How Old is Megumin? Bio of Powerful Arch-Wizard 

Would you love to know how old is Megumin? Megumin was a changed human with black hair and eyes, a strong magic affinity, and deep brown eyes. Continue reading to find out more.


How Old is Megumin?

The first member of Kazuma’s party is Megumin, an Arch Wizard of the Crimson Magic Clan in the Fantasy World. 

Megumin is one of the cutest fan favorites. This magically obsessive teenager loves explosions so much that she has devoted her whole spell book to one potent and devastating spell.

She is quite self-conscious about her appearance and her age, as we’ve seen in the show. When treated as if she were a little girl, she becomes aggressive. However, Megumin is actually a small girl.

Megumin started the third installment of the light novel series when she was 13 years old. She has aged by one whole year since the fourteenth volume.


Young Megumin has shoulder-length dark brown hair (smooth black in the light novel) and strangely languid crimson eyes.

She has doll-like features, pale skin, and a light complexion.

Megumin appears to have a fragile, underdeveloped form, in contrast to her peers in Crimson Village who have a more developed body.

Megumin is dressed like a traditional witch, with a black cloak, crimson robe, orange boots, and black wizard’s cap, all with gold borders and trimmings, as well as a black choker, belt, and fingerless gloves.

The left leg of Megumin is wearing black stocking, and the right leg is bandaged in white.

She wields a staff that is brown and has a crimson jewel floating on it.



When she was younger, a busty older lady used Explosion magic to save her.

This inspired her to become an Explosion mage, and after mastering it, she asserts she must cast Explosion once a day or die.

Megumin would steal food from Yunyun every day while she was still in school since her parents couldn’t afford to feed her.

Megumin could graduate earlier than expected because of her extraordinary academic achievements.

Yunyun expected she would be “at a loss owing to a lack of the means of survival, asking a worthless person for a supper when she set out on her solo journey.

She swiftly established a reputation in Axel Town as a crazed Explosion enthusiast, so before she met Kazuma and Aqua.


Megumin is a lively, quirky, and stage-savvy young woman. She is a member of the Crimson Magic Clan and exhibits many traits common to her people, like chuunibyou inclinations and a liking for unusual names.

Megumin frequently gives off the impression of being confident and haughty.

Continually bragging about her destructive abilities, yet she is quick to shed her act in a crisis, as she did when Kazuma threatened to smack her with her eyepatch.

Although Megumin portrays a super strong magician, she is actually rather naïve and childlike.

She reacts negatively to being treated like a child because of her sensitive nature and undeveloped physique, either feeling dejected or hostile.


Megumin, a member of the Crimson Magic Clan, is naturally blessed with the magical ability and has high numbers in Magic Proficiency and Intelligence, making her the smartest member of her party.

It has also been said that Megumin has significant mana reserves.

It’s quite possible that if she didn’t want to concentrate entirely on Explosion magic, she’d be able to cast a variety of complex spells, much like many of the clan members.

Megumin, like the other members of the Crimson Magic Clan, is a strong magician who can use the strongest spell from the Detonation Series.

Is Konosuba a Harem Anime?

In a harem, a protagonist is surrounded by three or more androphilic/gynephilic love interests or sexual partners.

This genre is centered on polygynous or polyandrous relationships.

Due to the fact that only Megumin falls in love with Kazuma, KonoSuba is not a harem anime. 

Megumin wears an eye patch for cosmetic reasons in volume 3 of the book. She is described as being 13 in Volume 3. She was fourteen years old at the time of Volume 14.

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