How Much Does It Cost to Live in a Trailer Park? (Breakdown)

Have you considered trailer parks near me for rent? Traditional housing is quite expensive, but living in a mobile home is a terrific option that still requires some financial resources.

trailer parks near me for rent

However, the cost of living will undoubtedly play a significant role in your total expenses.

For many years, one of the most cost-effective housing alternatives in the nation was mobile homes, especially for families that did not receive government assistance.

Many individuals are looking at other ways to live as rent costs rise around the country.

Rent prices and the price of buying a single-family house are clearly on the rise, and this trend is not expected to slow down soon.

People often portray those who live in mobile homes as being impoverished, which is a misconception.

While it’s true that mobile homes are often not a fantastic alternative when compared to a regular home from the perspective of investments, I disagree with that statement.

What is the Cost of Living in a Trailer Park?

trailer parks near me for rent

Living in a trailer park might cost as little as $200 a month or as much as $800 a month or more.

Many people believe that renting or living in a trailer park is a better option than paying hundreds of dollars each month for cheap housing.

Get a mobile home you can afford, live within your means, save as much as you can, and ideally don’t take out a loan to make the first purchase.

The price of living in a trailer park will vary depending on where it is, much like real estate.

Travel trailer living has gained popularity because of its many advantages, the biggest of which is undoubtedly its affordability. 

In California, a site might cost as much as $800 per month or more.

You must decide if living in a trailer park is right for you. The likelihood is that you will interact with neighbors who are rather near to you.

There will be some outdoor space right around the trailer, but it most likely won’t be much. It is more of an outdoor lifestyle, so there are occasionally issues with dirt being all around the trailer.

A single-wide mobile house typically measures 8100 square feet and 324 square feet in width. 800 square feet long and 400 square feet broad make up the double-wide.

Single-wide mobile homes typically cost approximately $45,000, but double-wides can cost up front in some situations can cost around $88,000.

Between these price points, living in a trailer park will often be less expensive than purchasing or renting a house.

Mobile homes are a more affordable option when you include all the costs.

Factors Determining the Cost of Living in Trailer Park (Breakdown)

trailer parks near me for rent

You will pay far less in a trailer park than you would if you were to purchase a single-family house on a residential lot when you consider the whole cost of living and all that is involved.

Living in a trailer park is generally a more economical option.

You must consider the following costs while buying a trailer and seeking a location at a park.

Cost of Purchasing a Trailer

trailer parks near me for rent

The acquisition of a trailer or a mobile home is the first stage in this procedure.

You’ll be really lucky if you’ve previously completed this. Many sizes and designs are available for trailers and mobile houses.

You may spend well over $100,000 and get brand-new equipment with loads of bells and whistles.

If you’re willing to buy something smaller, you might get a trailer for less than $10,000.

You may save a ton of money by purchasing a secondhand trailer from the sizable market that exists for them.

If you don’t have one of your own, you may also rent one from a trailer park.

Make sure you acquire something you are comfortable in if you are serious about living in a trailer and want to remain there for a while.

If you’re serious about this procedure, you need to pick a trailer that will survive for years even though some of them might appear like they’d be excellent to live in for a few weeks.

Examine the trailer’s construction and overall quality. Does this item have any potential for resale when you try to sell it again?

It’s crucial to make sure your setup provides you with this kind of value. Your cost of living will have gone down over time if you can profit from the acquisition.

You also need to think carefully about whether you want a mobile home or a trailer. While some trailers are designed to be moved about easily, others remain stationary.

Leasing of Space

trailer parks near me for rent

You will require a location to store your trailer or mobile home once you have one.

This is where the rental fees will be relevant. Depending on where you reside and the size of the lot, the cost of a place in a trailer park will change.

As you might expect, a 20-foot trailer can fit in places that a 40-foot trailer cannot. Knowing this at the outset can assist you to avoid buying a trailer that is too large.

Fortunately, trailer sizes vary, and before buying your trailer, you should know some of these differences.

Some trailer parks also offer luxury lots, which can significantly raise the cost because of the view or location of the trailer.

You might expect to pay between $150 and $800 a month, depending on where you live and the details of the property.

These prices show how much more economical living in a trailer park is than paying rent. Rent in certain places may set you back more than $2,000 per month.

There is no money, or profit left over for the tenant at the conclusion of a rental arrangement.

They just break the deal and carry on.

Even if you won’t make any money or profit from the trailer park property you rent, at least it will be worth something if you decide to sell your mobile home or trailer.

The depreciation on these models may or may not be important depending on the unit you purchase.

When renting a place in a trailer park, the utilities may be included sometimes or may be an additional cost.

A list of facilities that you may enjoy as part of your rent is also available at certain trailer parks.

Others will inform you that the amenities will be more expensive and will almost certainly be reserved for members only.

Expect to pay significantly more if you decide on a trailer park in an excellent area with a view of the lake and a pleasant climate.

It can be far less expensive to rent a trailer park on a big, open piece of land far from any main attractions.



It’s challenging to avoid paying for utilities whether you own your house, rent an apartment, or live in a trailer park.

The utilities include items like sewage, garbage collection, power, and water. Some trailer parks will combine their monthly rent charges with their utility rates.

If you pay $650 per month, all additional utilities will be covered. There will be separate fees for the quantity of water, electricity, and so forth that you use at your place in other trailer parks.

Finally, you could come across a trailer park that, besides the usual utility fees that are already in place, levies a predetermined price for each lot.

The fixed charge might be an additional $80 or $100 added to your monthly rent payment.

Although the trailer park may give the impression that this is optional, for most individuals, these costs will be obligatory.

However, the utilities in a trailer park will still be far cheaper than they would be in a home or apartment.

Typically, trailers and mobile houses are built to be very efficient.

Some even include a few solar panels to aid with any maintenance costs associated with keeping the trailer cool, warm, or light.

When examining the total price, we should take utilities into account.

Consider parks that offer them as part of the package rather than those that charge extra for them.

Added Charges

added charges

Living in a trailer park might occasionally incur extra costs. For instance, in order to receive mail, you may need to set up a PO box.

There may be yearly or ongoing registration costs for your trailer or mobile home.

It’s also important to consider the insurance plans for both the trailer parks and the mobile homes located there.

A trailer park may impose additional fees, however, this is not always the case. The rent may occasionally increase somewhat if you don’t have insurance on your trailer or mobile home.

This usually has to do with the trailer park having to assume some obligation. Many people decide not to insure their mobile homes or trailers.

This appears to be less expensive, but it will probably end up costing you far more money.



There are some trailer parks that have restaurants, swimming pools, water parks, fishing piers, and even gyms.

Mostly, these will be covered by the monthly rent you pay. However, in some locations, the facilities will come with an additional cost on top of the rental charges.

A significant part of what makes the trailer park a fantastic location to live is the amenities.

Will you truly appreciate where you live if you can’t use the swimming pool, tennis court, and fishing area?

You will locate a trailer park that offers the space you want as well as entertainment because there are so many possibilities available nationwide.

Amenities shouldn’t typically cost more than $100 a month, and only parks with higher overall costs or values will charge that much for amenities.

You will often receive the facilities as part of your monthly rent if you pay a few hundred dollars in rent.

These facilities often prove to be far superior for many people than what they would have received if they had been renting or even living in a home.

Relocation of Trailer or Mobile Home 

trailer parks near me for rent

There can be expenses involved with bringing the trailer or mobile home to place and then moving it periodically if necessary, depending on the model that you choose.

You know that your location is determined when you rent or purchase a home.

In reality, picking a site that appeals to you and will be profitable in the long run is the most crucial step in the real estate transaction.

If you buy real estate and don’t select a terrific location, you can have trouble selling that property again in the future.

The flexibility to move your house from one place to another with a trailer or mobile home is a huge benefit, but it can also be very expensive.

For individuals who want to travel more around the nation and maybe move in a few years, this kind of flexibility is a great option.

The transfer of the trailer or mobile home comes with a price, though. Be ready for significant costs from a mover who can handle a huge load.

A trailer or mobile home may also not be able to be moved at all if it is not in excellent shape.

Moving a mobile home or trailer may be time-consuming and expensive if you are inexperienced with it.

Just like moving from one single-family house to another, this move will require careful planning. Initially, try to locate a location that you appreciate and that is a nice environment for you.

Make sure the location of your mobile home is ideal so that you may live there for many years to come. Set your shop here and begin living a far more affordable style of life than you were previously accustomed to.

Resale Value

Resale value

It is crucial to take your trailer or mobile home’s resale worth into account whether this relocation is temporary or permanent.

Even while it could make sense to acquire a fixer-upper on the cheap, be sure that you are willing to put in the effort.

The possibility of one day selling your trailer and making some money back is one of the best things about living in a trailer park.

Maintain a trailer in excellent condition, and you should have no problem selling it in the future.

The demand for a stylish, reasonably priced, well-kept trailer or mobile home is extremely high.

Which State is Ideal for Trailer Park Residents?

Generally, it’s OK to live in a trailer or RV park in the US, however, Florida, Texas, and South Dakota are three states that are regarded as the finest for full-time trailer park living.

Trailer park residents can consider moving to states like Nevada and Washington.

Florida, Texas, and South Dakota all do not impose an income tax, which is one thing they have in common.

Nevada and Washington are now included on the list since they offer a lot of open space, which makes it simple and affordable for you to select a place for your house.

This makes sense as a larger area entails more alternatives for your trailer park’s location and less stringent zoning.

The local temperature and environment are crucial considerations when deciding where a trailer park is an ideal spot to live.

Since you’ll be living near the ground, it will be to your best advantage to choose a location with a temperate temperature.

The states with the nicest weather include Florida, Texas, South Dakota, Washington, and Nevada since they have mild winters and don’t have to deal with any extreme weather.

Another element that positions these five states on the list of the finest locations to live in a trailer park is the view and surroundings.

Every day, the scenery and national parks in these states are breathtaking, and for that, they deserve praise.

Which State Has the Lowest House Rental Rates?

With an average monthly lot rent for mobile homes of $200, Kansas and South Carolina are the least expensive states in the US.

We’ve talked a lot about mobile homes, trailer parks, and other things, but one crucial issue that cannot be ignored is home lot rent.

Mostly when you buy a mobile home, it doesn’t come with land, therefore you have to pay the park owner for the piece of land where you want to put your mobile home for a certain amount of time.

You should, however, carefully study the lease agreement with the mobile home park to understand what is included in your lot rent. You shouldn’t sign up for services that you may have for nothing.

Typically, the cost of a residential lot varies from state to state across the nation.

Because of the high cost of living in California, for instance, lot rents there may range from $300 to $500 per month.

The cost of renting a house site is quite low, and the cost difference between a mobile home and an apartment may exceed $1,000.

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