food for DoorDash, but rather can do so on foot, bicycle, or scooter.

The high demand for delivery services these days means a potentially profitable side hustle for anyone looking to supplement their income or pay off student debt.

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What Is DoorDash?

DoorDash is a food delivery service that lets customers order from nearby restaurants and some grocery stores. Once a customer places an order, the nearest DoorDash driver is alerted to pick it up and deliver it.

There are two different apps for DoorDash: the food delivery app for customers (iOS and Android) and the driver app for freelancers (iOS and Android).

Both apps are free to download and accounts are free to create. Of course, if you’re interested in becoming a driver for DoorDash, you’ll need the driver app.

DoorDash is available in more than 850 cities across North America. To see if it’s available in your area before signing up, enter your address online.

DoorDash Review

How Much Can you make on Doordash in a Day?

DoorDash developed a business model that’s twofold. First, they partner with restaurants that don’t currently offer delivery services and then offer them third-party delivery workers.

That third party consists of anyone who signs up for DoorDash and wants to make deliveries on behalf of local eateries; they’re known as Dashers.

As a Dasher, you download the app, choose blocks of time you are available to make deliveries in your area and then get assignments making deliveries on behalf of those local restaurants.

To become a Dasher, you must meet certain requirements:

‣ Be at least 18 years old.

‣ Have a smartphone to access the app for delivery assignments.

‣ Have a valid driver’s license, insurance and a good driving record (if applicable). Some locations don’t require that you have a car.

‣ Provide your Social Security number for a background check.

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How Much Do DoorDash Drivers Make?

How Much Can you make on Doordash in a Day?

As a DoorDash driver, you’re able to choose when and how often you work. Because of the extreme flexibility, earnings vary greatly between one DoorDash driver and another.

How much you can make will also depend on where you’re delivering and what times of day you’re working.

I tried to pick up shifts during lunch, dinner and the weekends. In my experience, you can expect to earn anywhere from $10-$25 hourly.

Over the course of a month in 2020, I earned an average of $183.51 weekly by working an average of 9 1/4 hours. That means I made around $19.84 an hour.

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DoorDash pay includes the base pay per delivery plus any Peak Pay. All deliveries include a minimum payment amount (base pay) that’s typically between $2-$3.

Peak Pay is available during busy times and adds $1-$5 per delivery. You can find out when Peak Pay timeslots are available by clicking the Promos tab in the app.

In that same Promos tab, you can also see if there are any “challenges” available.

A challenge may say something like “Earn an extra $20 when you complete 15 deliveries this week.” If you complete a challenge, the incentive money will be included in your next paycheck.

Conclusion on How Much Can you make on Doordash in a Day

If you decide to become a DoorDash driver, make sure to set aside enough money each week to cover your estimated tax payments.

A 1099-NEC form is issued if you earn $600 or more in a calendar year.

Even if you don’t earn that much, you’ll be required to report your earnings and pay the appropriate taxes at the end of the year.

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