How Old is Miles Morales? Marvel Universe Superhero

Are you interested in knowing how old is Miles Morales? Miles Morales is a superhero from a fictitious comic book, and one of the Spider-Man characters. In Miles’ case, a lot has changed.

How Old is Miles Morales? Marvel Universe Superhero

How Old is Miles Morales?

Miles Morales is the third playable character, the tritagonist in Marvel’s spider-man and he is also the lead character in the stand-alone expansion of Marvel’s Spider-Man

Miles is 17 years old in Marvel’s cinematic Universe and he is a good friend to Peter Parker, the Spider-Man

Although Miles is quite the novice when it comes to crime fighting, we are not surprised as he is the Son of Rio Morales, a councilman, and Jefferson Davis, a police officer.

Miles might be a novice, but he can hold his own against some of Spidey’s heavyweight, as he is developing his own rhythm and technique.


Miles was born in Brooklyn, New York City in February 2003 to Parents, Rio Morales, a teacher, and Jefferson Davis, a police officer.

At age five, Miles started disassembling his family’s TV, demonstrating an early passion in electronics.

Miles comes from a Hispanic and African American Heritage, quite intelligent, passionate, and very dedicated to putting others first before himself

His mother also contributed to Miles’s mental growth as he was instilled with a passion for science by her since he was a child.

He started inventing things when he was very small, however, a lot of emphasis was placed on academic achievement.


What Transforms Miles into Spider-Man?

Miles was bitten 11 months before Peter Parker passed away. At first, Miles wasn’t too happy to have gained the abilities.

However, after Parker got killed by the Green Goblin, he started reevaluating his abilities as he realized that he could have intervened and saved Parker

How does Miles Morales Get his Powers?

Miles got his powers after a genetically changed spider escaped from the Oscorp Laboratories and bit him at the game’s conclusion.

He then told his friend, Parker, about his freshly discovered abilities during a credits scene and Parker confirmed that he is now a Spider-Man.

But Miles also possesses a few special abilities that are unique to him. He can quickly conceal himself so that he blends in with his environment, for starters.

Miles also has a unique venom strike that enables him to instantly paralyze his targets with just one touch.

Although the power contains venom in its name, it actually focuses on utilizing electric energy rather than venom.

Are Miles Morales and Gwen Stacy a Couple?

This happened on a Parallel dimension, during the War for the Web of Life and Destiny, Miles met and fell in love with Gwen Stacy, a.k.a. Spider-Woman,

They both settled on Earth-8, where they became popular as a couple and finally got hitched.

How did Peter Die in the Miles Universe?

Peter Parker died while battling the Sinister Six and the Green Goblin.

The Green Goblin is viciously attacked by Spidey with a vehicle, which explodes after he got hit by a bullet intended for Captain America. 

Norman Osborn and Peter both died because of this.

Are Miles and Peter Parker in the Same Universe?

Miles Morales and his family at first did not remember their time spent in the Ultimate reality, but that soon changes.

His journey to Earth-616 discloses that he and the original Peter Parker share the same reality and possess the Spider-Man power set.

Miles was just 14 when he was bitten by the Radioactive Spider in the Spider-Man movie, “Into the Spiderverse.”

In the comics, he was 13 years old, and he died at 17.

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