How much do Local News Anchors make?

How much do local news anchors make? Do you know the answer? Learn how much money news anchors make on average and explore how to earn this position to help you decide whether it’s right for you.

How much do Local News Anchors make?

Working as a broadcast news anchor can lead to a variety of exciting career opportunities in the broadcasting industry.

As an anchor, your salary could vary greatly depending on your location and level of experience. Knowing more about the role and its average salary can help you decide whether this is the right career path for you.

How much Does a News Anchor make?

In the US, the average yearly salary for a news anchor is $48,077.

In case you need it, the basic salary calculator yields an hourly wage of about $23.11. This works out to $4,006 a month or $924 every week.

As can be observed, annual wages for news anchors can be as high as $58,500 or as low as $11,000. Currently, the bulk of news anchor incomes fall between the 25th and 75th percentiles, at $40,000 and $55,500, respectively, with the highest earners in the United States receiving $58,500 annually, or the 90th percentile.

Regardless of region, there aren’t many prospects for greater compensation or development, even with several years of experience, based on the very stable average salary range of $15,500 for news anchors.

The average yearly compensation for a news anchor in your area is $48,077, which is the same as the $48,077 national average. ranks highest with all 50 states in the country for news anchor pay.

Its database of millions of active jobs advertised locally across America is regularly scanned to get the most accurate annual salary range for News Anchor positions.

News Anchor Salaries by Experience

‣ Highest level: $200,180 per year.

‣ Senior-level news anchor: $111,610 per year.

‣ Mid-level news anchor: $66,880 per year.

‣ Junior-level news anchor: $37,970 per year.

‣ Entry-level news anchor: $27,370 per year.

News Anchor Salaries by State

How much does a news anchor earn? Here’s the average news anchor salary by state:

‣ Alabama: $36,139 per year

‣ Alaska: $38,871 per year

‣ Arizona: $37,743 per year

‣ Arkansas: $35,698 per year

‣ California: $51,001 per year

‣ Colorado: $38,661 per year

‣ Connecticut: $39,789 per year

‣ Delaware: $37,562 per year

‣ District of Columbia: $50,226 per year

‣ Florida: $11.48 per hour

‣ Georgia: $30.22 per hour

‣ Hawaii: $37,210 per year

‣ Idaho: $9.25 per hour

‣ Illinois: $33,988 per year

‣ Indiana: $48,165 per year

‣ Iowa: $28,387 per year

‣ Kansas: $29,665 per year

‣ Kentucky: $35,418 per year

‣ Louisiana: $36,281 per year

‣ Maine: $36,076 per year

‣ Maryland: $39,880 per year

‣ Massachusetts: $41,153 per year

‣ Michigan: $37,206 per year

‣ Minnesota: $26,306 per year

‣ Mississippi: $25,434 per year

‣ Missouri: $37,583 per year

‣ Montana: $34,565 per year

‣ Nebraska: $27,764 per year

‣ Nevada: $28,272 per year

‣ New Hampshire: $36,923 per year

‣ New Jersey: $40,013 per year

‣ New Mexico: $36,429 per year

‣ New York: $43,216 per year

‣ North Carolina: $37,451 per year

‣ North Dakota: $37,017 per year

‣ Ohio: $37,124 per year

‣ Oklahoma: $35,690 per year

‣ Oregon: $38,366 per year

‣ Pennsylvania: $38,163 per year

‣ Rhode Island: $37,597 per year

‣ South Carolina: $36,328 per year

‣ South Dakota: $35,400 per year

‣ Tennessee: $36,624 per year

‣ Texas: $39,807 per year

‣ Utah: $35,925 per year

‣ Vermont: $36,336 per year

‣ Virginia: $39,250 per year

‣ Washington: $40,282 per year

‣ West Virginia: $34,818 per year

‣ Wisconsin: $37,096 per year

‣ Wyoming: $37,951 per year

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In conclusion, the salary of a news anchor is determined by the size of the market in which you work, the amount of education you’ve completed, and the employer for whom you work. In January 2022, news anchors earned between $30,773 and $129,253 per year.

To earn the highest possible salary, consider earning a bachelor’s degree and possibly a master’s degree in journalism, English, communications, or a related field.

Experience, which can include internships, is also essential. Working for large national news markets, which are typically found in major cities and metropolitan areas, will earn you a higher salary.

Entry-level news anchors typically begin in a small market that may pay less but can serve as a stepping stone to advancement.

Highest Paying Cities for News Anchor Jobs

The ten(10) cities with news anchor salaries that are typically higher than the national average. New York, NY is at the top of the list, followed closely by West Chester, PA, and Medford, MA in second and third place.

Medford, Massachusetts above the national average by $18,395 (38.3%), and New York, NY surpasses the $48,077 average by an additional $22,655 (47.1%).

Given that the average salary in these ten cities is higher than the national average, there seems to be a great deal of potential for financial gain by moving to a different city to work as a news anchor.

The average pay for these top 10 cities only differs by 13% between New York, NY and Harbor Isle, NY, which further emphasizes the little opportunity for significant wage advancement.

When weighing location and compensation for a News Anchor position, the prospect of a lower cost of living can be the most important consideration.

City Annual Salary Monthly Pay Weekly Pay
New York, NY $70,732 $5,894 $1,360
West Leechburg, PA $67,344 $5,612 $1,295
Medford, MA $66,472 $5,539 $1,278
Cool Valley, MO $65,659 $5,471 $1,262
Kensington, NY $65,024 $5,418 $1,250
Lodi, NJ $64,147 $5,345 $1,233
San Buenaventura, CA $62,845 $5,237 $1,208
New Rochelle, NY $61,946 $5,162 $1,191
Dimondale, MI $61,788 $5,149 $1,188

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