How Much Does a Tanning Bed Cost? (20 Examples)

People are now using tanning beds more frequently. Every person who frequently uses a tanning bed to achieve an even, smooth tan has thought about purchasing it for themselves.

How Much Does A Tanning Bed Cost? (20 Examples)

But the majority of them are discouraged by the cost. If you frequently visit tanning salons, you might want to think about purchasing a tanning bed.

You can accommodate tanning beds in a small space in your house, and they can help you maintain beautiful colors all year long.

Generally, tanning beds for residential use are much less expensive than those for commercial use.

We have twenty examples for you to look over, whether you want to buy your first tanning bed or replace one that you already own.

The cost of tanning beds will vary depending on their characteristics, but these samples should give you an idea of the overall price range to consider.

The savings may vary depending on how frequently you intend to use the tanning bed, but for some people, they will be quite significant.

What is the Price of a Tanning Bed?

What Is the Price of a Tanning Bed?

Prices for indoor tanning beds can range from around $2,000 to well over $6,000. The number of bulbs, design, and optional features will all have an impact on the final price.

Whether it is a business or domestic tanning bed will also affect the cost. The more frequently used the tanning bed is, the better it is to go down the commercial route.

The lights in a residential or home tanning bed will quickly burn out if they are used more frequently than is recommended.

If you prefer a tan that develops very quickly, a commercial bed will usually take 10 to 15 minutes as opposed to 20 minutes of a domestic bed.

Overall, the cost of the tanning bed you choose ought to make sense given how much use it will receive.

Home-Based Tanning

If you want a tanning bed, you’ll need to spend, on average, $2000 on a domestic tanning bed with 16 lamps. The ideal tanning session lasts 20 minutes, thus 40 sessions can be obtained from a single pair of bulbs.

The lifespan of a single tanning light is approximately 800 hours, and you will need to replace them when they do, which will cost $250. You will need 320 minutes of tanning bulbs (monthly tanning) if you need to tan four times per week (4 times x 4 weeks x 20 minutes).

This calculation states that a set of tanning lamps can be used for approximately 1.25 years (800 hours divided by 60 minutes equals 15 months). As a result, over the course of ten years, tanning bed bulbs will cost $250 x 10/1.2 = $2000.

Residential beds range from 120 to 220 volts, which means they don’t require a lot of electricity. It will cost you $4 a month based on the typical electricity rates and four sessions per week lasting 20 minutes each. ($4 x 12 x 10) would be the entire electricity expenditure over the course of ten years.

1. Solar Storm 24S Home Tanning Bed in Black With Face Tanning – 110V

Solar Storm 24S Home Tanning Bed In Black With Face Tanning – 110V

The Solar Storm 24S is priced at $2,495. This device, which is black, is made with a lot of strength and durability.

For an at-home tanning bed, having 24 lamps is something that is very typical. You’ll see that adding face tanning is a rather common feature in these at-home models.

In the Solar Storm 24S, the full tanning process should only take you approximately 20 minutes, while you could finish in as little as 15 minutes if you wish to take into account the additional power bulbs.

This is undoubtedly a model to take into account for performance and cost that are in the middle of the road.

2. The ProSun Renuvaskin S420 Stand Up Red Light Therapy Tanning Bed

The ProSun Renuvaskin S420 Stand Up Red Light Therapy Tanning Bed

Along with traditional tanning beds where you can lie down, there are standing tanning beds as well.

This particular Red Light Therapy tanning bed will set you back $7,299 and comes with all the features you could possibly desire.

This model will meet all of your needs if you enjoy all the extra features associated with red light treatment. It is possible to use the Renuvaskin in a professional context.

This is more of a choice you would find in a professional setting than something you would use in your house for the price it is being given.

Red light treatment is nevertheless an option if you believe that it might be helpful for you. This model is rather hefty, so you will need some help putting it together.

3. ESB Galaxy 18 Tanning Bed for Home Use

ESB Galaxy 18 Tanning Bed For Home Use

For a 20-minute at-home tan, the Galaxy 18 Tanning Bed will deliver 1,800 hours watts of electricity. Of course, you could use this model to tan people for a living, but it is more effective as a unit for use at home.

For individuals on a tight budget, the ESB Galaxy 18 is a wise option. You will pay $1,849 for this model because it is a little smaller.

Given that you receive a rapid 20-minute tan and a cooling system to keep you at a suitable temperature throughout the tanning process, the price is actually fairly reasonable.

Overall, this is a fantastic alternative to take into account if you’re searching for a portable, reasonably priced, and higher quality at-home tanning solution.

4. ESB Solar Wave 16L

ESB Solar Wave 16L

The ESB Solar Wave is one of the most economical at-home tanning options, costing $1,899 overall. The ESB Solar Wave is not only a more cost-effective choice, but it is also relatively inexpensive to operate.

Your electric cost won’t increase much that much if you use 1,600 watts of tanning power. The Solar Wave is quite recent and has a contemporary overall appearance. This type can be connected to a 120-volt household electrical system.

Many homeowners have found it to be a fun choice to investigate how quickly they can achieve this kind of even tanness using their home tanning equipment.

This can be the option to take into consideration if you are new to the tanning industry and desire quality and a classic-looking style.

5. ESB Avalon 24

ESB Avalon 24

The ESB Avalon 24 costs $2,849. This model will cost somewhat less than the Avalon 32 Tanning bed and is in the middle of the price range.

There is some excellent bulb technology to take into account with the Avalon 24. In addition to the four pink and blue face/arm body swirl lamps, there will be eight pink and blue swirl lamps.

While utilizing this model, the 12 blue swirl body lamps aid in ensuring that you develop a uniform tan. Overall, the Avalon is a great value given the features and technology it is equipped with.

6. Wolff Sunfire 16 Deluxe

Wolff Sunfire 16 Deluxe

You may anticipate that the price will be a little deal greater whenever a model is referred to as deluxe. A speedier tan and a more pleasurable experience are often associated with higher prices for items like tanning beds.

Users of the Wolff Sunfire 16 Deluxe will have access to a cooling fan so they can maintain control over the temperature.

Additionally, it will enable the use of an FM radio and MP3 player while sunbathing. It will just take 20 minutes, and because this is the deluxe model, you can obtain a little bit darker or deeper tan.

The Wolff Sunfire has a $2,195 price tag overall. This is a terrific alternative to think about purchasing given the capabilities it provides and the excellent sizing for home use.

7. Solar Storm 32-Lamp 110V Home Tanning Bed

Solar Storm 32-Lamp 110V Home Tanning Bed

It will cost a little under $3,000 to purchase the Solar Storm 32 Lamp 110V Home Tanning Bed.

This device, which has 32 separate bulbs placed in thoughtfully chosen positions to encourage a more equal tan, costs $2,999.

To ensure that you can clearly see the tan where it matters most, the Solar Storm 32 Lamp contains eight lights that are dedicated to your face.

Solar Storm 32-Lamp 110V Home Tanning Bed

Additionally, the tanning bed’s interior aluminum finish will contribute to making it one of the most effective models on the market.

If you are unfamiliar with tanning beds and their costs, you will see that a lot of them fall into this area right around the $3,000 threshold.

8. SunFire 24 Deluxe Home Tanning Bed

SunFire 24 Deluxe Home Tanning Bed

It will cost $2,499 to purchase the Sunfire 24 Deluxe Home tanning bed. Although this is a little less expensive than some of the other units on the market, keep in mind that the 24 light is normally priced a little less.

The price of this particular model will remain lower over time because it only needs to power and maintains the 24 bulbs.

This is a common middle-of-the-road price for a unit like this, though you may notice the prices of some units fluctuate over time depending on sales and popularity.

9. Wolff Sunfire 16 Basic Home Tanning Bed (SL16B) – 110V

It will cost $2,095 to purchase the Wolff Sunfire 16 Basic Home Tanning Bed. This is one of the more affordable choices you will discover for a tanning bed for home usage, as you can tell from some of the other alternatives on the list.

The smaller size is one factor that help maintain lower prices. Despite this, it is still a wonderful alternative to think about for the price because it is a sturdy and effective model that offers you a tan in less than 20 minutes.

10. ESB Avalon 32 Tanning Bed – 110V

ESB Avalon 32 Tanning Bed – 110V

The price of the ESB Avalon 32 Tanning Bed is $3,500. The price is a little higher for a residential model than for certain other variants available.

To ensure that the tanning bed lasts for many years, there are certain additional features on this.

This model, which also incorporates green energy technologies to help ensure increased tanning time, efficiency also provided a quick and efficient tan.

The ESB Avalon can be a wonderful option if you are having trouble finding something that is in your price range yet meets your quality requirements.

11. ProSun 32 110V Home Tanning Bed

ProSun 32 110V Home Tanning Bed

With a price of $3700, the ProSun Jade is a more expensive model of tanning bed. The ProSun is fantastic since you receive an effective tan and an attractive machine for the money you pay.

This is one of those tanning beds that you can fit inside a room and it will still look nice. You may get a tan in just 20 minutes thanks to the 32 well-placed lamps.

The ProSun is an excellent technique to achieve a safe and even tan on your body if you have twenty minutes to spare.

12. Solar Storm 36ST Commercial Tanning Booth – 220V

Solar Storm 36ST Commercial Tanning Booth – 220V

Look no further than a commercial tanning booth if you want to use very high-end technology. For power and cost, a commercial tanning booth differs slightly from a home tanning bed.

You have to keep in mind that commercial tanning equipment is used in tanning salons in order to facilitate speedy entry and exit of clients.

To start investing this much money in a personal at-home tanning salon, you must be certain that you will use this model frequently enough to justify the cost of $4,999.

13. Solar Storm 32S Residential Tanning Bed With Face Tanning – 110V

Solar Storm 32S Residential Tanning Bed With Face Tanning – 110V

The cost of the Solar Storm 32S Residential Tanning Bed is $3,000. For the 32S size tanning bed intended for home use, this is standard.

When other systems appear to err on the side of skipping this region a little, you will discover that solar Storm 32S does a fantastic job with the face tan.

This is one you should take into consideration if you have the funds to get a better at-home device.

Its advantages, including how you can lessen tan lines and get skin that looks healthier, won’t let you down. Moreover, if you replace the bulbs, the 32S can run pretty quickly.

14. ProSun Onyx 2 32 SLI

ProSun Onyx 2 32 SLI

Another pricey residential model is the $4,299 ProSun Onyx. Due to its sophisticated appearance and the fact that it is regarded as a commercial tanning bed, this model is more expensive.

Don’t let the commercial label deter you; you are more than welcome to buy one of these devices for use at home. They simply need to be configured properly.

Your best bet for making sure everything is secure and reliable for use at home is to have an electrician come in and hardwire the model.

15. ProSun Renuvaskin 12V Portable Bed Red Light Therapy

ProSun Renuvaskin 12V Portable Bed Red Light Therapy

It will cost $1,800 to purchase the ProSun Renuvaskin 12V Portable Bed Red Light Therapy.

This model is perfect for individuals who want a tanning experience that is quite comparable to one in a conventional bed but also offers a lighter sensation and a little more movement.

Moving this model from one room to another is possible, and it is easy to use and provides the required red light. As a whole, the apparatus is strong and built to last for many years.

There shouldn’t be any issues with the quality of any of the ProSun products you find on the market. This is an excellent way to tan from the convenience of your home for the price.

16. ProSun High, Intense Level V3, Standing Tanning Booth

ProSun High, Intense Level V3, Standing Tanning Booth

The high-intensity commercial tanning booth shown here costs $7,500 and is made by ProSun.

This is the approach to take if you want to open a tanning salon where clients can drop by and spend ten minutes receiving a tan.

A concept like this requires some time to accumulate, but if your tanning business is robust, it will pay for itself very quickly.

The cost of this will probably be a bit too costly for people looking for something appropriate for at-home use to consider it worthwhile.

Searching for a model designed exclusively for usage at home will be much more beneficial.

17. ProSun Onyx Level 1 32

ProSun Onyx Level 1 32

An industrial tanning bed that costs $2,799 is called the ProSun Onyx Level 1. You might still have time to find a new one as this is a ProSun model that is a little older.

The Onyx has a somewhat shorter tanning duration than the residential variants despite being constructed quite similarly.

For producing high-quality products that are made to last for many years, ProSun is a name that is well-known in the business.

ProSun Onyx Level 1 32

This is a choice that is definitely worth taking into consideration if you’re searching for a commercial model that is less heavy-duty.

18. Solar Storm 48 ST Commercial Tanning Booth

Solar Storm 48 ST Commercial Tanning Booth

Another commercial tanning bed costs $7,000 and is called the Solar Storm 48 ST.

It is unquestionably a costly investment, despite the fact that you might find it to be among the market’s best selections in terms of functionality and beauty.

This design will be noticeable for salons that see a lot of clients because it uses more advanced, rapid, and technologically advanced equipment.

Cleaning and sanitizing between users are made simpler by the special features of the Solar Storm.

This is a crucial point to take into account in the modern environment when tanning clinics must pay even closer attention to the health and safety of their patrons.

Overall, despite being one of the priciest models on the market, this one stands out as one of the top options.

19. Solar Storm 32C Commercial 220 Volt Tanning Bed

Solar Storm 32C Commercial 220 Volt Tanning Bed

Costing $3,295 is the Solar Storm 32C Commercial 220 Volt Tanning Bed. Although this is one of the smaller units you are likely to find for commercial usage, the price will be on the lower end for buying a tanning bed.

The Solar Storm comes in three distinct colors, and one of its amazing features even includes face tanning.

In general, the Solar Storm brand is one that you will encounter almost as frequently as the Pro Sun and the available Wolff variants.

20. ESB Galaxy 14 Tanning Bed

ESB Galaxy 14 Tanning Bed

One of the most reasonably priced at-home tanning options available is the ESB Galaxy 14 Tanning Bed, which has a price of $1,499 for it.

A rapid 20-minute tan can be achieved at home with the Galaxy. Powerful and simple to use, the device.

It is something you can set up and move when the time comes because it doesn’t require a large team or a moving company because the whole weight is not that hefty.

Overall, this is a reasonably priced unit that will appeal to many homeowners who have been thinking about installing something similar on their property. Do well to like, comment and share this post.

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