How Much is an Axolotl? Detailed Explanation on Axolotls

How much is an axolotl? Everyone adores exotic pets! The fancy price tag that comes with the pet, however, causes the keeper’s concern. Today, we’ll explain how much an axolotl costs. We’ll go over the monthly, annual, and average costs of axolotls. The Mexican Walking Fish originated in the Xochimilco lake complex near Mexico City.

how much is an axolotl

What are Axolotls?

Before we go any further, let’s take a quick look at what axolotls are and how they differ from other salamanders.

Amphibians are axolotls. They do, however, spend the majority of their lives underwater, unlike salamanders. They are close relatives of the Tiger salamander and can grow to be up to a foot long. (for salamanders, quite large)

They are typically mottled brown and black in color. Albino and Leucistic axolotls, on the other hand, have a translucent white color with shiny gold flecks and red or pink feathery gills. How much is an Axolotl?

How are Axolotls Different from Other Salamanders?

Axolotls charm marine experts for their retention of features from the larval stage.

If you’ve seen tadpoles, you know what I’m talking about!

Amphibians; in general, go through a process called metamorphosis. It is a process in which an animal goes through certain developmental changes in its body structure. However, this process doesn’t apply to axolotls. How much is an Axolotl?

Axolotls, even in their adulthood retain their larval features including tadpole-like fins and external feathery gills.

One enticing thing about axolotls is that they take their regeneration to the next level. It would surprise you that axolotls cannot only regenerate tissues, but limbs, brains, spines, and even jaws! How much is an Axolotl?

How Much Do Axolotls Cost?

The average cost of an axolotl doesn’t end with its purchase.

There are several other costs involved; the axolotl tank, accessories, delivery fees, recurring costs, monthly costs, yearly costs, and much more!

So, let’s go budgeting!

The Initial Cost

Axolotls are generally considered inexpensive exotic pets with an initial cost of around $30 to $100; that too for basic and juvenile axolotls.

The price, however, varies for exotic or adult axolotls. Depending on the rarity of morph and the health of the axolotl, rare axolotls like piebald axolotl cost around $100.

The adult Golden Albino axolotl costs around $45. Meanwhile, other varieties with exceptional pigmentations would cost you around $300 to $1500. How much is an Axolotl?

The Shipping Cost

If you’ve ordered your axolotl online through a reputable store, be sure to add a few bucks (say $40 to $60) as a flat rate of the shipping cost for each pet. How much is an Axolotl?

Axolotl Tank Cost

So, this is where your actual expenses lie. An axolotl needs a larger tank than any other amphibian.

That’s because they spend their whole time underwater and the smallest tank you can accommodate for young axolotls is 10 gallons. 

For a mature axolotl tank, a standard 20 gallons aquarium would suffice. However, it’s not just the tank that counts.

Since your smiling pets would be captive-bred animals, they would need ample lighting and filtration. Some pet stores offer various aquarium kits and ensembles that include LED lighting, filtration device and cartridges, heating devices, and other tank decors.

The overall tank setup would cost you somewhere between $100 to $300 approximately. How much is an Axolotl?


Recurring Costs

Lucky for you; axolotls are exclusively captive pets. And on top of all that, they have exceptional regenerative abilities. It makes it easier to minus the health problems of axolotls and clinical attention.

However, we still recommend visiting the vet once a year to rule out any medical abnormalities in your pet. Basically, the only recurring cost left is food.

Axolotls enjoy a protein-rich diet, including brine shrimp, earthworms, and bloodworms. Many novice keepers make the mistake of feeding feeder fish and mice to their diet.

We strongly discourage live or dead food as it may introduce bacterial and parasitic infections to the tank. Hence, the annual recurring cost of grown-up axolotls that feed twice weekly is estimated to be around $50. How much is an Axolotl?

Though it is rare to see an axolotl falling sick and dying of a fatal disease. However, they are living beings and require regular medical upkeep. As a responsible axolotl owner, you should make a yearly visit to the vet to avoid deadly diseases or ailments.

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