How Much Does Jeff Bezos Make a Day, Minute, and Second?

How much does Jeff Bezos make a day? We answer this question and cover everything to know in our complete guide.

Jeff Bezos has an extremely high net worth as the owner of Amazon. His net worth is estimated to be around $190.4 billion, and it is growing.

Although he has since stepped down as CEO of Amazon, his fortune has continued to grow. Given his net worth, you might be wondering how much money he makes in a day.

Here’s everything you need to know about Jeff Bezos’ daily salary.

How Much Does Jeff Bezos Earn in a Day?

Jeff Bezos earns about $205 million per day. That figure is the result of a series of calculations based on how much he earns based on his salary and his increase in net worth.

In comparison to other billionaires, his salary is modest. He is paid $81,840 per year.

It was the amount he earned in 1998, and it has remained constant since then. This, combined with other compensation, brings his total compensation to $1,681,840.

You can then divide that by smaller numbers. He makes $140,153 per month. This figure can be broken down even further by the minute. Every minute, he earns $3.20. That is solely based on his remuneration.

When you factor in his rising net worth, the figures become even more impressive. Jeff Bezos’ net worth is expected to rise by $75 billion by 2020. With that in mind, you can use the new figures to calculate how much he earns in a day.

It amounts to $6.25 billion per month. This equates to $1.44 billion per week. To calculate the day, divide it by two and you get $205 million per day. This equates to $142,667 per minute. As his net worth grows, so does the amount he earns on a daily basis.

This can then be divided into weeks, resulting in a total of $32,343. You can then calculate his daily earnings, which are $4,608.

Intriguing Stats and Facts about Jeff Bezos’ Earnings

Here are some interesting facts about Jeff Bezos’s earnings and spending habits.

1. Jeff Bezos Has a Staggering Net Worth of $151.9 Billion


Bezos, who is 58 years old, has become one of the world’s wealthiest billionaires (right after Elon Musk).

He sold $8.8 billion in Amazon stock in 2021 alone. Bezos also owns The Washington Post and Blue Origin, and he is a major investor in Arrived Homes, an investment firm.

2. Jeff Bezos Earns Approximately $150,000 Per Minute from Amazon Revenue


That works out to $9 million per hour or $216 million per day. To put this in context, this is three times the average wage for most American workers.

To earn Jeff Bezos’ hourly wage in revenue, for example, you’d have to work 24 hours a day, seven days a week for 68 years.

3. From 2013 to 2018, Jeff Bezos Paid a Tax Rate of 23.2%, which is Significantly Lower than the Top Income Tax Rate of 37% for High-income Americans

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The wealthiest tech billionaires understand how to legally avoid paying taxes. They are taking advantage of tax breaks by donating money to charity through their stock holdings.

This allows them to deduct the stock at its current market value while avoiding capital gains taxes.

Is Jeff Bezos a taxpayer? Yes, but his effective tax rate is significantly lower than that of the majority of people. Bezos’ average tax rate from 2014 to 2018 was 0.98%. He paid no federal income taxes in 2007.

4. Jeff Bezos Will Earn $2,537 Per Second in 2022


However, if we calculate his income solely on his salary ($81,840), his per-second income is only $0.10. That pales in comparison to Elon Musk, who earns $375 per second.

5. As Part of their Divorce Settlement, Bezos Gave his Ex-wife, MacKenzie Scott, 19.7 Million Shares of Amazon Stock

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Jeff Bezos’ ex-net wife’s worth is estimated to be $43.6 billion, ranking her as the world’s 30th wealthiest woman.

Following her divorce from Bezos in 2019, MacKenzie Scott dedicated her life to charity and promised to give away the majority of her wealth.

She boasted in March 2022 that she had given more than $3 billion to 465 nonprofit organizations in the previous nine months. In just three years, her total charitable contributions have surpassed $12 billion.

6. Bezos Will Earn $1.75 Billion Per Week in 2022


Jeff Bezos’ net worth in 2021 was $197 billion, which equates to approximately $250 million per day or $1.75 billion per week.

In the same year, he resigned as CEO of Amazon to focus on other projects at the company, including his rocket venture Blue Origin.

7. Amazon Shares are Jeff Bezos’ Primary Source of Income

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Bezos owns roughly 13% of Amazon stock. The company’s market cap is currently $1.299 trillion, and its share price is $127.51. (at the time of writing).

On that note, Bezos has sold nearly $27 billion in stock since 1997.

8. Amazon’s Daily Revenue Exceeds $638 Million


How much money does Amazon make per day? More than $638 million, or $26.6 million to $27 million per hour, $443,000 per minute, and $7,300 per second.

Amazon makes the majority of its money on Prime Day. For example, during Prime Day in 2021, consumers spent approximately $11.2 billion on Amazon products.

9. Bezos Founded Amazon with a $300,000 Loan from His Parents and His Bank Account

(Source: The Washington Post)

Why is Jeff Bezos so wealthy? He made a wise investment with a $300,000 loan. In addition, he was able to secure $1 million from 20 local investors.

Amazon established itself quickly, processing $12,438 in purchases in its first week.

In 1996, Amazon experienced a 3000% increase in sales (compared to the previous year), finishing the year with $15.7 million in total sales.

10. Jef Bezos Got His First Job at McDonald’s, where He Earned $3.68 Per Hour

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Jeff Bezos’ salary at McDonald’s was pitiful in comparison to his current hourly wage of $390. In fact, Bezos was worth more than McDonald’s in 2020.

His fortune surpassed $186 billion, surpassing the market capitalizations of McDonald’s ($143 billion), Costco ($145 billion), and Nike ($122 billion).

Frequently Asked Questions

Musk’s net worth will have increased by $150 billion by 2020. While that is far from normal, let us assume it is for him. According to that calculation, he would earn an average of $41,095,890.41 per day.

Jeff Bezos will earn $2,537 per second in 2021. However, if we calculate his income solely on his salary ($81,840), his per-second income is only $0.10. That pales in comparison to Elon Musk, who earns $375 per second.

Jeff Bezos’ wealth grows by $314.77 per day, $1,573 per week, and $6,820 per month based on his base wage of $81,840, which has remained constant since 1998.

Final Thought

His net worth is estimated to be $151.9 billion as of August 2022, with an annual salary of $1.7 million. In other words, Jeff Bezos’ fortune exceeds the GDPs of Luxembourg ($86.71 billion) and Uruguay ($59.32 billion).

Furthermore, his daily earnings exceed the average monthly salary in Oslo, Norway ($3,600). How much money does Jeff Bezos make per day?  Approximately $4,700.

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