How Old is Sydney Sweeney (Everything You Need to Know)

How old is Sydney Sweeney? The Spokane-born American actress, model, television host, and social media influencer is well-known around the globe. This post will include everything you need to know about Sydney Sweeney.

How Old is Sydney Sweeney

How Old is Sydney Sweeney?

Sydney Bernice Sweeney, a veteran, and gifted American actress, was born on September 12, 1997.

She attracted well-deserved notice in 2018 after appearing in the Netflix series ”Everything Sucks”. 

Her parts in the HBO drama Sharp Objects and the Hulu series The Handmaid’s Tale are equally important.

As the protagonist of the 2018 horror movie Along Came the Devil, Sydney Sweeney has shown her acting skills.

She did, however, also feature in several more tv shows and movies.

She has worked on several well-known projects, including Robot Chicken, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and Nice Teeth.

Sydney Sweeney Early Life

Sydney Bernice Sweeney was born on September 12, 1997, and was raised in Spokane, Washington.

Her father, Scott Sweeney, is a physician, and her mother, Lisa Mudd Sweeney, is a well-known attorney. Trent Sweeney, her younger brother, is currently an actor.

Sweeney was raised in a rustic lakeside house that her family has lived in for five generations in northwest Idaho in the state’s Panhandle area near the Washington border.

Sweeney has acknowledged that, although being open to many faiths, she was raised in a Christian home.

Sweeney studied at Spokane’s Saint George’s School. She took part in a variety of sports, saying, “I was in every single sport available.” I took part in, snow slalom skiing, baseball, soccer, and other sports.

After trying out for a role as an extra in a local Spokane independent movie, she developed an interest in acting.

She provided her parents with a five-year business plan to persuade them to let her pursue acting.

Sweeney started performing for commercials in Seattle and Portland, before deciding to go to Los Angeles when she was 14.


Sydney Sweeney went to a neighborhood school close to Spokane, Washington, where she was raised. 

She took part in competitive grappling competitions while still in high school and trained as an MMA fighter.

She also took entrepreneurial courses at Lehman Alternative Community School (LACS), which is part of the Ithaca City School District in Ithaca, New York.

Sweeney also pursued linguistic studies and graduated valedictorian.



Sydney Sweeney pursued her passion for acting, which she has had since infancy.

She has been in several TV episodes as a guest star, including Grey’s Anatomy, In the Vault, Criminal Minds, and Pretty Little Liars, which aired on YouTube.

On the Netflix series Everything Sucks!, Sweeney played Emaline Addario, one of two sets of high school students in 1996 Oregon.

She next had a recurring appearance as Alice, a roommate Amy Adams character encounters in a mental hospital, in the HBO drama Sharp Objects.

The filmmaker continued adding sequences for her character even though it was intended for a smaller part.

 Sweeney visited institutions where patients who self-harmed were treated and read accounts of girls who struggled with mental illness and self-harm to prepare for the part.

Sydney Personal Life 

How Old is Sydney Sweeney

Sydney Sweeney’s beauty and grace may be the reason she has landed so many film roles.

 She also has a pear body shape, measuring 32C-24-33 inches, with a 24-inch waist and 33-inch hips.

Her lovely blue eyes and flawless, white complexion all go well together with her blonde hair. She has not, however, inked her lovely skin, unlike other celebrities.

According to Sweeney, each of her characters has a unique book that serves as an “interactive diary/timeline/memory book/picture of the character’s complete life”.

From the time of the character’s birth until the first page of the screenplay.

The Spokesman-Review revealed in December 2020 that Sweeney had given $12,000 to several Spokane businesses, where the money was used to buy food for homeless shelters.

Sydney Relationship Life

Since February 2022, Sweeney and her longtime partner, Chicago-based restaurateur Jonathan Davino.

In a later-deleted Instagram post, Sydney Sweeney revealed her connection with her longtime buddy Michael Fitzgerald.

Sweeney Net Worth

Sydney Sweeney is succeeding in the American film industry, and producers and directors alike will concur.

Her acting career has made her wealthy. She also receives compensation for her modeling and collaboration work. Sydney Sweeney’s net worth is thought to be around  $5-6million.


Sydney Sweeney is one of the modern acting world’s most sought-after actresses.

This is because of her abilities and adaptability, which have also provided her an advantage over others.

If you’ve watched some of her performances in movies, you’ll understand what I mean.

Some of her movies include:

▸2009 ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction as Lisa

▸2010 The Opium Eater as Sarah Detzer

▸2010 Takeo as Samantha Wright

▸2010 Night Blind as Lost Girl

▸2010 The Ward as Young Alice

▸2013 Spiders 3D as Emily

▸2014 Angels in Stardust as Annie And a lot of them. 

TV Shows Include:

▸2018 Everything Sucks! as Emaline Addario (10 episodes)

▸2018 The Handmaid’s Tale as Eden Spencer ( 7 episodes)

▸2018 Sharp Objects as Alice (Episodes: “Dirt,” “Fix”)

▸2018 Manic as Missy ‘Paper Girl.’

▸2018 The Wrong Daughter as Samantha

▸2019–present Euphoria as Cassie Howard

▸2021 The White Lotus as Olivia Mossbacher

▸2021 Robot Chicken as Barbie, Riley Andersen, Cinema Girl’s voices (Episodes: “May Cause a Whole Lotta Scabs”; “May Cause Immaculate Conception”)

▸TBA The Players Table

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