How Old Do You Have to Be to Work at Taco Bell? (2022 Updated)

Since Glen Bell first began selling tacos at the first store in Downey, California, in 1962, innovation has been a top priority for Taco Bell.

what age does taco bell hire

Since then, we’ve developed into a lifestyle brand with a focus on the culture that offers mouthwatering, reasonably priced food with vibrant tastes that are inspired by Mexico.

We’re the first QSR restaurant to provide menu items recognized by the American Vegetarian Association (AVA), and we not only offer groundbreaking value but also high-quality products.

Each week, more than 40 million people in the US visit more than 7,000 Taco Bell restaurants, which are run by more than 350 franchise companies. With approximately 500 locations in almost 30 countries around the world, the brand is expanding internationally.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Work at Taco Bell?

what age does taco bell hire

Generally speaking, you must be at least 16 years old if you want to work as a team member or shift leader at Taco Bell. The hiring age does vary, though, as a result of the fact that many sites are franchises.

You will need to visit the business you are interested in working at and inquire about their minimum hiring age. Various stores in some states do hire young people as young as 14 with a work permit.

Taco Bell is committed to assisting its workers in living more fulfilling lives. Through collaboration, innovative new items, and a wide variety of job options, their restaurants seek to embody this.

How Much Do You Make Working at Taco Bell?

what age does taco bell hire

Taco Bell employees’ average wage is $9 an hour. Full-time working Employees do make around $18,720 a year.

Part-time employees occasionally work around 25 hours per week and can mostly make between $11,000 and $14,000 a year.

Does Taco Bell Work With School Schedules?

what age does taco bell hire

Taco Bell always works with its employees especially when it comes to scheduling. When teenagers are hired who are still in school, they likely work with their school schedules and sometimes include their extracurricular activity schedules.

That does mean students may have to work most evenings and weekends since these are the days when they don’t have school and will be more available.

How Do You Become a Manager at Taco Bell?

what age does taco bell hire

In other to become the manager at Taco Bell, you would need to apply, and also you will be required to meet the requirements. Various Taco Bells prefer their managers to have some kind of experience in restaurant management while some require you work for at least two years.

Current employees already working at Taco Bell in lower positions may be able to get to management positions after they have had enough experience with different aspects of the store and can meet certain requirements.

All employees do not have to struggle to become managers, while some are offered the position based on their job performance and amazing skills.

Can Taco Bell Employees Accept Tips?

what age does taco bell hire

Taco Bell’s policy states that employees may not be allowed to accept tips. Actually, some employees have said that this policy is enforced at some restaurants but not at others.

If you have been offered a tip and you aren’t sure if you could accept it, kindly speak with a manager to be sure if it is permitted.

Teen Jobs at Taco Bell and Age Requirements

what age does taco bell hire

Team Member (Hourly)

Working as a team member at Taco Bell entails using a cash register (both inside the restaurant and in the drive-through) and assisting with front-line food preparation procedures. Additionally, you will keep the dining room and parking lot clean and wipe down the tables.

Being a team player at Taco Bell means you enjoy interacting with people and giving customers, as well as your coworkers and managers, friendly, accurate service.

Greeting diners or drive-through customers, receiving and ringing up orders, handling payments, and saying “thank you” to clients are just a few of the essential duties.

Additionally, you’ll prepare and store food materials, assemble food and beverage orders, verify that they’re accurate, package products, and keep a clean, secure work and eating environment.

Team Member behaviors include:

▸ Being friendly and helpful to customers and co-workers.

▸ Meeting customer needs and taking steps to solve food or service issues.

▸ Working well with teammates and accepting coaching from the management team.

▸ Having a clean and tidy appearance and work habits.

▸ Communicating with customers, teammates, and managers in a positive manner.

To work as a team member at Taco Bell, you must be at least 16 years old. However, some stores do hire as young as 14 years old with a work permit.

Shift Lead (Hourly)

By managing excellent work shifts and upholding Taco Bell standards, shift leads at Taco Bell help the RGM of the restaurant.

You are willing to help and mentor others and take ownership and responsibility for problem-solving.

Making sure Team Members perform all tasks allocated to them and ensuring that food is served in a friendly and safe manner are important obligations. Additionally, you’ll make sure that both Team Members working there and consumers dining there may do so safely.

Shift Lead behaviors include:

▸ Solving customer complaints quickly and with a smile.

▸ Providing feedback to Team Members in a positive manner.

▸ Communicating openly and honestly with the Restaurant Management team.

▸ Following cash, security, inventory, and labor policies and procedures.

To work as a shift lead at Taco Bell, you must be at least 16 years old.

How Much Does Taco Bell Pay Part-Time Workers?

Part-Time Workers

Due to local and state minimum wage requirements, Taco Bell employees‘ hourly pay varies. However, we can offer you a broad indication of how much each position is paid per hour.

Team Member (Hourly)

You’ll make between minimum wage and $12 per hour working as a team member at Taco Bell.

The likelihood is that you will begin at minimum wage if you are an entry-level employee without any prior experience. A Taco Bell team member makes, on average, $9 per hour.


Various Taco Bell employees work only at the cash register. The cashiers are assigned to the front register or towards the drive-thru register, unlike other team members, their daily tasks are not voluminous.

Eventually, they do learn how to work with the register and also troubleshoot it. They can take up orders, correct orders, offer refunds, and make order customizations.

Change can also be cashed out from the register by the cashier. The cashier’s average pay is around $10.35 an hour.

Shift Leader (Hourly)

An hourly wage of $9 to $14 is typical for shift leads at Taco Bell. Although this is not entry-level work, there’s a good probability you’ll be at the bottom end of the pay scale. An hourly wage of $11 is typical for shift leads.

Shift Manager

The supervisor for every shift is the shift manager. Each store has a few of them. The managers have to be familiar with the new working environments of each restaurant.

They need to know how to run the register, make food, assist other employees with their own duties, and keep customers happy.

Managers also schedule, holidays, also help with payment processing, and occasionally may fill in for employees who don’t show up. They could make up to $21 an hour depending on their job performance and their experience.

Assistant General Manager

An assistant general manager could help manage several stores in a city or area.  A shift manager does many works of the same but has a lot more employees to keep track of and supervise.

They communicate with the managers and tend to keep each team and group supervised and in line.

They do stop by stores throughout the week and sometimes work in some of them. They make between $60,000 and $80,000 a year and are usually on a salary.

General Manager

The highest rank in a Taco Bell restaurant is the General Manager. They handle paperwork and bookkeeping with physical duties within the restaurants.

They tend to manage many Taco Bells in a city and can make their rounds to visit and check on the happenings at each one on a regular basis.

They approve scheduling, overtime, vacations, and interview new hires. They work with new team members to ensure that they have the proper training. They can make some money anywhere between $80,000 to $100,000 a year and are salary.

Benefits of Working at Taco Bell


Taco Bell employees receive meals at a reduced cost. But only full-time employees are eligible for the benefits they provide.

Benefits include:

▸ Paid time off and paid sick days

Performance Bonuses

▸ Vacation

▸ 401K and Long-Term Savings Plans

▸ Health, Dental, and Vision Insurance

How Do You Apply to Taco Bell?


Anyone who is interested in working for or at Taco Bell should apply online at or submit an application in person. You can always fill out available applications.

The application is usually simple and can be completed within a few minutes.  The manager will review all applications and eventually pick their top and best candidates.

If selected for the interview, you may receive a phone call to schedule an interview. The interview may be done at the restaurant or conducted over the phone.

Two interviews may be conducted by some managers. After the interview, the manager will call and inform you if it was successful and that you have been hired. They will also arrange for you to start your training.

The most accurate source for current hourly job listings, as well as management and corporate roles, is the Taco Bell website, where you may apply directly if you’re interested in working there.

Additionally, you can apply online at places like Indeed and Glassdoor, and the application will be delivered directly to the restaurant you are interested in working at. Additionally, you are able to submit an application in person at the place that interests you.

How Old Do I Have to Be to Work at Taco Bell?


▸ Does Taco Bell Hire at 17? – Yes. Seventeen-year-olds can gain employment at Taco Bell. However, they must possess a high school diploma or GED before they can legally work an overnight shift at a 24-hour location.

▸ Does Taco Bell Hire at 16? – Yes. The company’s minimum age requirement is often 16 years old.

▸ Does Taco Bell Hire at 15? – Yes. Some states allow 15-year-olds to get jobs at Taco Bell, so long as they have a work permit and observe federal regulations on work hour restrictions.

▸ Does Taco Bell Hire at 14? – Yes. Fourteen-year-olds with work permits may join the Taco Bell team and perform non-hazardous tasks.

Qualifications for Young Applicants

Qualifications for Young Applicants

Young people looking for work may need to provide documentation of a work permit and, if they want to work nights or weekends, a high school diploma or GED, depending on their age.

A rudimentary math test may also be required of those submitting a job application for a cashier position. As a rule, candidates ought to be dependable, friendly, and aware of the value of teamwork.

Potential employees often receive a response from Taco Bell within a week of submitting their job applications. New hires can begin working and earn between $8.00 and $13.00 per hour depending on their prior experience after providing the required permissions and performing well in an interview.

Available Entry-Level Positions

Available Entry-Level Positions

▸ Cashier – Cashiers not only ring up food orders and serve meals but also greet visitors to the restaurant and respond to inquiries about the menu’s offerings and prices. A positive outlook and a willingness to satisfy customers are requirements for these employees.

▸ Cook – In addition to ensuring that the kitchen is safe and sanitary, cooks are responsible for preparing food for the consumers. To ensure that the following shift has everything they require, they also replenish coolers and shelves on the cook’s line. A minimum age of 16 is mandated by federal legislation for restaurant chefs.

▸ Team Member – The rest of the non-hazardous work is done by team members. Their duties could include filling up the silverware, napkin, and condiment containers, bagging finished meal orders, and maintaining store cleanliness. Until they reach the legal age to do so, minors under the age of 16 typically carry out these tasks.

How Does Taco Bell Pay Their Employees?


Direct deposits are what taco bell usually pays. This is considered the easiest method for the company and ensures that employees get paid quickly and directly.

Employees who do not have any bank accounts or prefer using a different method of payment may also have an option to have their earnings loaded onto a money card or to receive a check.

Does the Night Shift Pay More at Taco Bell?

The Taco Bell night shift activity does not pay more than the daytime position. Some Taco Bell restaurants are open late while some are even open all night on certain days, such as weekends. Despite the hours, there is no shift differential.

Does Taco Bell Offer Any Employee Discounts?

The main subject is Assorted Mexican dishes, with whole grain corn beef tacos. Those who work at Taco Bell are all eligible for special perks. Employees also receive 50% off all menu items. Some items on the menu have larger discounts than others.

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