How Old is Gabriela Bee (Bio Data, and Achievements)

You probably want to know how old is Gabriela bee. She is well recognized for publishing gaming videos on her Miss Bee YouTube channel. She is a musician as well, and she has uploaded cover versions of songs on her YouTube.


How Old is Gabriela Bee?

Gabriela Rossana Burgos is her real identity. She is the youngest member of a four-person family.

She has an older brother known as Mr. Bee. Her parents are known as Papa Bee and Mama Bee. 

When her family started sharing stuff online, she was six years old.

Miss Bee, who was born on September 9, 2006, will turn 15 in 2022.

She was raised in an upper-middle-class household in Thornhill, Ontario, Canada, where she was born and raised.

She is a Canadian national who practices Christianity as her faith.


About Gabriela Bee

Popular YouTuber and Instagram user Gabriela Bee is well-known for her videos and postings on those platforms.

A few years after her Ontario, Canada, birth, she made her YouTube debut as a member of the ”Bee Family” channel. Her parents were in charge of this station.

She gradually rose to fame because of the YouTube covers she performed.

She currently has millions of fans on her own YouTube channel, and she is also incredibly well-known on Instagram.

She also had several chances to appear in advertisements for well-known products.

Relationships Life

Miss Bee is single and has never been married. She is not currently dating anyone, and there is no information available about any of her previous relationships.

Gabriela Bee’s Net Worth?

She has built quite a substantial net worth thanks to her YouTube channel and several brand partnerships.

Her estimated net worth ranges from $340,000 to $2 million, while exact figures are not accessible.

The YouTube channel she runs and several brand sponsorships are Gabriela Bee’s primary sources of revenue, which has resulted in a sizable buildup of her net worth.

According to her net worth and YouTube views, her yearly earnings should range from $85,000 to $153,000.

Childhood And Education

The Canadian province of Ontario is where Gabriela Bee was born.

She was born into an upper-middle-class household and was the daughter of Andres and Rossana Burgos. She goes by Gabriela Umika Burgos in real life. 

When she was quite young when her parents launched a family channel called “The Bee Family.”

Miss Bee has therefore been a part of the YouTube community since a very young age.

Miss Bee is reported to attend a singing school since she had an interest in singing at a young age.

Regarding her education, no information is known. She is homeschooled or attends a nearby high school.

Professional and Career Highlights

Her parents introduced Gabriela Bee to YouTube after they created a channel that is appropriate for families.

Gabriela Bee, her older brother Roberto Burgos, and her sister Rossana Burgos are all featured on this channel.

The Bee Family is the name of the channel, and they frequently upload hilarious and family-friendly clips.

She launched her own YouTube channel, “Gabriela Bee,” in 2018, where she shares a variety of commentary, music, and singing videos.

She currently has over two million channel subscribers. On Instagram, Miss Bee has a sizable social media following.

Miss Bee is connected to several companies outside of social media, and she appears in their advertisements.

Disney, Regal Cinemas, Samsung, Pepsi, and other brands are just a handful of them.

Hobbies And Interests

Miss Bee is a musical artist besides being a YouTube star and an internet celebrity.

She has always loved to sing. Miss Bee enjoys spending the winters skiing at mountain resorts with her entire family since she is a highly skilled skier and snowboarder.

With her family, Gabriela Bee travels frequently, and her favorite destinations are France and New York.

Physical Appearance

Miss Bee is a young, stunningly attractive girl with a charming and alluring personality.

She has a slim, beautifully shaped body that is hot and curvy, with appealing body measurements.

Her approximate body measurements are 30-24-35 inches. She is around 45 kg in weight and 5 feet 1 inch tall.

She has stunning long, blonde hair that is shining, as well as stunning, entrancing eyes that are blazing dark brown.

Gabriela Bee is still a teenager and growing. September 2006 marked the birth of Gabriela Bee.

She is therefore 15 years old in 2022 according her birthday.

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