How Much do Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders Make?

How much do Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders make? The pay scale for Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders varies. Though it seems appealing, this wage is still somewhat low when compared to the league’s average pay scale.

How Much do Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders Make?

One of the most popular NFL clubs with the greatest net worth in the league is the Dallas Cowboys. With the accomplishments and titles, they win, football fans usually expect to see a few more things.

Cheerleaders are a very new creation, although they now appear in practically every sport. In 1954, the first cheerleaders took the field to support the Baltimore Colts.

However, these days, they play a crucial role in representing the clubs they cheer for and aiding in item sales. Cheerleaders energize the audience and keep their team motivated.

How Much do Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders Earn?

How Much do Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders Earn?

The current pay for Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders is $12 per hour, plus $400 for each performance on game day. However, some senior cheerleaders are claimed to make approximately $75,000 a year.

Meanwhile, they boosted the salary for cheerleaders because of legal action. Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders used to make $8 per hour, which was less than the minimum wage.

Also, they frequently did not even receive payment for some of their performances. Since cheering for the NFL was a dream job for many dancers, they had expectations from their employers to turn up and perform the job.

Despite this, it’s still a profession and one that calls for a specific skill set to execute some athletically. However, the compensation got so terrible that a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader named Eric Wilkins sued the team for failing to pay her extra wages.

Wilkins disclosed her salary during the 2018 court case to be $16,500 annually. This was in contrast to the mascot’s annual salary of $65,000. Therefore, she drew attention to the staggering pay gap between cheerleaders and other team employees.

How can I Join the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader?

How can I Join the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader?

You might wonder how to join the Dallas Cowboys cheering squad if you think you have what it takes to take part.

However, there is always a chance, which is wonderful news. Even though you supported the club last season, the Dallas Cowboys ask you to re-audition.

Meanwhile, auditions are required yearly, even for seasoned supporters who have supported the club for years. However, one benefit of having audition experience is that you may bypass some of the preliminary steps.


Here are some requirements you must meet in order to join the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders for newbies.

1. Preliminaries


The audition procedure comprises three major rounds. These cycles occur over a period of many days. However, the preliminary round is the first one. Most candidates for the audition arrive to show their suitability.

The opening dance round is freestyle. The competitors form groups of five. They identify themselves to the judges before their group takes the stage. The music then stops.

The DJ will select random music, the music that will be played is unknown to the competitors. However, they only have around 90 seconds to dance.

Meanwhile, this part of the audition doesn’t have a fixed choreography. Instead, via the dance they select, contestants must display their talents and personalities.

Besides fitting the music, the participant must have excellent rhythm and the flexibility to change their performance.

2. Semifinals


Only about 100 or 120 of the typical 400 auditioners who show up for round one get to the semifinals.

However, the competitors will travel to the Dallas Cowboys stadium in the morning to study a specific dance with a real professional choreographer.

There will also be former members of the cheering team who can assist and the contenders must learn the dance in three hours. They once more divide into groups of five and re-introduce themselves to the judges.

Furthermore, the music then begins, and the participants must provide their best dancing performance. Then, those that the judges will choose to go to the next round.

3. The Finals

The Finals

The championship round is round three. The former members of the squad will start their auditions here. However, since they’ve done it before, they are permitted to skip the first two rounds.

Meanwhile, there are two stages in the championship round. The first is a solo dance where the competitor gets to pick their own dance, outfit, and music. They present it to the judges on their own to show their abilities and aptitude.

However, the second round of the competition is in the afternoon. The choreographer teaches the competitors a unique dance, and they have to dance together as a group.

Then, those who impressed the judges in both phases of this round are allowed to advance.

4. Write a Complete Test

Write a Complete Test

Knowing a little about the team you’re supporting is a good idea if you want to join the Dallas Cowboys cheerleading squad.

However, you must pass a written test as part of the audition procedure to join the team. The exam comprises 100 questions and covers a wide range of subjects, including current events, Dallas Cowboys trivia, and even questions about popular culture.

Finally, your score will influence your entire performance.

5. Interview

How can I Join the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader?

The team leaders want to make sure that the cheerleaders are articulate because they frequently represent the squad in different settings and at events.

Therefore, each contender must endure a panel interview to show this. However, nobody can predict the questions that the judges will ask.

Moreover, a contestant’s score is determined by how well they responded to the question and by how natural their discussion was.

6. Training Camp

Training Camp

If you succeed in the audition process, you’ll receive an invitation to the Dallas Cowboys cheerleading training camp. All the cheerleaders learn the new chants and routines that they will use in the following season at the camp.

However, contestants will still need to depart from the camp after being eliminated. From that point on, it is a pruning experience.

Therefore, if you show your cheering skills at the end of the camp, you’ll be given an official spot on the Dallas Cowboys cheerleading team.

The Prerequisites to Become a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader

To apply to be a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, you must be at least 18 years old and a high school graduate.

Moreover, the application requirements include being physically fit and able to engage in the team’s demanding rehearsal and performance schedule.

Also, you must have the proper documentation and be qualified to work in the US. During the application procedure, you must also be free of tattoos and body piercings.

A professional Cowboy cheerleader may make a salary of $75,000. Asides from that, they receive additional benefits such as gym memberships, medical insurance, travel expenses, etc.

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