How Old is Kratos? Everything About God of War

Would you love to know how old is Kratos? Kratos is not immortal, but because of the gods’ might, he is practically unkillable and ages much more slowly than the average person.

how old is kratos

How Old is Kratos?

It wouldn’t be incorrect, but it also wouldn’t be right, to argue that Kratos in God of War is about 150 years old.

We may determine Kratos’ age by comparing in-game events to actual historical occurrences.

God of War takes place before Fimbulwinter, the catastrophe that heralds Ragnarok, which took place in 535 AD, whereas the finale of God of War 3 centers on the fall of Sparta, which occurred in 464 BC.

Based on those two dates and the assumption that Kratos is in his 30s when God of War I take place, we can calculate that Kratos will be roughly 1050 years old when God of War begins (2018).

How Old is Kratos in God of War 4?

At the end of God of War 4, Kratos is 200 years old, having lived for two to three years between his birth and his death.

Even though in the original game his age is never made known. In God of War, Kratos is almost a thousand years old.

Although it wouldn’t be entirely inaccurate to suggest that Kratos in God of War is close to 150 years old, it also wouldn’t be accurate.

We can determine Kratos’ age by comparing the events in the games to actual occurrences.

When Kratos’ age at the conclusion of GOW III is calculated based on preceding information, he falls firmly between the ages of 1047 and 1051.

To address your query, it doesn’t appear as if Kratos may pass away from old age. He practically never ages since he is a deity.


Concept and Design

David Jaffe, the inventor of God of War (2005) and the game’s director, set out to design Kratos to set him apart from other classic Greek heroes while still giving him a horrific appearance.

Jaffe wanted the character to be unique, thus he would not wear typical armor.

Although it was decided to use a totally disguised figure, the idea was dropped since it was felt that the character’s design lacked soul and individuality.

Some models featured unusual details, like him holding a baby on his back, while others had too much detail, such as his hair, and other “flowing stuff”.

Backstory and Comics

Kratos is presented as an antihero who frequently does dubious acts throughout the whole series.

Although his past is depicted in the first God of War, Ghost of Sparta reveals Kratos’ youth, and the God of War comic series explores the birth of his daughter (2010-11).

According to Ghost of Sparta, the oracle had predicted that a mortal, a marked warrior, would destroy Olympus rather than the Titans who had been imprisoned after the Great War.

Years after the events of God of War III, Kratos escaped what appeared to be death after unleashing the power of Hope in Greece.

He eventually found himself in the Norse realm of Midgard in prehistoric Scandinavia and gave birth to a young boy named Atreus who is unaware of his true nature.


Kratos is the perfect example of a Spartan soldier because he was basically created for combat.

He stands tall, measuring 7 feet 8 inches (2.34 meters) in the Greek games and 6 feet 4 inches (1.94 meters) in the Norse games, where, because of his status as a warrior.

He is in top physical shape with an athletic yet powerfully muscled body.

One may estimate Kratos’ age to be between the late 30s and early 40s in the first games based on his facial traits and speech patterns.


Kratos is exceedingly vicious, careless, and destructive over most of the series especially when Zeus betrays him.

Eager to kill anybody who stands in his path, including innocent people.

He is seen to be incapable of taking full accountability for his deeds, frequently blaming Zeus, Ares, and Athena for his suffering while downplaying or rejecting his own role in it.

Kratos has made at least two distinct suicide attempts because of thinking about his wrongdoings.

He also exhibits a great deal of stoicism and silence, speaking only when absolutely required and frequently just that.

Powers and Abilities

Kratos, a demigod son of Zeus who eventually became the God of War, has the strongest and most amazing heavenly superhuman physical capabilities.

Since receiving rigorous military training at a Spartan school as a child, he has developed superhuman strength and god-like abilities that are currently superior to those of any mortal, animal, and most gods.

He has also surpassed all other Greek Demigods, as well as Olympian Gods and Titans.

In God of War, Kratos is more than a thousand years old.

Kratos may be projected to be roughly 1050 years old by the beginning of God of War (2018)

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