How Much to Rent a Truck From Home Depot?

Have you been searching for how to rent a truck from Home Depot? Do you want to know how much it takes to rent a truck from Home Depot? Keep reading to know how much and how to rent a truck from Home Depot.

How Much to Rent a Truck From Home Depot

Home Depot is a store that provides services for customers nationwide. Also, at Home Depot, customers can rent trucks according to the duration they want. However, the amount at which Home Depot rents its trucks differs according to the size and duration. 

Interestingly, you can choose between renting a Load ‘N Go truck which is owned by Home Depot, or renting a truck from Penske which is Home Depot’s partner. 

Customers should know that not all locations at which Home Depot is stationed partner with Penske, it is advisable to check the location and the availability of the truck.

How Much does Home Depot Charge for a Pickup Truck?

Home Depot rental service for trucks or vans varies. For you to rent a truck for 75 minutes it will cost $19, for a day it will cost $129 and for a week it will cost $903. 

Also, Home Depot rents regular truck boxes at the rate of $29 for 75 minutes, for a day it will cost $139, and for a week it will cost $973. However, any customer renting a truck or van for a week from Home Depot is required to deposit at least $150. 

Home is a big company that has a partnership with Penske. For any customer to rent a Penske truck from Home Depot, they must have to fill out some necessary information for a quote.

For renting Penske trucks, the price will determine the demand, how big is the truck, and the number of days you will need it.

The criteria for renting a truck or cargo van from Home Depot are your Valid ID card, credit or debit card, driver’s license, and other necessary documents.

TruckPrice for 75-minute rentalPrice per dayPrice per weekDepositLoading RampTow Hitch
F-250 Flatbed$19$129$903$150 depositNoYes*
Cargo Van$19$129$903$150 depositNoNo
Home Depot Box Truck$29$139$973$150 depositYesYes*
Penske 12-foot TruckVariesVariesVaries$150 deposit**YesNo
Penske 16-foot TruckVariesVariesVaries$150 deposit**YesYes*
Penske 22-foot TruckVariesVariesVaries$150 deposit**YesYes*
Penske 26-foot TruckVariesVariesVaries$150 deposit**YesYes*

What Size Trucks does Home Depot Have?

Home Depot rents cargo vans, trucks, truck boxes, and others. Interestingly, these three trucks are available for any local move. Also, if you need bigger trucks, choose from the Penske truck options. 

You might want to rent a size truck due to its capacity and your project. Here are the Tuck sizes that Home Depot has.

Truck SizesFlatbed pickup truckCargo vanMoving box truck
Best forSmall studio apartment or dorm roomSmall one-bedroom apartmentStandard one-bedroom apartment
Max load weight (lbs.)3,0003,0003,850
Interior space (cu. ft.)77.3277.3515

How Big is a Home Depot Cargo Van?

How Much to Rent a Truck From Home Depot

Home Depot is unique for having several cargo vans of different sizes. Home Depot cargo vans are 54.8 inches wide by 70.2 inches long by 28.7 inches high.

Also, Home Depot cargo van has a total interior cargo volume of 277.7 cubic feet.

Here is a simple breakdown of important specs and rants:

Important SpecsRating
Gross Vehicle Weight9,500 lbs. (4,309 kg)
Gross Cargo Weight3,000 lbs. (1,361 kg)
Gross Towing Weight10,800 lbs. (4,899 kg)
Fuel Tank Capacity26 gal. (98.4 l)
Estimated Gas Mileage12/gal. (5.1 km/l)
Interior Cargo Width54.8 in. (139 cm)
Interior Cargo Length70.2 in. (178 cm)
Interior Cargo Height28.7 in. (73 cm)
Exterior Cargo Volume77.3 ft3 (2.19 m3)

Can I Rent a Truck From Home Depot With a Debit Card?

How Much to Rent a Truck From Home Depot

If you’ve been wondering if you can rent a truck from Home Depot with either a debit card or credit card, well the answer is yes, you can. 

Also, for you to rent a truck from Home Depot you must have a valid driver’s license, insurance document, and other valid ID. 

When renting a truck from Home Depot, it is advisable to use both your debit card and credit card responsibly. Using your card responsibly will definitely help build your credit score. 

In addition, when you rent a truck from Home Depot, it is required that you make a deposit for the truck you are renting. This deposit serves as an insurance and maintenance fee.

Will Home Depot Help Load?

People have been asking if Home Depot will help load off items for them. The answer is yes, they will. Home Depot looks after the satisfaction of their customers and they have brought out ways by creating a department called the Pro Loaders. 

The Pro-Loaders are trained with the necessary skills to help take loading stress from customers’ hands. 

Also, the Pro Loaders are specially trained in loading and offloading items from trucks, cargo vans, trailers, and the rest.

Home Depot loaders are trained, reliable, and trustworthy with good communication skills. If you have been thinking about who will help you load items from Home Depot, Pro Loaders are there for you. 

How Much Fits in a Truck Bed?

How Much to Rent a Truck From Home Depot

The truck bed can fit any item according to its size and capacity. A truck bed can fit a lot actually, a normal small truck like Ranger, Frontier, Tacoma, and other small truck beds can fit in items that are approximately 1000 Ibs. 

In addition, truck beds like Silverado, Ram, F-150, and other trucks like them can fit items that are approximately 1500 Ibs.

Also, Work trucks like F-2500S, and F-250s, can carry heavy Items that are approximately 2500 Ibs and they can handle 2-3 scoops of heavy items. If you want to rent heavy-duty pickup trucks like the 3500, or F-350, it can carry over 5 scoops and more.

Deposits for Home Depot Rental Tools?

Home Depot ensures that customers put down a depot for any item or tool they are renting. Also, the deposit at Home Depot varies in size and duration. 

For instance, if you want to rent a piece of heavy equipment you have to depot $300 and $25 for a tool rental.

Also, when a customer wants to rent a car or truck, he or she has to deposit a certain amount from $150 to $300.

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